The Perfection

The Perfection: Allison Williams Returns To Horror In This Sinister New Film

Netflix has debuted an official trailer for an acclaimed indie horror thriller titled The Perfection. Starring Get Out‘s Allison Williams and Dear White People‘s Logan Browning, the films tells the story of two cello prodigies who reunite in Shanghai. However, one cellist’s pursuit for perfection takes a sinister turn.

Check out the trailer for The Perfection before the film premieres on Netflix at the end of May:

The Perfection hails from director Richard Shepard, who helmed the terrific dark comedies The Matador and Dom Hemingway and directed a lot of episodes of Girls. It’s that last credit that really ties the film’s leading role as filled by Williams. Steven Weber also stars in the new film as the duo’s mentor.

Speaking of Williams, she’s been pulling out some pretty great genre fare since her appearance in Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning horror blockbuster, Get Out. The trailer for The Perfection may not give away too much, but it does look like the actress is pulling another Get Out in which she’s playing someone we think has good intentions, but ends up being a little more insidious than originally thought.

“If you were to stop the movie every 20 minutes and be asked what it’s about or what you think is going to happen, you’d be wrong — until the movie’s over,” Williams, said in an interview with EW about the new horror film.

The Perfection

Director Richard Shepard also co-wrote the script for The Perfection alongside Eric C. Charmelo and Nicole Snyder. “I’m a big fan of Korean director Chan-wook Park and his thriller-horror movies Oldboy and The Handmaiden. There are so many crazy twists and turns, yet they somehow make sense because they’re character driven. I really wanted to try that in an American movie,” said Shepard in that same interview with EW. Comparing The Perfection with films like De Palma’s Dressed to Kill and Sisters, which adopt a very “B-movie attitude” dressed in “A-movie aesthetic,” is a very intriguing foray for a certain, hardcore genre fanbase.

The Perfection came out of last year’s Fantastic Fest where it was met with rave reviews and a ravenous audience reaction. Bloody Disgusting went on to say that the film “delivers twisted, shocking and hilarious perfection…It’s all at once a horror film, a comedy, a revenge thriller, a character study, a trashy grindhouse flick and so much more.” Netflix was quick to snap up The Perfection after Fantastic Fest, and it looks like one of the more terrifying thrill rides this year.

The Perfection

The Perfection will be released globally on Netflix Friday, May 24, 2019.

Source: Netflix

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