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The Old Man And The Gun Trailer: Robert Redford Reteams With David Lowery As A Gentleman Bank Robber

Fox Searchlight has debuted the first trailer for David Lowery’s upcoming crime drama The Old Man And The Gun starring Robert Redford as the true-life elderly career criminal and prison escape artist Forrest Tucker, who conducts a string of bank robberies well into his 70s. As he continues his stint as a gentleman robber, he meets and falls in love with Jewel (Sissy Spacek) and is hunted by Casey Affleck‘s Detective John Hunt.

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Ain’t Them Bodies Saints: Trailer Features Outlaws in Love

After getting rave reviews at Sundance, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints is finally getting released to theaters and we have the trailer. Written and Directed by David Lowery, who’s prior works consists of two low-budget features, St. Nick and Deadroom, and recently the editing of the tantalizing Upstream Color. This seems to be his first film with a well-known cast in Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone), Rooney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and Ben Foster (The Mechanic, and the upcoming Lone Survivor). The story for his newest flick is as follows; Affleck plays an outlaw who is sentenced to prison for 25 years for an act his wife, Mara, committed, but escapes in hope of reuniting with his her and their now born child. Sounds interesting enough, and if that doesn’t entice you enough, check out the trailer for the gorgeous cinematography and score. 

The reviews for this have been mostly positive, and one conclusion I can draw is this looks film looks great visually. Winning the Special Jury Prize for Cinematography at Sundance, the shots in the trailer feel reminiscent of the type of shots in Mallick’s The Tree of Life, very surreal and up close to the actors. Some of the complaints at Sundance were the film being overly long, which makes it good news that the cut being released to theaters is about 15 minutes shorter. Also, I can’t forget the score in the trailer that I hope is a precursor to what the film is like, cause it works tremendously in the trailer with its soft, mellow, yet dramatic violins.

For more on the film, below’s an excellent quick interview with David Lowery where he talks about the story and how it differs from other films in the genre, check it out:

The film was released on August 16th in NYC and LA, and is coming to VOD August 23rd.