Norman Reedus Interested In Playing Ghost Rider

While the entire casts of The Walking Dead are currently kicking it Schrodinger style, fan favorite Norman Reedus is riding into the proverbial sunset. 

A fan of motorcycles since his teenage years, Reedus has been given every bike enthusiasts dream job, cruising the country on a classy hog and getting paid to do it.

RIDE with Norman Reedus, which premiered this past week on AMC, takes viewers on a coast to coast ride with Reedus, exploring local bike culture and history along the way.

The first episode (watch here) explores one of the many places Reedus has called home, Southern California. Locals will recognize the beautiful coastal journey that is a ride up Pacific Coast Highway, the quintessential California ride.

While it seems a natural progression for Reedus to go from motorcycle riding badass to his new gig, he admitted in an interview with that while a fan of motorcycles since his youth, he’s no expert.

I’m not a motorcycle expert. I’m learning as we go along. People watching it can feel like they are on the ride with us.

Fellow bike enthusiasts and fans of Reedus will be happy to have at least a little time with him as they await the return of The Walking Dead, but for some, that still isn’t enough. Luckily for those folks, Reedus set the interwebs ablaze during an interview with Uproxx about his new show. They asked him about his willingness to take on another famous motorcycle-riding character, Marvel’s Ghost Rider,

“Hell yeah,” he says, acknowledging that he did like Nic Cage’s version. “It would be a blast. Do I get a skull face that’s on fire and all that stuff? Fuck yeah. I’m down.”

Now this is the kind of typecasting we can get behind!

No word on whether or not Marvel will take him up on the offer, having just recently re-obtained the rights to the character. We also don’t know what his availability will be, as it’s still as big a mystery who will take one for the team when The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 11.

Ride with Norman Reedus airs Sundays on AMC. Spoiler alert, no zombies.

Want to see Reedus take on Ghost Rider? Let us know in the comments below, or visit Grizzly Bomb’s Facebook page. Stay tuned for more The Walking Dead news .

Images: AMC, Marvel Comics

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