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Trailer Roundup: Safety Not Guaranteed, On The Road, House at the End of the Street & More!

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 11- “Talk to the Hand”

This episode begins with a frenzy of Miami Metro officers at the boat where wormwood is being prepared. They find Holly Benson’s body. When they find “Dooms Day Adam” on the boat dead (Dexter’s doing), Louis points out that he told Angel about him as a possible lead the day before. Quinn was supposed to go with Angel, but he was not answering his phone. Deb now figures that Batista has run into Travis (BINGO!).

Travis sent Beth (the wife of Dooms Day Adam) out to the Miami Metro Police Department. She is carrying a detonator with the poisonous gas in it, which will kill her, but also everyone in the building.


Travis was very close to shooting Angel when Quinn showed up armed. The house was on fire, but Batista got out okay. Travis got away. Showing up at that exact moment was the one thing that Quinn has done that was not a complete douchebag move. Also, I would like to mention that Quinn used to be attractive. Now… well… he looks like a floating turd.

As Beth sets the detonator off releasing the gas, Dexter was stalking Adam online. He noticed that he’d passed Beth in the waiting area and tackled her. He threw her into an empty room and held the door closed while Deb evacuated the building.

Dex left Harrison with Jamie and booked them a room at the Ritz, so that if Travis tries to find him. Homeland Security is now working with Miami Metro, so Dexter has time to try to get to Travis. Travis has apparently taken over some random couple’s home. They had an adorable kitty!

Deb has dinner with Deputy Chief Matthews after knowing that he was the john in the room when the call girl died. He explains that he really was there, and Deb agrees to let it go.

At this point in this episode, Deb is at her therapist’s office. Her therapist brings up something that I have thought since she first began talking to the shrink. The therapist mentioned that Deb talks about him a whole lot. Also that Deb might have more feelings about her brother than she is willing to admit. Deb gets pissed off and walks away.

Louis tells Dexter that he is thankful for his honesty about the video game he made. Dex blows him off, as he always does. The next thing we see is Louis packaging up the Ice Truck Killer prosthetic and making the label to Dexter Morgan. I called that shit.

Dexter sends Travis a video text which clearly showed the name of his boat “Slice of Life” in the background.

Deb confronts LaGuerta about how she knows Maria used her to get Matthews out of his office and to retirement. The next scene shows Deb dreaming about making out with Dexter. Awkward.

Dexter sees Travis on the boat and goes to attack him. Just as he does that, Dex gets a dizzy spell and a nose bleed… some of the side-effects from inhaling some of the poisonous gas. Travis injects the needle into Dexter’s arm and puts him on a boat. Travis lights the lake on fire along with Dexter’s boat. Somehow, Dex escapes and swims up to fresh air.

Talk to the Hand is one of the best episodes of this season. My heart is beating much too fast right now. I am shocked that Dexter didn’t immediately go to the ER knowing that he was going to have to chase down Travis. Also, the fact that he can usually tell when someone has a dark side, and is blowing off Louis, is interesting. Clearly, this Louis thing is not just for attention. The preview for the next episode shows Travis holding Harrison… did Louis help some way in that? I am so excited that I am actually a little dizzy.

This was a 5/5. The preview for next week looks like a 5/5 episode, also. I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

Here is a preview of next week’s episode: “This is the Way the World Ends“. (Thanks for getting Britney Spears stuck in my head!)

Kiss Picture SourceTV.com


Dexter: Season 6, Episode 10 – “Ricochet Rabbit”

RECAP: Episode 10 begins where episode 9 left off. Dexter is underground where he found Gellar and discovered that Travis is the only killer.

Travis runs outside and sees Gellar, who tells Travis that he did kill him. Dexter watches from downstairs through a window. Harry pops in behind Dexter for a little humor, seeing someone who isn’t there.Dexter cuts off Gellar’s hand to keep the police focused on him and not Travis. This is the dark Dexter I’ve missed.

Miami Metro circles in on the abandoned church where Travis has been taking victims and where Dexter found Gellar. They also found Travis’ psych evaluation, saying that he has been a sociopath since he was young, and probably killed his parents. It is in his blood… sound familiar?

Travis finds two of his loyal followers, a husband and wife, and visits them. They found Holly, a potential victim of Travis who he mistakenly let free. They kidnapped her on her boyfriend’s yacht. Dexter found a photo of the yacht, the ricochet rabbit, and left for the marina. Too late… Travis and his disciples already got to her.They also got wormwood… what I am assuming is the poison they are going to unleash to end the world.

Deb is still investigating the call girl case. She finds a flower delivery note, and calls the flower company. She finds out that Matthews sent the call girl flowers the day that she died.

Angel showed up at the house of the disciples. He interrogated the wife, but she said the posts were a joke. Angel notices the books by Gellar on the bookshelf, and Travis hits him over the head. Travis says that it is a sign and that they should unleash wormwood at the Miami Metro police department. Dexter found the poison gas on the yacht and called 9-1-1.

1. HOLY SHIT! Angel got knocked the F out by Travis.

2. Travis is going to see that Dexter works at Miami Metro. He would undoubtedly out him.

3. Will 911 matter at this point? They might be able to keep the poison that was on the boat from getting out, but Travis obviously would have more at his disposal.

4. Dexter was being a badass again… and then he called the police. He has been so sloppy this season that this episode made me think that he was getting back to his old ways. He was entertaining me until he called the cops. I guess it is the safer thing to do, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. I was sure he’d take care of things by himself.

5. I still think that Louis is somehow linked to Brian Moser. From the moment I saw him, I thought that it looked like they picked someone who looked like Dexter’s late brother. Add the fact that he is obsessed with Dexter’s approval and also secretly has the ice truck killer’s prosthetic in his home, and I am almost sure of it.

As always, I will barely be able to breathe until the next episode of Deter. Until then, I will tack a rating of a big fat 4.5/5 on this episode. Absolutely well done. The only real problem I have is that Dexter is wishy washy. He acts like he is taking everything into his own hands, but then turns things over to the police. And no, I am not letting that go. I loved episode 10!

Dexter: Season 6, Episode 9 – “Get Gellar”

RECAP AND REACTION: As we know from episode 8, Dexter finds Travis and helps him escape from Gellar’s chains. Dexter takes Travis to a motel and goes back to the police department to investigate.

When Deb is in her therapy session, she opens up more about Dexter. Also, about all of the insanely bad things that have happened to her in her life. The therapist suggests that they see each other more than once a week… understood.

Quinn… scumbag… lost his gun and his phone in a romp with a stripper.Oh no… not a stripper… a waffle house waitress. An old one. Oh gosh, some karma for Quinn is delicious. When Quinn for some reason thinks that he has the right to tell off Batista, they get into a fist-fight. This part could have been very entertaining. It was not. Someone’s gun could have gone off, someone could have gotten thrown in front of a car… yet nothing interesting happened and the fight was broken up by a passer-by.

Part of the reason Dexter is helping Travis and including him in his plan to get Gellar on his killing table is because he wants to give Travis the second chance that he, himself never got. Although I think that is very sweet, why does Dex suddenly have a soul? Why does he care what happens to Travis? WHY is Dexter so damn friendly this season? I miss the cold-blooded loner. Gellar somehow evaded Dexter and Travis and kidnapped his next victim, Casey. Casey is an atheist professor whom Gellar loathes.

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 6 – “Just Let Go” Review

Recap: This episode of Dexter begins with Dexter stalking Travis hoping he will lead him to Professor Gellar. Dex gets a call from Deb and she tells him that Brother Sam has been shot and is in the hospital, sending Dexter away from his personal mission. He quickly makes it to Brother Sam’s crime scene. He remembers hitting one of the thugs he came across in Sam’s shop with a baseball bat. After analyzing the blood on the bat, he finds a match. Leo Hernandez.

Dexter goes to visit Brother Sam after learning that he himself may be responsible for the shooting. He also goes to a gathering of locals praying for Brother Sam.

Notive that Geller doesn't interact with anyone but Travis...

Batista and Quinn are digging deeper into Professor Gellar’s past to try to find something useful. Deb notices in one of the old newspapers that there is a photo of a girl with a Hindu tattoo on her lower back. At that point, Quinn realizes that the girl in the photo is the same chick he porked from the bar… Carissa Porter. Quinn and Batista now have to bring her in for questioning. Awkward!

It is very endearing to see how emotionally attached Dexter is to Brother Sam. They both have a darkness inside of them. I think that at this point, Dexter looks up to Sam for being capable of putting his “dark passenger” to the side.

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Dexter: Season 6 Premiere – “Those Kinds of Things” Review (SPOILERS)

Although it does not premiere until October 2, I just watched the first episode of the sixth season of Dexter…and it was fantastic.

The episode began by putting me in a panic. Dexter calls 911 saying he has been stabbed, resulting in his next two victims’ arrival. From the moment the episode began, I could not help but sigh with relief. Dexter Morgan, I have missed you.

This episode “Those Kinds of Things” introduced a new pair of evil-doers: Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica) and Colin Hanks (The Good Guys). While not many details were given about what the duo is doing or why, I was pleased to see Hanks in the role of a creeper. It is very believable.

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