The Evil Dead

The Japanese Evil Dead: Gory Knockoff Coming Soon To U.S. Home Video

Wild Eye Releasing has debuted a new trailer for the long lost Japanese horror knockoff film titled officially Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (or Jigoku No Chimidoro Muscle Builder). Otherwise, unofficially known, as The Japanese Evil Dead.

In the film, which has never before been released in the U.S., a bodybuilder trapped inside a haunted house must save himself from a ghost hell-bent on revenge. After a surprise phone call interrupts his daily workout, beefy bodybuilder Shinji agrees to meet his photojournalist ex-girlfriend to help with her research on haunted houses. Accompanied by a professional psychic, they visit an abandoned house once owned by Shinji’s father. But inside the house, a dark secret lingers and they find themselves trapped and tormented by a relentless ghost with a 30-year grudge.

Check out the trailer, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, for Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (aka The Japanese Evil Dead) below:

From the land famous for cursed VHS tapes, comes a ‘forgotten video nasty’. Unleashed from a mysterious Tokyo cellar and available for the first time in the UK, the Bloody Muscle Body Builder invites fans of bizarro, lo-fi cinema on a far-out journey … into hell.

Shot back in 1995, director Shinichi Fukazawa‘s Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (aka The Japanese Evil Dead), but it not completed until over a decade later. Wild Eye Releasing will now finally release the low-budget 8mm splatter film in North America and it looks as goofy, gory and out of this world as you might think a Japanese remake of The Evil Dead might be. Since we won’t be getting any more of Ash and the gang, or even a sequel to the original movies anytime soon, there’s always room for oddities like this.

Fukazawa also stars in the film alongside Asako Nosaka, Masaaki Kai (that’s pretty much the whole cast) and runs for a tight 62 minutes, however, there are varying version lengths and until Wild Eye confirms more about the release it’s unsure if this will be a longer running time. The first official international release in 2017 in the UK by Terra Cotta, which houses a Region 0 DVD if anyone is interested in checking out the film before it’s restoration.

Wild Eye will announce the digital and physical release dates shortly but until then get a look at a pair of great posters for the film as well.

Source: Bloody Disgusting, Wild Eye

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