No Redeeming Qualities: Revenge of the Shit – A Star Wars Podcast

Grizzly Bomb is proud to continue our partnership with the No Redeeming Qualities Podcast!

Episode 25 – Revenge Of The Shit: A Star Wars Podcast

Join Bob and Zipp as they attempt to watch all seven Star Wars films in a row. Despite warnings that such a task would undoubtedly result in their doom, the two press on regardless.

Is the Phantom Menace really that bad? Why is Jabba the Hutt scary? Is Kylo Ren really being portrayed by the guy from “Girls”?Listen to find out! Now THIS is podcasting!

For those unaware, podcast hosts Bob and Zipp were former members of the Bam Kapow family, a site that became the catalyst for GB, and where many of our staff started out and met. Anyhow, here is the newest episode of the NRQ podcast.

Shit talked about this week…

  • Bob and Zipp prepare us for their lack of SW knowledge.
  • The Phantom Menace sucks. And racist.

jar jar ewoks simon pegg

  • C-3PO is for sure a gay butler. And that’s ok.
  • Too many puns in Attack of the Clones.
  • Anakin is a dick.

R2D2 and C-3PO

  • Darth Vader = Darth Father?
  • Attack of the Clones > Revenge of the Sith (No.)
  • Yoda needs to stop falling down. Old ass man.

yoda fall

  • Phantom Menace as bad as Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs?
  • C-3PO is far less annoying in A New Hope.
  • Don’t ever watch the prequels again.
  • [Ed. Note – Empire is by far the best of the seven films – BK]
  • The Emperor is uber-ugly.
  • No mentions of Sith in Empire, or the rule of two.
  • Puppets > CGI
  • Space Worms, water snakes, and other phallic creatures.


  • ROTJ love as Bob and Zipp man-crush on the Ewoks.
  • What were Jabba’s intentions for Slave Leia.
  • Jabba’s Gangsta Wall Art.
  • Hot Damn! Let’s end this – bring on the Force Awakens.
  • Who is Snoke? Is Rey a Skywalker? Where can I buy a Bowcaster?
  • Why are people upset about female leads? Are they idiots?
  • Butthole Eyes.
  • We’re very excited Rogue One.
  • Go watch The Clone Wars and Rebels.

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Images: Disney, LucasFilm, TriStar Pictures,  Channel 4

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