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The New 52 – ‘Red Lantern: Blood and Rage’

What do you do when all you are fueled on grief and rage, but suddenly all that has gone? Red Lantern Atrocitus has this dilemma after Krona, the rogue guardian who slaughtered his home world is killed by Hal Jordan and not by Atrocitus’s hands. He is on a path of self discovery to see where his life now leads him. His troops no longer respect him, he is a changed man.

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The Red Lantern Corps Is Coming…

I’m a huge fan of the Green Lantern comic series and everything involved in it. They really sucked me in with the War of Light and Blackest Night. Call me a relatively new Lantern fan, but I can’t imagine what it would be like without the other Lantern Corps of the emotional spectrum. The Sinestro Corps is undoubtedly hardcore, being the anti-thesis of the Green Lanterns. The Orange Lantern Corps under Larfleeze is a little weird, all of them being constructs that Larfleeze has consumed and used as his soldiers. But one of my favorites are the Red Lantern Corps under the leadership of Atrocitus.

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