Jason Bourne: First Action-Packed Trailer Hits

Universal Pictures released the first trailer in the next installment of the popular “Bourne” franchise. In the new film, Matt Damon returns to the celebrated role in Jason Bourne.

Check out the first trailer for Jason Bourne below:

What we know of the film’s plot so far is that Jason Bourne surfaces again after 10 years for reasons still unknown to a world post-Wikileaks, and earth-changing events such as the Edward Snowden hacking scandals. The trailer also confirms that the film will find Bourne in austerity-plagued and riot-torn Greece.

Jason Bourne

Written by Damon, Greengrass and longtime Bourne editor and Greengrass collaborator Christopher Rouse, this fifth installment of the series features returning stars like Joan Allen, Julia Stiles and Scott Shepherd, while introducing Tommy Lee Jones, Riz Ahmed and Vincent Cassel as new antagonists and CIA operative.

Add in recent Oscar-winner, and all-around amazing actress, Alicia Vikander to divvy up screen-time with Damon and others, and you have the makings of a hugely satisfying summer blockbuster.


Matt Damon was recently interviewed and speaks as why he decided to jump back into the role after so many years:

“It has taken us a long time to come back because we didn’t have the right story before. The world needed to change and then there comes that moment when it makes sense. You know when it feels right and that’s when you do it, not before.”

Jason Bourne

If anyone else could know more about Jason Bourne, it would be the franchise’s longest directorial collaborator, Paul Greengrass. He helmed two of the films (Supremacy and Ultimatum) to huge critical and financial success. Not only does Greengrass have to have a handle on Bourne’s character, but the entire world these films elicit. Recently, Greengrass spoke as to what makes Jason Bourne such a magnetic figure in the action genre:

“Jason Bourne isn’t a super hero; he doesn’t wear a cape or a mask. He’s not one of those kinds of guys…He is just an ordinary man. I think when people watch Jason Bourne they can imagine how they might react in those situations and those circumstances, and when you see him thinking his way through and coming up with a plan and executing his plan, that’s incredibly exciting…It’s the kind of action sequence you can only see in a Bourne movie, It marries action with a really intense, emotionally truthful next chapter in the Jason Bourne story.”

The man knows his stuff and after a hiatus that included a little movie called Captain Philips it’s time for a full-on return to summer movie glory. Personally, It’s incredibly exciting to have Greengrass and Damon back in the Bourne spotlight after the rather disappointing Jeremy Renner led The Bourne Legacy. The trailer delivers and looks to be keeping up with what audiences expect in their multiplexes over the summer. It has been 10 years since The Bourne Ultimatum but it looks like Jason Bourne has lost none of his gritty luster.

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne hits theaters on July 29th.

Images: Universal Pictures

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