Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards Fan-Made Extended Trailer

If I fall, don’t bring me back. 

Few individual episodes of Game of Thrones, or any other show for that matter, have been surrounded by so much hype as the episode that will air this Sunday night. This, the ninth episode in season six, is the culmination of nearly 60 hours of television, most of which sees the Stark family beaten, broken, and brushed aside. Now, Jon and Sansa have a chance to strike a blow for House Stark and reclaim Winterfell, which has been ruled by outsiders dating all the way back to season two. Oh, plus their youngest brother is in the dungeon, so there’s that too.

Well, this hype hasn’t gone unnoticed, and YouTube user ControvT has cut together a more cinematic look at the upcoming battle, taking it a bit further than HBO’s official promo.

Who else is ready for Sunday?


For more Game of Thrones news, keep checking back at Grizzly Bomb! 

Images: HBO, Reddit’s damagedgoods311

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