Previously On: The Man in the Mask, The Preacher, and The Door

Today we’re gonna talk about a few of the major events from this past week on some of our favorite shows. This post will contain spoilers from the week of May 17-24 for the following shows; Game of Thrones, Preacher, The Flash, and Fear the Walking Dead.

Hold the Door

hold the door 2

Well obviously this was gonna make the cut. I mean, Holy Shit – Did you see that!?! It’s not often that the death of a Dire Wolf isn’t the most tragic event in an episode. but Wylis (Hodor) not only sacrificed himself in the moment (just as Summer did), but he gave up -what? 40 years? Decades worth or what could have been a normal life, all to save Bran in that one moment. Epic.

Game of Thrones Promo for Next Week

Barry’s Got Parental Issues

jay garrick

Last night marked the season two finale of The Flash, and as per usual, they went all emotional on us. Following Henry’s death last week, Zoom takes Joe to Earth 2, and then Barry agrees to race him and sort of sacrifices himself to get the win, saving Joe and defeating Zoom once and for all (probably). But then we learn who “the man in the mask is” and it’s the REAL Jay Garrick aka BARRY’S DAD from Earth 3! His powers restored, the real Jay takes Wells and his daughter back to Earth 2, and Barry loses yet another Father-figure. So, Henry is dead, Joe is back, but Jay (Henry’s Dopple) and Wells are gone. So Barry, needing to find himself, and having not learned his lesson about messing with the timeline, goes back in time to save his mother. How many parents does he need? The question now is how much damage did he just do, and how will it affect Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow?

~ Season Finale ~ But Arrow’s mediocre season 4 comes to an end tonight and we might see some effects from The Flash ending.

Holy Bar Fights

Preacher‘s long-awaited premiere has been largely overshadowed this week by Hodor, but AMC turned out a solid effort. If there is one thing to complain about, it’s the direction they are taking our lead character – and I know, it’s only been one episode, don’t worry, I’m not panicking or anything, but I thought Devin Faraci brought up some good points over at Birth. Movies. Death. In the books, Jesse is sick of the hypocrisy around him, and this comes to a head in the bar scene, where he gets drunk and starts spouting secrets about the townsfolk until they have enough and a brawl ensues. In the show, he’s trying to stay on course and do his Preacher-ly duties, and gets into the fray thanks to the “No good deed goes unpunished” school of thinking. This doesn’t sound like a major change, but could indicate the direction the show is going to take. At the end of the episode, instead of leaving town, he reaffirms his commitment to the congregation. We’ll have to see what the plan is moving forward, but overall, I enjoyed the premiere.

Preacher Pomo for Next Episode;

A whole lot of WTF

Chris Sucks

While AMC did well with Preacher, they hit a new low on Fear the Walking Dead. What a stupid episode. Let’s take every interesting character, and either separate them from the group, or kill them off. We never get any big reveal with Celia, which means either she’s still alive (since we never see her body) or she’s dead and it’s just poor writing. Lots of lead up with no payoff. Then you take Chris (aka the worst character on watchable television) and he tries to kill Curtis? Takes a child hostage cause people looked at his sideways? How feeble-minded is this kid? Daniel – the old school hard ass just suddenly goes bananas? No longer worried about protecting his daughter, he kills himself (apparently) to appease the ghost of his wife? That’s not against character or anything. Then Nick, the most interesting/likeable character on the show, just decides to live on his own among the walkers? What the shit is going on here? This is the worst mid-season finale AMC has ever done. Ever. Boo and hiss.

Promo for Fear the Walking Dead 2.08, back in August;

Images: AMC, The CW, HBO

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