Beckett Trailer: John David Washington’s Intense New Netflix Thriller

Netflix has released the trailer for Ferdinando Cito Filomarino’s upcoming political thriller Beckett, starring John David Washington and Alicia Vikander.

While vacationing in Greece, American tourist Beckett (John David Washington) becomes the target of a manhunt after a devastating accident. Forced to run for his life and desperate to get across the country to the American embassy to clear his name, tensions escalate as the authorities close in, political unrest mounts, and Beckett falls even deeper into a dangerous web of conspiracy.

Check out the trailer for Beckett below:

In addition to starring Washington and Vikander, Beckett co-stars Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread), and Giorgos Pyrpasopoulos (Monday). The trailer might remind people of Washington’s previous foray into action-cinema with last year’s Tenet from Christopher Nolan. Beckett looks like it could stand on its own, adding intensity with intrigue as it looks like things start going from bad to worse to freaky as the story goes on. 

During a period in which travel was all but nixed for so many of us, it’s nice to see far-off locales presented in entertaining ways. We might not have been able to go on vacation but we can get a great look at Greece in Beckett.  

“A manhunt thriller is a road-trip movie, in a way,” director Ferdinando Cito Filomarino recently told EW. “It was interesting to embrace the variety of Greece’s topography, like, what can we throw at Beckett next? Mountains, rivers, buses, trains… [It’s] more of a dramatic experience of a man who, for all intents and purposes, is not supposed to be in a thriller.” Considering the film’s original title was Born To Be Murdered you can color us intrigued

The screenplay is written by Kevin A. Rice, from a story by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, and is being lensed by DoP Sayombhu Mukdeeprom who has been the cinematographer on films for both Filomarino as well as a mutual collaborator (and Beckett producer) Luca Guadagnino, including 2018’s horror-remake of Suspiria.

Check out the poster for Beckett which makes this look like a festival-circuit film vs. a big summer action thriller. Again, color us intrigued.


Beckett is set to open the Locarno Film Festival’s 74th edition in Switzerland on August 4, before premiering on Netflix on August 13. It continues with Netflix’s planned “Summer Movie Season” which kicked off with Blood Red Sky and continues with more “event films” throughout the summer.

Images: Netflix

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