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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review: A Grand and Rewarding Adventure

After a couple heartbreaking delays, CD Projekt RED has finally unleashed its magnum opus unto the gaming world – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The last two releases in the series have consistently raised the bar with their feature-rich gameplay and mature plot elements, and this third and final instalment of Geralt’s adventures across a world mired in war and politics is an amazing experience that is miles ahead of its peers as well as its own prior entries.

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The CW: The Flash Finale, iZombie Season 2, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!

The CW has totally done right by fans of DC’s superheroes lately.

The Flash, Green Arrow, Atom and more have enjoyed some great TV time as they save the world. So much so that the network has decided to pick up the upcoming The Flash/Arrow spinoff series, officially titled DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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The Muppets Set for a 2015 Reboot on ABC

It’s time to get things started.

The Muppet Show ran from 1976 through 1981, and stared, among others Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and the always heroic Great Gonzo. Jim Henson’s group of puppets have been icons for near 40 years, and now thanks to Disney, a new generation of fans have fallen in love with Kermit and crew. ABC knows how much of a hot commodity the Muppets are, which is why rumblings of the network rebooting them for a new TV show are making the rounds.

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Battlefield Hardline Review: The Proper Way To Play On Both Sides Of The Law

Battlefield fans have had a lot to worry about since the announcement of Battlefield Hardline. The botched online servers for Battlefield 4, EA handing over the development duties to a team best known for working on 3rd-person horror games, and a strange new cops vs. robbers focus gave them ample reason to worry. After spending a hefty amount of time with this new take on the long-standing FPS series, I can firmly state that there is nothing to fear. Battlefield Hardline does right by its namesake and provides a new experience that’ll likely have you hooked.

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Legion of Super-Heroes: New DC Movie Could Be On WB’s Agenda

Marvel and DC’s upcoming onslaught of superhero films is daunting.

Comic book fans of either brand have to be excited to see big screen adaptions of Deadpool, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Aquaman etc. With all the big name characters out there, some were surprised that one of Marvel’s biggest blockbusters was Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s amazing to see how a superhero film based on a lesser known group of comic book characters raked in millions in revenue, and brought in a new flood of fans. And DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have certainly taken notice.

 A film based on DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes now is rumored to be in the works. Bleeding Cool reports that this movie is being approached with the idea of combining the best elements of Marvel’s The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Which gives us the impression that DC wants a massive superhero team up film that features a more humorous spin on their usual dark and somber offerings.

Legion of Super Heroes

For those unclear about who this superhero squad is and what they do, here’s a brief summary; The Legion of Super-Heroes are based in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Comics universe. The entirety of this futuristic unit are made up of teenagers who have access to a variety of awesome powers. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this team is their access to time travel, which opens the door for endless possibilities.

The Legion of Super-Heroes had their own animated series back in 2006. The more prominent members of the group include Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Braniac 5, Phantom Girl, Bouncing Boy, Triplicate Girl, Timber Wolf and Chameleon Boy. Sounds like the perfect DC Comics counterparts to Star-Lord and his band of allies. Let’s hope if the rumors behind this WB produced superhero film ring true, they can also replicate the quality seen in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Images: DC Comics

Jason To Return In New Friday The 13th Film; Powers To Be Revealed?

Jason Voorhees has been on hiatus from murderous rampages since 2009. In that time the next film in the fan favorite slasher series Friday The 13th has been in and out of development. We’ve been promised plenty of windows for the films release in 2015 (first March, then November), but nothing was confirmed…until now (allegedly). It was recently announced that the final date has been slated for the next Friday The 13th – May (Friday the) 13, 2016.

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Future of NBC’s Constantine In Question; Possible Move to Syfy?

Lately, comic book fans have enjoyed a gamut of TV shows based on their favorite graphic novel personalities. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter have delved into the espionage section of their massive universe. As for DC, they have opted to feature their fastest superhero The Flash in his own series, and a prequel to Batman’s reign, Gotham. Fans have taken quite quickly to those shows, while a much smaller crowd has developed a connection to NBC’s smug magic wielder Constantine.

The first season of the show has just reached its 13-episode conclusion on NBC, and a follow-up season is still in doubt. This has led fans to Twitter, trying to keep the show alive with its own hashtag movement – #SaveConstantine. Rumors has been circulating that NBC may consider moving Constantine to the SyFy cable network, and re-naming the show Hellblazer.


It’s known that the show hasn’t been garnering the type of blockbuster ratings NBC is used to for such a special effects heavy show. Showrunner Daniel Cerone made sure to speak up when fans cried afoul on social media over the fact that their new favorite show may get cancelled. Cerone did note that Constantine might be technically cancelled at the moment, but there may be a sliver of hope for the show’s future:

NBC made some early pickups but Constantine not canceled. We’ll pitch them our plans for 2nd season in May. Then they decide. Anyone putting money in studio coffers by purchasing Constantine in any form will motivate studio to find a home for show. The more international viewers the better. Foreign sales can drive a series. Keep it on air. Look at Hannibal for proof.

Fans may want to stream the show as much as possible and make their voices heard even more if they’d like Constantine to stay on NBC. Honestly though, we’d be perfectly fine with the show’s move on over to cable TV. We’re of the opinion that the show may get the proper, darker tone we loved to follow in the comics if it made its home at Syfy. Looks like we’ll have to wait till May to learn the fate of our favorite chain-smoking magician.

Images: NBC

The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney Set to Join Cast of The Flash


As fans of The Walking Dead, we’ve been in a pretty depressed mood lately. The fifth season’s mid-way break ended with the death of one of the most beloved characters on the show – Beth (Emily Kinney). The gun shot heard round the world just happened to be the one that took sweet Beth away from us. Well, now it looks like we may just see the actress behind Beth make her debut on another comic book TV show.

News first broke thanks to Instagram user punkd_images, and has since been confirmed by multiple sources after Emily Kinney was spotted arriving in Vancouver for the filming of the upcoming 18th episode, “All-Star Team-Up.” The episode will feature Arrow’s Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer visiting Central City.

So which character from The Flash’s rouges galley is Emily Kinney set to play? Welp, she’s reportedly slated to take on the moniker of Bertram Larvam. DC diehards know this character better as the male villain, The Bug-Eyed Bandit. It sounds like this lesser known baddie from the DC universe will get a gender swap on the small screen. For those who don’t know, the Bug-Eyed Bandit is an inventor who designed his own mechanical insect, which was used to control other insects. This Bandit resorted to stealing money in order to fund the finishing touches on his insectoid project. Mr. Larvam even went ahead and used his invention to go on an extended money-grubbing scheme.

The Bug Eyed Bandit

It’s interesting to note that The Bug-Eyed Bandit is major rival of Ray Palmer aka The Atom, who is currently on Arrow, and rumored to be getting his own show soon. This could be a big setup step the same way they had Barry Allen appear on Arrow before giving him his own show.

Images: AMC, DC Comics

Marvel: The Avengers Vault – A Literary Intro for Marvel’s A-Team

It’s crazy how successful the line of films based on the world’s most popular superhero team has been. We’ve entered an age where a ton of Marvel Comics’ properties are getting ready for another wave of big efforts on the big screen. It may seem a bit daunting to get into the universe centering on The Avengers, which is why author Peter A. David put together a book that will make team history easier to comprehend.

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