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Curse of Chucky: First Trailer Hits the Internet, and It’s Creepy

Grizzly Bomb has had its eye on the new Childs Play film Curse of Chucky for quite some time, and finally we have news that the new trailer has come online. The movie is going straight to Blu-Ray and DVD on October 8th, but don’t let that stop you from checking this out because this short trailer makes Chucky scary again. You can see for yourself below…

The reinvention of the Chucky doll design from stitched up, comical mad man to a reworked design of the original dolls from the first Childs Play movie has been a big pay off because this tweaked design looks incredibly creepy in every scene it’s in. The moment the dolls eyes expand you know this is going to be a more chilling affair than some of the more recent comical movies in the series.

The scene with him tormenting a wheelchair bound woman are reminiscent of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the sense that they are both films feature tense scenes involving a victim stuck in a situation they could possibly avoid if only they were more mobile. It creates a real sense of foreboding.

The final scene in the trailer where Chucky stares up from behind his brow won this writer over. Chucky has suffered the same fate as Freddy did in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and become a bit to comical for his own good, so it is great to see this newer, more sinister take on the character. The damage the doll takes seems a lot more natural in this new film with one scene seemingly to show Chucky with a black eye. This seems to give the doll a more human quality to it, a nice juxtaposition to the blank doll expression we see in other scenes in this trailer.

curse of chucky evil chucky 2

Here is hoping that the film lives up to the standard the trailer has now set. In only a minute and 14 seconds it has managed to give us a new lease of life for the Childs Play series which will hopefully bring fresh blood to the franchise and keep Chucky alive…or whatever he is.