Deadpool REVIEW: What’s Not to Love?

Alright guys, I don’t know if you could tell how excited I was about Deadpool, but it was a lot. Normally, I like to keep my expectations at a neutral 5 just in case a movie doesn’t cut it. At least then I don’t leave the theater too incredibly bummed out. However for Deadpool, I had a much harder time maintaining my expectation composure, and my neutrality went through the window back when the test footage leaked.  I set myself up for disappointment. There was no way the movie was going to be everything I wanted it to be…

EXCEPT IT WAS. – Spoilers ahead.. maybe? Kinda.

Let me preface by saying my expectations were not so much placed in a fantastic plot, but more so in a perfect representation of Deadpool as a character. Ryan Reynolds definitely did the character a service (pun intended), so much so that I will have a hard time separating the GQ celebrity from our favorite leather clad potty mouth forever. Not that anyone is really complaining about that, as Reynolds himself has said he’d want to play the character forever.

Now, going along with my preface; the plot wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. It was pretty predictable and wasn’t that tied to any other FOX owned story lines, aside from including two X-men who we haven’t even seen in the X-men franchise yet. (Yeah yeah I know we’ve seen Colossus, just not this one, okay?)  However, I will say that the editing was brilliant in the cutting between his own origin story and the present where the movie began. But like I said, the merit of Deadpool is not in his story, but in his character, and there was plenty of it. The lack of X-men is actually acknowledged by Deadpool as he stares into the empty Xavier mansion and says

“it’s like the studio couldn’t afford any other X-men.”

Couple that joke with a “McAvoy or Stewart” line and the movie is just chock full of zingers that will;

a. test your knowledge of all comic cinematic movies
b. have you laughing as hard as you do when you read him in the comics.


Additionally, the supporting cast held its own and never felt too overshadowed by Deadpool’s comedy. Everyone had their own take on how to be funny, which was really nice. I know some people will find some of the jokes pressing on “trying too hard” but that’s part of the beauty of what makes Deadpool, Deadpool. He’ll say the obvious, cheesy or cringeworthy joke if it’s available with not even a sliver of regret about it.

I could go on forever about how each joke was perfectly written and how everything you’d wished they’d make fun of they did (i.e. Origins and Green Lantern),  but you really should just go see it. Again. Because I know you all got out and saw it this weekend like I did.

*The baby hand scene. Enough said.

Images: 20th Century Fox

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