Kevin Smith Wants Onomatopoeia on Arrow: I Am Not Alone!

Let’s go back in time, to a simpler era in the Arrow universe.

A time when the majority of the Queen family was still alive. When Thea was just an obnoxious high schooler (wait – did we ever see her leave high school/discuss college? She went from “teehee, I’m a rebel” to unpacking boxes at her brother’s bar.) Back in time to October of 2012 when, in an Arrow news piece, I said this:

If the writers were to call me up right now and ask who I would most like to see on Arrow, it would be, without a doubt, Onomatopoeia. He has been one of my favorites for a while now, thanks in no small part to his name. What a great name that is! Especially given that he lives his name and likes to say out loud the “bam, pow, kaboom, swish” found in comics. Onomatopoeia would have been in heaven in the 60’s TV version of Batman.

That was nearly four years ago. In a news write up about upcoming  guest stars in season one of Arrow. Season One. 2012. Of course, anyone who knows me, knows that it is very unlikely that if I want something I’ll just mention it once and move on. Oh no. That’s just foolish. I mentioned it again when we learned Manu Bennet would be Deathstroke, and Shado would be making an appearance (oh let’s reminisce on those days I had the Yao Fei Fan Club). Then again when talking about Arrow season two villains.


Those are just the times I committed my desire for Onomatopoeia to appear on Arrow to print. I know for a fact I’ve even campaigned on Twitter. Appealed to the writers directly. All to no avail.

So imagine my delight when reading an article about The Flash, my eyes feast upon this line.

“I would love to jump in for a one or two episode arc just to bring that Onomatopoeia character to life. That would be so badass – I created this character in the comics and then to do a live-action version of it that fit into their universe, fit into the run of their show? That would be exciting to me”
– Kevin Smith


You hear that? It’s the sweet sound of validation. Kevin Smith agrees with me! Granted, he originated the character so of course he would want to see him come to life, but still, he agrees!

Now, Mr. Smith and the powers that be, what do we need to do to get this done? Because there is very little I’m unwilling to do to make this become reality.

For now, I’ll just sit back and bask in the possibilities as I sing along with the King of Pop.

Images: DC Comics, Nickelodeon

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