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Kirstie Alley Takes a Tumble on Dancing With the Stars

Now before anyone assails me, or says I’m being a jackass for ripping on Kirstie Alley’s weight, I’m a bit of a tubby wubby myself, and she’s a celebrity so it’s ok for me to pile it on. Along with anyone else ripping on her for what happened on “Dancing With The Stars”. Basically her and her dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy took a bit of a tumble. I think it was a little more funny because his leg started to buckle while he was holding her up. So let’s face it. She’s a little chunky and it may have been an awkward angle. Either way it was comical when they went down.

I’m sure Kirstie and what’s his name will make a huge turnaround and win the whole thing. So do it to it Kirstie! What follows are pictures and reactions from all of the celebrities and various people who witnessed the fall. Enjoy.