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Gotham: Renewed for Third Season, Possible Alfred-Centric Spinoff, and Clayface!

The second season of Gotham, Fox’s successful series inspired by DC’s Batman comics is half way over, but fans are glad to hear the May 9th season finale won’t be the end of Detective Jim Gordon’s time in the spotlight.

Ben McKenzie, who leads the cast as Gordon himself, spilled the beans via Twitter earlier this month that the Gotham team will return for a third season.

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Gotham: Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent, & Our Thoughts Three Weeks In

So, we’re three episodes in and thus far – I was hoping for more.

Gotham follows Jim Gordon as he enters the GCPD, and he does so just in time to have a certain famous double-homicide fall into his lap. That event, the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, will act as the catalyst for the entire show as we see the city, which was already in trouble, tumble over the edge. This concept excited me, still excites me. The decline of a city to such levels of corruption and violence, that the presence of a masked vigilante becomes not only necessary, but an accepted progression? Jim Gordon as the tragic hero who fights tirelessly for the city that crumbles around him? That sounds excellent. And with that in mind, I had hoped for a show about Gotham City that revolved around a young Jim Gordon, and on occasion featured some familiar characters. However, what we’ve seen so far is a show about the origin of Batman, that takes place in Gotham City and uses Jim Gordon as a means to introduce countless familiar characters. Now that might not sound like a huge difference to you, but to me, it’s enormous.

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Southland Season 6: Renewal Still an Uncertainty

With all the Game of Thrones excitement around here lately, one of television’s best shows might have had its final episode ever a couple of weeks ago, and no one is talking about it. I’m referring to TNT’s Southland, which is without a doubt the best cop show on TV. Rescued from the stupid clutches of NBC who tried to cancel it during its first season, TNT swooped in and saved the day. That was in 2009.

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Batman: Year One – Casting Announcements!!!

So there’s a lot going on right now with Gotham’s greatest protector. A new movie, a new video game, and an animated feature – all in production as we speak. The game and the movie have both been talked about plenty, so let’s focus on the animated feature.

Heat Vision is reporting that the long-awaited adaptation of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, which is one of my favorite comics ever (not to be confused with Mike W. Barr and Todd McFarlane‘s terrible sequel – Batman: Year Two) is really coming along. For those of you unfamiliar with the comic, I can tell you it was a major influence on the Nolan Bat-Films, and helped solidify Frank Miller as a legend within the industry.

Year One chronicles Gordon’s transfer from the Chicago PD to Gotham City just as the Batman is starting to appear. It deals largely with Bruce’s early failures and Gordon’s struggles within the most corrupt Police Department in the country.

Warner Brother’s Animation is making a PG-13 animated adaptation of the story that is said to be very true to the book. Animation great Bruce Timm (Batman the Animated Series) says that the book was even used to storyboard a large chunk of the film. And today, they have just announced the 5 principle voice actors…

Bruce Wayne/Batman – Ben McKenzie: McKenzie was on The O.C., but more importantly is one of the leads on TNT’s Southland. This story revolves around Bruce’s return to Gotham and his transformation into a very young Batman.

Lt. Jim Gordon – Bryan Cranston:  This is a great pick. The principal character on one of television’s best shows (Breaking Bad), Cranston has come a long way since Malcolm in the Middle and proved his worth. As soon as I read this I loved the choice. Cranston himself wasn’t sure so quickly though as he initially turned down the chance to work on Year One, but eventually changed his mind after seeing the script – “I wasn’t aware of this level of storytelling in animation. I confess that freely, they didn’t give the characters the short shrift. I was stunned.”

Selina Kyle/Catwoman – Eliza Dushku: While the average girl recognizes Dushku from Bring it On, most in the geek community recognize her work with Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse) and as Arnold’s daughter in the 90’s Action classic True Lies. So it’s not like she needed more geek-cred than that to deserve a role in a comic movie, especially an animated one. But she should be a pretty much perfect fit for Catwoman…

Detective Sarah Essen – Katee Sackhoff: Sarah Essen is a name that you might not know if you don’t read the comics, but she was a major part of Gotham City for a long time. You know, eventually marrying Jim Gordon, surviving the Earthquake in Gotham, and finally being murdered by the Joker while saving some babies, she was an important part of the comics, but really hasn’t popped up in the other mediums till now. As far as the choice, after runs on Battlestar Galactica, Nip/Tuck, and 24 I am a fan of Katee Sackhoff. And her inclusion in Halloween: Resurrection didn’t hurt either. I know a lot of my fellow Bauer fans didn’t care for her in the final season of the show, but I actually like this pick.

Carmine Falcone – Alex Rocco: The guy played Moe Green in The Godfather. What more can you ask for, especially since Falcone is obviously modeled after Vito Corleone…

All around great casting. DC has really outdone Marvel on the animated front thus far, and it looks to be continuing. They have also released a couple of animation stills…

darkknightThe straight to DVD release of Batman: Year One is scheduled for sometime this fall.

The have also been rumors that another Frank Miller classic – The Dark Knight Returns – could be in the works as well. How about them apples?

It’s a great time to be a Bat-Fan!