Gotham: Renewed for Third Season, Possible Alfred-Centric Spinoff, and Clayface!

The second season of Gotham, Fox’s successful series inspired by DC’s Batman comics is half way over, but fans are glad to hear the May 9th season finale won’t be the end of Detective Jim Gordon’s time in the spotlight.

Ben McKenzie, who leads the cast as Gordon himself, spilled the beans via Twitter earlier this month that the Gotham team will return for a third season.

The show continues to bring to life the crumbling world that will one day give birth to Batman. With Gordon well on his way to Police Commissioner, and some well-known villains already showing their evil ways, the show paints a picture of the need Gotham has for a hero like Batman. In fact, audiences have already enjoyed a few key moments in Bruce Wayne’s story.

*Spoilers for Season Two of Gotham*

In “This Ball of Mud and Meanness” Wayne finally faces his parents killer, gun in hand. David Mazouz, who plays the pubescent defender of Gotham, captures the tortured soul Batman fans know all too well. Mazouz brings the perfect balance of innocence, anger and wisdom to the character, who we can easily see will become the man we know. As the show continues, Mazouz and fellow teen costar Camren Bicondova (Selina Kyle) have gone from sitting on the sidelines to being key players in the action, and they are holding their own.

Sean Pertwee, whose performance as a some what darker, much more kick-ass version of the Wayne Manor butler Alfred Pennyworth, creates a fresh view on Bruce Wayne’s past. And now, Pertwee may have even more to celebrate himself. While little more than a buzz, it was announced by BleedingCool that DC comics have trademarked the name Pennyworth for the purposes of a potential spin-off project.

alfred kettle

While the heroes are great, diverse characters, season 2 has been all about the villains, and we are not done yet. Still to come this season will be an appearance of Basil Karlo (Brian McManamon), better known as the original (pre-shape shifting) Clayface. Though in this picture, he appears to have a motion cap suit on, so perhaps we’ll get to see the modern version afterall…

Oh, and this is happening – Paul Rubens (of Pee-Wee Herman fame) is reprising a role he last played in 1992’s Batman Returns as The Penguin’s father!

Gotham continues tonight  with “Mad Grey Dawn” at 8pm on FOX. Visit for the latest from Gotham.

Images: FOX, DC Comics


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