SuperF*ckers Forever? We wish! New Mini Series Launches in August

Here’s the worst thing about Top Shelf/IDW announcing its new series, SuperF*ckers Forever: it’s a misleading title. Because it’s not “forever,” it’s only a five-issue mini. Dammit.  A mere five issues of Jack Krak, Grotessa, Grotus, Computer Fist and all the rest of tthe dysfunctional, drug-addled, self-indulgent, indifferent-to-crime, immature, grotesque and hilarious cast that sprung from writer/artist James Kochalka’s innovative brain.

SF-James Kochalka-comic

Using the “Legion of Superheroes” concept as a starting point, the Superf*ckers originally launched as a mini-series way back in 2005, thrilling readers with its crude, goofy sensibilities. Then in 2012 we were treated to a video series with a sweet theme song by James Kochalka himself, and voice talent including David Faustino,  Maria Bamford, Veronica Belmont, and Jaleel White.

The latest addition to the SF canon, SuperF*ckers Forever launches in August, and will feature for the first time variant covers and four-page backups by other comics creators. The first variant cover is by artist Ryan Ottley (Invincible), and the first back-up story is by Jake Lawrence (Teen Dog). Artists to be featured down the line include Laura Knetzger, Box Brown, Rachel Lindsay, Julian Glander, Daryl Ayo, Debora Cheyenne Cruchon, Levin Jihanian, and Michael Fiffe.


Images: IDW Publishing

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