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Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.10 – “Larry Vs. Michael J. Fox” Review

It’s the end of another Curb season and I have to say I am deeply fulfilled from the entirety. Between the chat and cuts, car periscopes, Palestinian chicken and Bill Buckner it was a pretty memorable run. I think since watching the previews of this week’s show though, I’ve been anticipating this episode with Michael J. Fox the most. Even more than the Ricky Gervais episode. This episode will beg the question: Is it pissed or Parkinson’s?

Larry has a run in of sorts with Michael J. Fox at the apartment place where they both stay, as his current girlfriend Jennifer plays the background piano music in the lounge. Larry becomes a little irritated that people aren’t paying much attention to her playing including Fox and Fox has the opinion that it’s “just” background music. As Fox departs Larry can’t tell if the Back to the Future star is giving him a disapproving shake of the head or if it’s due to his condition. Things get really heated and hilarious as Larry has a couple more incidents with his new neighbor and adopts the theory that Fox is just using Parkinson’s as a shield in order to be an asshole to him.

We also get introduced to Jennifer’s son Greg, who is a little effeminate or as Larry calls him “flamboyant”. The gift the gets the kid doesn’t sit well with his mother, nor does the product that he makes from it.

The ending to the episode was brilliant as Larry proves that social assassination is international and can be applied even in France. I give the episode a five out of five bears. It was a great episode all around and a good finale to a great season. Plus Michael J. Fox will always be the shiznite in my book! I can’t wait to hear if Larry David signs on for another season of the show, but I think he will because at this point it looks like he’s having way too much fun. I suppose we’ll have Bored to Death and Eastbound and Down to hold us over until then. Till next time Mr. David.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.09 – “Mister Softee” Review

This episode had a lot to live up to with last week’s Car Periscope being so awesome, but it was definitely off to a roaring start with Larry disclosing to his current therapist his childhood traumatizing by the Mister Softee ice cream truck. You see, in his youth Larry was playing strip poker with the ice cream truck driver’s daughter in the Mister Softee truck. When he was down to his birthday suit the dad walks in throwing him out to the sidewalk so the whole neighborhood gets to see little Larry. Now whenever the Mister Softee truck is around, Larry crumbles. Throughout the episode the Mister Softee truck causes Larry trouble whether it be softball or sex and when Larry runs into Bill Buckner at a signing convention the episode just gets better and better. It was great seeing Larry and Leon together again after having no interactions whatsoever during the previous installment.

Between Larry’s “modified car seat”, his softball coach Yari, and Bill Buckner’s ultimate redemption this episode is a definite five out of five bears. I can only hope next week’s finale can top this!

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.08 – “Car Periscope” Review

I gotta tell you, after watching this episode I absolutely want a periscope on the top of my car. Sounds silly right? Not after you watch this Curb episode. This episode reminded me so much of a Seinfeld episode. Imagine Larry and Jeff driving a car equipped with a periscope through the streets of New York chasing a one armed man who framed Larry. That sounds like a Kramer-Castanza adventure right there.

Larry runs into nothing but trouble in this episode. Wanda returns in New York (funny how everyone ends up in NY) just in time to try and steal Larry’s trainer. Probably the funniest bit in the episode are Larry’s interactions with Grant Shaud’s (Murphy Brown) father “Judge Horn” who spouts out all sorts of racial epithets whilst playing scrabble.

Larry raises a very interesting idea through the course of the episode, even though it gets him into even more trouble with those around him. Does a good looking guy who marries a not so attractive woman mean he has more integrity than the next guy? To Mr. David does and he let’s that idea guide him for better or worse.

I give this episode a 4.5 out of 5 grizzlies. It was worth watching just for the car periscope and the racist Judge Horn. Only two episodes left in the season, let’s hope for a glorious finale!

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.07 – “The Bi-Sexual” Review

It’s a very interesting predicament Larry finds himself in during the episode, dealing of course with the title’s ‘Bi-Sexual’. Larry is at an art exhibit and meets a woman (again) who gives him her number. He’s very happy about it and is describing her to his friend Rosie O’Donnell who is also at the art exhibit. She also met a woman there who she is excited to call, and as they both describe their new prospects it turns out that it’s the same chick. So in the spirit of friendship they decide to compete to see who can win the affections of the bi-sexual woman.

While the situation between Larry and Rosie was good, the episode itself wasn’t one of the best this season, especially after the last episode with Ricky Gervais which was excellent. Even with Leon (JB Smoove) showing in New York at Larry’s place didn’t make the episode a whole lot better. At least now that he is there we may get some good moments between the two of them during the season.

The whole episode turns into one giant baseball analogy (as sex often does) and Larry’s use of a certain performance enhancing drug ends with him being barred from entrance to the Baseball Hall of Fame, all becuase of a ‘shit bow’.

I give the episode 2 out of 5 grizzlies. Funny on some parts but overall not that great. I definitely won’t be falling in the Viagra trap anytime soon to up my game!

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.06 – “The Hero” Review

Our episode continues with Larry, Susie and Jeff airborne on their way to New York. The scenes on the airplane were pretty awesome. One of them involved quite possibly the most annoying woman in the world trying to stop Larry from using the coach bathroom and the other a very drunken passenger who combined with Larry’s untied shoes turn the Seinfeld creator into a hero.

Once in New York Larry and Jeff stumble upon Ricky Gervais in a restaurant whom Jeff wants to sign as a client. After buying (inadvertently again) Gervais a $300 bottle of wine, Jeff and Susie have him over for dinner. I loved Larry and Ricky Gervais politely bickering before dinner and it lasted for over three minutes. Seeing two of the funniest guys out there on-screen for the first time I honestly think I could have watched almost a whole episode of them going back and forth.

Ricky Gervais as it turns out is a huge prick as himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm which was a good thing. Between Larry messing up Gervais’ performance of Mr. Simington arguing with Susie, his own brand of medium talk at dinner, and his last valiant act of heroism this episode was one of the best this season. I give it 4 out of 5 bears.

Good news, because it looks like next week we get to see Leon back on the scene as Larry’s louse of a roommate!

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.05 – “Vow of Silence” Review

Two Larryisms to start off tonight’s episode: The first being everyone’s least favorite person – The person who takes up two spaces with their car. Unacceptable! The second is with Larry in full social assassin mode as he calls out a woman performing a ‘chat and cut’ in the food line at the going away party they are at. Larry calls her out and she backs down getting behind Larry and Jeff in line. Don’t mess with Larry, as good as your chat and cut skills might be.

It was nice seeing Michael McKean back on Curb as ‘Matt Tessler’, though I was a little confused as to the civility between him and Larry in this episode. In the Bat Mitzvah he propagated a not so true rumor about Larry having a gerbil stuck up his ass that quickly spread around town, so I would imagine Larry not even speaking to him instead of simply trying to avoid going to an event with him. But either way it was a nice method of pushing Larry into having to go to New York with Jeff and Susie.

The biggest linchpin of disaster for Larry in this episode was their friend Vance, whose spiritual adviser suggested he take a vow of silence. Vance had most of the funny scenes with Larry in the episode, particularly when a certain flashback occurs involving Jeff, Larry and some ice cream. My favorite part of the show was when Larry tells Vance that if he tattles to Susie on him and Jeff that he will burn in hell for being a tattletale. The way he delivered that line was just freakin’ brilliant.

There was a nice little side story with Richard Lewis which is always good and one of the characters is unfortunately no longer with us. I’m gonna miss that hairy son-of-a-bitch.

I give the episode 4 out of 5 bears. Hopefully now that Larry is getting to New York the season hilarity will really pick up. I mean come on, Ricky Gervais is in the next episode.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.04 – “The Smiley Face” Review

Oh boy, this episode already has a problem for Larry with another person moving into his office complex where he works and the guy’s name is Dino and he likes to be called Big Dog and refers to himself in the third person. After Larry allows him to use a cabinet in the shared kitchen… it’s just not going to work out.

Larry also has a new girlfriend. A hostess at the restaraunt where he and Jeff eat and she’s smoking hot. I love the show how Larry can constantly still get hot women after Cheryl is out of the picture. Heidi (Rebecca Creskoff – Hung), the hostess girlfriend is the one who sends the smiley face through text and leaves him one last one after they break up that gives the episode it’s title.

Inevitably, Dino takes up two cabinets at the office kitchen and crams all of Larry’s stuff into one cabinet. Larry’s office life seems to be falling apart without Antoinette there due to her father being in the hospital.

It was a great thing to see Michael Gross in this episode as Larry’s dermatologist, whom he uses as an excuse for being late to lunch with Richard Lewis. Then when Larry goes to him next Richard Lewis and people he has referred have all cancelled their appointments. This episode was a perfect example of Larry weaving a web of lies and excuses that eventually catch up with, Jeff once more getting caught in the middle as well.

The episode did take a little while to pick up but towards the end it was just downright hilarious. The best scene of the episode was when Larry and Big Dog have a yelling match and criticize each others food supplies. I give the episode a 2.5 out of 5, an average episode at best.

Larry David Do’s and Don’ts in this episode

-Talk during making out.
-Date the hostess at a place where you eat.

-Hug another guy cheek to cheek.
-Text a smiley face
-Share cabinets at a shared office kitchen
-Say sorry about someone’s death after two years. There’s a sorry window people!

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.03 – “Palestinian Chicken” Review

After last weeks touchy subject of battered women, Larry David this week takes on the holy war between Israel and Palestine. After a golf outing, in preparation for a tournament that is upcoming, Larry and Jeff decide to pop over to a local Palestinian chicken place. Larry takes note of the many Palestinian posters that are a little anti-semitic, but that doesn’t deter our Jewish friend from taking a liking to a very gorgeous Palestinian woman at the restaurant.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.02 – “Safe House” Review

Another week and more Larry-isms come flying at us. Ever had the person who let’s their dog shit on any lawn they please without picking it up? Check. The person who asks you to watch their valuables in a public place while they leave for a minute? Check.

In this episode Larry runs afoul of racism, Richard Lewis and a “battered women” shelter. It would seem in this episode that the women of the shelter, who live down the road from Larry tend to use their abuse as a shield against admitting to their social transgressions such as not moving out of the way the ice cream due to a conversation or picking up their dog’s fecal matter. Be sure to see women’s advocacy groups across the nation crying foul on this one.

Richard Lewis also has a new girlfriend in this episode, who happens to be a Burlesque dancer… with awesome boobs. If you can believe it Larry manages to screw that relationship up for Lewis in more than one way. Of course the dynamic between Larry and Leon (JB Smoove) kind of steals the show as they argue about whether or not black people can blush and Leon continues to live for free at Larry’s home. I’m actually praying that Larry never gets the opportunity to evict Leon, because I could watch a 2 hour movie starring them.

I’m giving the episode a 3 out of 5 bears. I laughed out loud on a couple of parts and I can’t get enough of episodes with Richard having girlfriend problems. I can’t even keep track of all of the disastrous relationships he’s had in the history of the show, but I say keep ’em coming!

And the Burlesque Dancer “Stella” was apparently played by Jan Anderson…

Burlesque Dancer "Stella", Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jan Anderson