Dolly Dearest

Dolly Dearest: Killer Doll Movie Coming To Blu-Ray From Vinegar Syndrome

The genre-themed home video company Vinegar Syndrom has announced that Dolly Dearest is on schedule for an April release. Noting that a restoration of the film is currently in progress. The ’90s horror film has been an out of print on DVD for some time now.

One of the killer doll movies that came along in the direct wake of Child’s Play was 1991’s Dolly Dearest was directed by Maria Lease and stars Denise Crosby (High Strung, Star Trek TNG), Rip Torn (Men In Black, Dodgeball), and Sam Bottoms (Apocalypse Now, The Outlaw Josey Wales).

This Direct-to-video release was a prime example of an odd but very limited sub-genre of horror. Check out the trailer for Dolly Dearest below:

This one is going to hold a soft spot for certain people. Something you may have rented when you were 12 for a friend’s sleepover. Staying up all night watching killer doll movies and Leprechaun sequels build up a nice base of creepy memories for any developing horror hound. The film still sports some nice effects work: any movie with a pupetted killer doll is going to be worth checking out just for those scenes.

Vinegar Syndrome recently delayed the film due to some rights issues, but took the time to create some new extras and honing the great new transfer, making Dolly Dearest on Blu-ray a noteworthy collector’s item.

Vinegar Syndrome started in 2012 as an avenue to bring the Golden Age of porn to the home video market. However, after their release of The Lost Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis, the label began to see a wider audience for what would later encompass a larger selection of exploitation, horror, and just generally unusual films of the past. Specializing in erotica, horror, and exploitation, their library spans almost every genre and decade. This diverse batch of movies guarantees the label’s accessibility among a lot of genre fans. There is almost something for anyone when it comes to the boutique label and Dolly Dearest represents another title ripe for rediscovery among the horror community.

The announcement was made on Vinegar Syndrome’s official Twitter account just recently:

Dolly Dearest hits Blu-ray later this April.

Source: Vinegar Syndrome, Trimark Pictures

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