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Review of E4′s ‘Misfits’: Episode 4.04

Massive SPOILERS. You have been warned.

First let’s do the recap. Lola finally shows her true colors, she is indeed a femme fatale who uses men and discards them after she has had her fun, normally with fatal consequences for the said males she has in her thrall. She misleads Curtis to think her ex has attacked her and he goes on a rampage to find this man and make him pay. Rudy and Finn have living difficulties, when Rudy’s sexual conquests get in the way of Finn courting Jess. While this is happening Curtis finds Lola’s ex and accidentally kills him.

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In Case You Missed It: Take Shelter

Storms are a scary thing. They’re big, they kill people, and they can sweep up houses easily. You know what else is scary? Big, brawny men attacking you and your daughter in your dreams, causing you to pee your pants and have seizures, that’s what. These are a couple of the things that Take Shelter’s troubled protagonist Curtis (Michael Shannon) experiences. A working husband and father in his mid 30s, Curtis begins to experience apocalyptic visions of a storm that will wipe out a huge amount of the population. These nightmares provoke him to start building an expensive storm shelter in his backyard, a mere weeks before his daughter is scheduled to have a surgery that will permanently fix her hearing problem.

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