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Gangs of London: Gareth Evans’ Signature Blend of Excitement and Exhaustion

I can still remember going to see The Raid: Redemption like it was yesterday. Spring of 2012 didn’t give genre fans much to talk about outside of The Cabin in the Woods, and moviegoers desperately needed some indie action flick to rave about online. And since Joseph Kahn’s Detention was released on fewer screens than there are seats in the average American movie theater, Welsh director Gareth Evans was able to slide in and gain something of a cult following with his sophomore feature, The Raid.

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Preview: AMC’s ‘Hell on Wheels’

So let me start this off by saying AMC can do now wrong in my book. With home runs like The Killing, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead any new show they put out is at least worth a first watch…with the exception of Rubicon. Seriously though, was anyone able to pay attention to that show any longer than 3 episodes? Well, obviously not. Anyways, I’ll give them a free pass on that one since they rolled out The Walking Dead soon after.

Their next big show, Hell on Wheels, is a story of vengeance set in post-Civil War United States (That is the Reconstruction Era for all you history buff’s. Click HERE to learn what you should have already known from grade school, or visit your local library!) during the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. The show is centered around a Confederate soldier named ‘Cullen Bohannon’, played by Anson Mount, whose search for the Union soldier who brutally raped and murdered his wife brings him to work on the railroad.

Anson Mount is seen here hugging his ‘Crossroads’ co-star Britney Spears.

Also starring in the show are my three of my boys: Colm Meaney (STAR TREK: TNG SON! F Deep Space Nine!)  Ted “It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again” Levine, and Common (for all you white kids out there, he’s a rapper).

Levine plays the man in charge of building the section of railroad and who hires Cullen, while Meaney plays the opportunistic business man Thomas ‘Doc’ Durant, the driving force behind the construction of the railroad. The show also stars actress Dominique McElligott who is part of the team of surveyors mapping the railroad’s course, all the while taking care of her sick husband.

Here is the latest trailer:

Looks pretty sweet and definitely worth a watch if you ask me… Which you if you are reading this you obviously are, SO WATCH IT!!!