Money Plane Trailer: WWE’s Edge Robs a Flying Casino… Yup

Quiver Distribution released a new official trailer for Money Plane, a crime heist thriller from actor-turned-filmmaker Andrew Lawrence (star of TV’s Blossom!) and starring both WWE’s Edge and Kelsey Grammer.

Money Plane follows a professional thief, Jack Reese (played by Adam “Edge” Copeland), who is $40 million in debt. With his family’s life on the line, he must commit one final heist – Rob a futuristic airborne casino filled with the world’s most dangerous criminals, including head baddie, Frasier!

Check out the trailer for Money Plane below:

The film also stars Denise Richards, Katrina Norman, Patrick Lamont Jr., and Thomas Jane. The concept? Sounds cool enough. However, even from the trailer, you can tell this is going to be another dime-a-dozen cheesy action film that usually makes for some diminishing returns without the aid of some sort of herbal or alcoholic influence…

As seen in the trailer, Copeland (from here on out he’s Edge) is shown kicking all sorts of ass, getting friendly with co-star Denise Richards and preparing to jump out of a plane. Edge is no stranger to the acting world, with recurring roles on History Channel’s Vikings and Syfy’s Haven. His last movie role was 2016’s Interrogation. Look, he’s not going to be garnering any acting awards anytime soon but Edge at least has some soul to him. As a performer on a stage as big as the WWE you have to develop some sort of charisma, persona, and presence, otherwise, you don’t last very long. And let’s be honest, Edge has been around for a while.

Quiver recently had a hit on their hands with the Kevin James thriller Becky. They’re trying now for something more attuned for the summer albeit on VOD streaming and drive-ins. Money Plane, of course, isn’t going to be some incredible discovery, but given its outrageous premise and hilarious casting, it could be worth a night in with a few beers and pizza.

Check out the posters for this thing. It’s like they grabbed whoever had any semblance of photoshopping ability to compose this first one. Do you know how many graphic designers are out there just looking for a break?

Money Plane

This red one is admittedly better, but still not great.

Quiver will release Lawrence’s Money Plane direct-to-VOD services starting on July 10th.

Source: Quiver Distribution

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