Archenemy Trailer: Joe Manganiello May or May Not Be An Interdimensional Superhero

RLJE has released the first trailer for Adam Egypt Mortimer’s Archenemy which finds Joe Manganiello plays an alcoholic and homeless character who may or may not be a hero from another dimension.

Manganiello is Max Fist (what a name!), a man who tells people that he’s actually a hero from another dimension who fell through time and space to our world, where he conveniently happens to be powerless. Unsurprisingly, almost no-one believes him, with the exception of Hamster, a teenager who wants to help Fist continue to be a hero. Together, they take to the streets to wipe out the local drug syndicate and its vicious crime boss known as The Manager.

Check out the trailer for Archenemy below:

In addition to Manganiello, Archenemy stars Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Paul Scheer (The League), who both seem to be going for absolute campiness in the best possible way, along with Skylan Brooks (Empire, Castle Rock), Zolee Griggs (Wu-Tang: An American Saga), and Amy Seimetz (Pet Sematary, and the director of the critically-acclaimed 2020 feature film She Dies Tomorrow).

Archenemy is both written and directed by American filmmaker Adam Egypt Mortimer, director of the films Daniel Isn’t Real and Some Kind of Hate previously, and the TV series Jerk All-Stars. His previous film, Daniel Isn’t Real also dealt with the perceptions of reality in a sci-fi/horror bending mind-bender. Archenemy certainly looks to be upping the action element than all his previous endeavors and we’re definitely here for Manganiello taking names and kicking some ass.

The film was produced by Daniel Noah, Lisa Whalen, and Elijah Wood for SpectreVision. The company specializes in an artistically elevated style of genre storytelling, from 2014’s A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night to dual-Nic Cage vehicles Mandy and Color Out Of Space. They backed Mortimer’s previous film, Daniel Isn’t Real, too. Manganiello and his brother Nick Manganiello also produced “Archenemy” through their production company 3:59. So the star definitely feels a personal investment with this particular project.

Check out the comic-book-inspired poster for Archenemy here:


Archenemy, set to World Premiere at this week’s Beyond Fest in Los Angeles ahead of RLJE’s release in theaters and on VOD platforms December 11, 2020.

Source: RLJE

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