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TNT’s Falling Skies: 2.03 – “Compass”

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo – not Jimmy! Why!?!?!?!?

Not little orphan Jimmy. Anybody, but Jimmy. Who is Captain Weaver going to love now??? Tell me it’s not true… Oh, but it is true. This week, we kick off the episode with the death of Captain Weaver’s beloved Orphan Jimmy. How did Jimmy get himself offed you might be asking? Well, he decided to make a poor life choice. He decided to tag along with the alien-boy Ben on Skidder hunting trips of instead of patrolling the perimeter as ordered. We see the two have a successful hunting trip in the opening of the episode, but guess who pressed his luck one too many times. RIP little soldier, RIP. 

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The League: Season 3, Episode 2 – “The Sukkah” Review

This week, on The League…… Jenny has her period! Seriously, this was one of the reoccurring jokes of the episode. We also find ourselves watching the guys struggling with keeping their porn shooting secret from Andre until they can premiere it. Ruxin trying to get his son in a prestigious Jewish school by throwing a Sukkah party, and all the guys trying to re-establish trust in the group to get a trade to occur that will improve all the teams in the aftermath of the draft debacle.

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The League: Season 3 Premiere Bitches – “The Lockout” Review

And were back!!! Season 3! For those of you living under a rock, The League is a weekly, 30 minute comedy on FX that follows 5 friends try to balance their personal and professional lives with their love, I mean obsession – fantasy football. Each season we follow the guys weekly on their quest to make it to, and win their fantasy football league championship game, the Shiva Bowl.

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NFL Grizzly Picks of the Week: Week 1

Football is back bitches!!!!! Feel free to immediately cease your “interest” in baseball now that you have a REAL sport to watch!

In my never-ending quest to prove I know more about football than YOU PEOPLE, (yes, I do mean you people in the derogatory sense so suck it) I figured it would be fun to prove it on a week to week basis.

And before you start; Yes, I know this is an exact rip-off of the Fox Sunday Pre-game show segment, BUT unlike Frank Caliendo and Jimmy Johnson I’m actually funny AND I don’t take boner pills. HEEEEYOOOOOOO!

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TNT’s Falling Skies: Season Finale Review (Mutiny/Eight Hours)

Oh man alien invader fans, 2 hour season finale!!!! Whose excited?!?! THIS GUY!!! So let’s get started with Part 1, hour 1: MUTINY.

 We open with the good Dr. Anne breaking the bad news to Tom about what she found examining the skidder, and I must say he takes it better than I would have thought for someone who just heard his middle child might sprout six legs. We next join or rededicated Captain Weaver who is planning the upcoming attack with new comer Lieutenant Danner. I mention this because this planning session is taking place WITHOUT the second in command, Tom. Uh oh, trouble is a brewing and we have our premise for this episode. We finally see the battle between the two that the writers have been tip-toeing around all season. No sooner than Weaver mentions awaiting Dai to return with orders from Porter, does he coming riding up on his motorcycle, and the dude is f-ed up.

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