New Movies Get A Retro Spin With These Awesome VHS Cover Sleeves

Last year we had some pretty fun retro based movies come our way. Mad Max: Fury Road gave us some awesome action (mostly) without the use of today’s CGI effects, while Turbo Kid had splatter gore lovingly thrown into a great 80s techno-scored storyline. But is there any way these throwback themed movies could get more retro? How about having specially made VHS covers for them? I think that would do it.

I have not made it a secret in the past that I have a special place in my heart for the VHS format. From its big box and over the top artwork covers, to the wacky titles that seem like they could only have come out in the video rental era, these things just rock. But even non-fans of the format, or people who have never watched a VHS tape in their lives can still dig these latest creations.

Brought to you by Imgur user OfftrackOulet (who I assume is also the creator, but I cannot confirm this at this moment) via The Nerdist website, we have these lovingly created VHS covers for some of the most popular movies of 2015, and even some from 2016. I say lovingly because you must have a soft spot in your heart for this format to take the time out to create these pieces, especially creating them in the exact style you would expect to see in a video rental shop back in the day. Look below and you will see what all the fuss is about.

These are not the only versions of VHS covers made for today’s film fan. In fact a few years back Chris MacGibbon created his own versions of some of his favourite horror movies, again using this VHS cover art style.

And French artist Julien Knez did his own take on some of his favorite movies too, as well as including some great television shows which look just as good with VHS styled covers. You can see more of his work here, but make sure you have Google translator on standby because the text is all in French.

Though this alternative cover creation is relatively new there have been numerous other companies releasing 80s and modern horror, action and many other genre movies with the same attention to cover art that these artists have produced. Check out some of the fantastic artwork created by the likes of Tom “The Dude” Hodge in this collection of some of the best ‘80s inspired movie poster art from 2013. Shout! Factory also have some incredible DVD covers which are also worth checking out.

Or for more information on VHS releases in general try the VHS Vault which has a variety of different articles on releases and art styles of VHS tapes, all similar to the ones displayed in this article. Finally if you are a glutten for punishment and want to torture yourself with some terrible artwork and weird movies, then our DVD Catastrophe section will give you some truly terrible photo shopped efforts and some quirky movies to.

Images: Julien Knez, Chris MacGibbon, OfftrackOulet.

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