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Doctor Who: 704 – ‘The Power of Three’

Rory and Amy find themselves in a bit of an impasse. They don’t know whether they should carry on traveling with The Doctor or just knock it on the head and get on with their average lives on Earth. Suddenly the world is covered with small black boxes, which have appeared out of nowhere and appear to be safe. Months pass with the boxes just becoming a part of everyday life until after a year has passed since they arrived, they start to become active. The Doctor, who has been keeping tabs on them since they landed, is being helped by the newly reformed UNIT lead by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewarts daughter Kate Stewart, which is now more a scientific group with military power behind it.

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Red Band Trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’!

Chances are if you are a 20-something fun individual you have at one point or another enjoyed a good session of Family Guy. If you know Family Guy then I would wager your favorite characters are either Peter, Brian, or Stewie. So you will probably be pretty excited to hear that Seth MacFarlane’s new film Ted finally has a trailer out, which is Red band. That means NSFW, people. Ted stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis (shut up, Meg) and of course, Seth MacFarlane as the voice of Ted.

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The Dark Defender Will Strike For At Least Two More Seasons!

According to Screen Junkies, Showtime‘s best suspenseful crime-drama series Dexter will continue running for at least two more seasons. These upcoming additions will be season 7 and season 8 for the show.

Although the current season 6 is getting the highest ratings of any season of Dexter so far, there is still some skepticism as to how the show will remain relevant. The one main issue that I believe this show has is that you can’t get extremely attached to characters who are close to Dexter because somehow many of them die. I was devastated with the Rita situation. When all of that happened, I had nightmares for weeks. Now, when there is a character added to the show (Brother Sam, for example) I find myself detached and not caring much about them, because I know ahead of time that they are going to die. How much loyalty can a fan have in a show if they don’t necessarily care about the characters? I feel like if they had more consistent likeable cast members, I would be more hopeful about the upcoming seasons.

Backing my theory up:

Rita - DEAD
Brother Sam - DEAD

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