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Sunday Night TV: This Week’s Top 5 Moments – Staple Guns, Eskimo Brothers, and Sookie Stackhouse

So last week’s Sunday night shows were so good we decided that they needed to be recognized, and I had planned to make this a weekly feature. The problem now though, there was a noticeable dip in quality from last week to this week.

What follows were my top 5 TV moments from Sunday night…

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Tom Weston-Jones on Season Two of ‘Copper’, Kevin Ryan, and Merkins

Season two of Copper is well underway on BBC America, and during a recent interview with Collider, Tom Weston-Jones talked about his character, Corky, and various aspects of this second season. As most interviews do, it had moments of really interesting info interspersed among the typical answers.

My favorite part was a question I really wanted answered and didn’t realize it until I’d seen it asked. It addresses how Tom Weston-Jones and Kevin Ryan dealt with being the best of friends one season to being bitter enemies in the next.

[box_light]tom-weston-jones-and-kevin-ryan-in-copperWhen you do an entire season with Corcoran and Francis (Kevin Ryan) being best friends, how weird is it to then shift that dynamic and really have them be enemies this season

Weston-Jones:  It’s been a nice transition.  I think the writers have done a fantastic job, and me and Kevin speak, at great lengths, about it.  It actually reminds me, very much so, of the relationship that Corcoran has with Ellen (Alex Paxton-Beesley).  There is always an elephant in the room, whenever they’re around each other.  It’s important to remember, when you’re playing sworn enemies, that you should never forget the best possible time you’ve had together because that’s something that will pain you.  That’s what we’ve always tried to remember.  It’s important to remember the fact that these people were incredibly close, and you should never really let go of that.  That’s where the turmoil comes from.  Francis has betrayed Corcoran, or it feels as though he’s done him wrong.  So, I always try to remind myself of the best possible times we could have had when we were friends, before all these things happen.  I think me and Kevin have navigated it pretty damn well.[/box_light]

How often do we see this in TV shows where a character is betrayed? You have to wonder how an actor can shifts gears like that believably since they weren’t themselves betrayed and they’ve spent x amount of time being friends with this other character. It was really interesting to get that view of that situation from the actor perspective.

The full interview is quite good so head on over to Collider to check it out. For now, let’s all laugh at another interview Tom Weston-Jones did, this time with Nerdist. While it’s from last year, it is still quite funny because let’s face it, merkins are funny.

Of course the title, ‘The Merkins of Copper‘ is made even more humorous when you know that BBC America often will do “The _____ of Copper” much like this “hats of Copper“.

We can’t really talk about Copper without a bit of Donal Logue so let’s fix that.

If you aren’t watching Copper, you need to remedy that. GB head honcho Brian says it is one of the top Sunday night shows, and we like to think he knows what he’s talking about.

You can catch Copper tonight on BBC America at 10 Eastern.

Sunday Night TV: This Week’s Top 5 Moments – Ray Donovan, Jessica Hamby, and the Return of Dexter Morgan

There is real plethora of excellent television currently airing on Sunday nights as everyone rushes in to fill the time-slots that last month were held by Game of Thrones and Mad Men. What follows were my top 5 TV moments from Sunday night…

5. Copper (2.02) – Burn Baby Burn

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Copper – The Best Show You Aren’t Watching – Returns Tonight

If you haven’t watched season 1 of BBC America’s Copper, then you have truly been missing out. Following the story of Kevin Corcoran, an Irish immigrant who is a detective in the New York neighborhood of Five Points, Copper is a lot like Law and Order if Law and Order was set in the 1860’s with more bloody violence and a lot more sex. Actually Law and Order looks like a PBS Kids show compared to Copper which is not a bad thing.

While Tom Weston-Jones as Kevin Corcoran, aka ‘Corky’, is the main character, he is surrounded by a host of differing personalities that each bring their own version of dysfunction to the party. Kyle Schmidt (who took at turn on Arrow as a member of The Royal Flush Gang) is Robert Morehouse, the well-to-do son of an industrialist who happened to be an officer in the Union Army who served as Corky’s superior.  My favorite character, Matthew Freeman, who served with Corky under Morehouse, is played by the talented Ato Essandoh. Anastasia Griffith and Franka Potente (Run Lola Run) play two characters that couldn’t be more different and yet more alike if they tried; the former being the wife of Morehouse and the latter a very business savy brothel madam.

That pretty much sums up season one. It ends up with Corky, in a dark dark place. He’s been looking for his wife all this time, only to find out some not so great news on that end, not to mention his job really sucks. If I dealt with dead almost baby prostitutes right off the bat at the beginning of my TV show I’d probably turn to something mind-altering as well. The second season picks up four months later and brings in some new friends, most notably, Donal Logue as General Brandon Donovan.

If little trailers of season two just aren’t enough for you and you can’t possibly wait a couple of hours to get a look at the season premiere, then you are in luck because BBC America has released the first three minutes of tonight’s show. If it’s any indication of the coming season, we are in for a wild ride.

Copper returns tonight at 10/9 central on BBC America.