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The Return of GEEK Magazine!

June 19th will mark the long-awaited return of Geek Magazine to print, available on newsstands nationwide (along with a digital edition on tablets). The magazine, which produced over 30 issues in its initial run from 2006-2010, has been resurrected in the wake of the former publisher (Fusion) closing their doors after having purchased the magazine from CFQ Media several years earlier. Got it? Good. Now under the umbrella of the much bigger Source Interlink, Geek will attempt to break back into the print business with comprehensive look at geek culture from music and video games, to television and movies, to technological advancements and interviews.Among the many featured articles in the 100+ page first issue is a Spider-Man cover and an interview with its director Mark Webb.

The creative staff includes a wide array of writers from several backgrounds ranging from comedy to music to movies and television, but most importantly, I will be a regular contributor to the magazine to ensure that it keeps its ‘Geek’ cred. Booyah. Grizzly Bombed.

Before Watchmen: – LEAKED PHOTOS!

There has been a lot of skepticism about the new Watchmen prequel.Personally, I would love to see the Minutemen in action! The claws have come out on Twitter! Check out all of the pissy and hilarious reactions on Gamma Squad.

Buzzfeed has 21 leaked photos from the DC Headquarters. These display the characters we know and love before the Watchmen was formed. For your entertainment, here is a look at a possible continuity error thanks to Bleeding Cool.  The prequel will contain 36 issues total from 7 different series. I cannot wait to hear even more bitching when the even less respected movie eventually comes out. Although, I already know I will be seeing it… possibly dressed up. Only time can tell.