New X-Men Apocalypse Trailer is Pretty Badass

Alright, the new trailer is here and has successfully changed my opinion on how excited I should be for X-Men: Apocalypse. After holding out a long time, trying to convince myself that it’s gonna be great, I had been left with a lack of excitement. However, this trailer really changed my mind and I am very excited to see how this all unfolds. This trailer really highlights the action sequences that are going to take place and gives a pretty good look at everyone’s powers.

There has been some discussion going around as to Mystique’s role in the movie, and how the trailer makes it seem like she’s taking on a leadership role, which is a little different from her comic book counterpart (leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for a while), but I like to see variety so we’ll see how it goes.


The thing that is most exciting to me is the young X-Men, as this is Bryan Singer’s last run at reinventing the team that will hold for future installments. It’s fantastic to see a young Jean Grey after we thought we’d never see her again, and of course Cyclops, Storm, and Nightcrawler. The staple X-Men characters really are another aspect that have me excited, as well as new mutants who we haven’t seen on the big screen before, such as Psylocke and Jubilee. Apocalypse himself seems more badass than he had before, and has more of that God complex that I was hoping to see. The earlier trailers left me a little disappointed since I felt like I didn’t get to see his true overpowering and daunting nature.

Of course the battle of morals between Eric and Charles is going to be a constant throughout the movie as Magneto becomes one of Apocalypse’s horsemen and Professor X tries his hardest (as he always does) to keep everyone alive. PS we get to see him bald in this movie, finally!

Like I said, this trailer really swayed me back to being excited for this movie and I might be, dare I say it, more excited about this than Captain America: Civil War, but that is probably a post for later.

Images: Empire, 20th Century Fox

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