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Latest News From The WHOniverse: Tennant’s Return, Capaldi’s Future, and K9!

Doctor Who is making headlines once again this month, with show runner Stephan Moffat putting rumors to rest, touching on the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate as the Tenth Doctor and Donna, and the impending departure of companion Clara Oswald.

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Final Jessica Jones Trailer, First Luke Cage Teaser for Marvel’s NetFlix Lineup

You will know Jessica Jones. Or at least be intrigued enough to watch the new Netflix series which debuts this Friday. The publicity machine over at the streaming channel earlier this month unleashed a barrage of stills of the titular character as well as many of the series’ cast. These include allies and friends like Trish Walker (played by Rachel Taylor), and the villainous Purple Man, who’s slickly portrayed by David Tennant of Doctor Who fame.

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Marvel & NetFlix: Daredevil’s Season 2 Trailer and More Jessica Jones

Marvel’s line of NetFlix shows are taking a more adult approach than Agents of SHIELD or any of their movies have thus far. Their inaugural season, which featured Daredevil was a little darker than some people were expecting, and the upcoming Jessica Jones show is said to easily top that.

This past weekend at the New York Comic Con, NetFlix revealed the first footage for Daredevil‘s second season;

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UK Television Updates: MisFits, Sherlock, & Doctor Who

There’s a lot of buzz online about our favorite UK shows, so we’ve put all this news together in a handy, more digestible format for your reading pleasure. First off is some information from Bleeding Cool looking at the upcoming series of Misfits. Now working on its fifth season it has been reported by Channel Four that this will be the last ever series. Here is the official blurb for what this series is going to cover.

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Fright Night: Doctor Who, Checkov, and Vampires…

Finally! Finally there is a trailer for the reboot of 1985’s vampire tale, Fright Night! With an August 2011 release it certainly took them long enough. The original Fright Night had some pretty cheesy moments to be sure, but Chris Sarandon looked great in his vampire form, and put on a great performance as Jerry Dandridge; the smooth talking vampire next door. Roddy McDowell was more than superb in his role of Peter Vincent the Great Vampire Killer, and his role is now filled by ‘Doctor Who’ star: David Tennant.

The premise of the movie is simple yet fun, which is all you really need from a vampire movie in my opinion:

Charley Brewster is a regular kid with the normal problems of a teenage life, but his problems only get bigger as his new neighbor Jerry moves in. Due to the urging of his friend Ed and some snooping of his own Charley deduces that Jerry is in fact a vampire. And what’s worse is that Jerry knows that Charley knows… and even more worse no one believes Charley.

Also, you might recognize our hero Charley, played by Anton Yelchin who has made a name for himself the last couple years with roles like Chekov in Star Trek and as a young Kyle Reese in Terminator: Salvation. Kid is up and coming!

I’m thinking that looks pretty damned good. It can’t surpass the original no matter how cheesy it was, but this new one I am looking at as a completely different film, rather than a step by step remake. It looks like a hybrid of Disturbia and The Lost Boys to tell you the truth – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Colin Farrell looks like he was born to play a vampire and I initially has misgivings with him being cast in the role, but it seems like he is back in demand with Fright Night, Horrible Bosses and the new Total Recall all set to come out in the near future. I was disappointed we weren’t given a glimpse of Tennant as Peter Vincent, but I suppose it’s good to not spoil everything with a trailer. I can even live with Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin’ Fogel) being cast as Evil Ed, because lord knows the original played by Stephen Geoffreys was a bit annoying at times. And Geoffreys has had an interesting filmography since Fright Night (Ahem! Porn!)…

I’m interested to know what all of my fellow Fright Night fans think of the new trailer. Worth seeing or not? I’m pumped for it in a big way, a big reason being that Hollywood has been dropping the ball on Vampires in general since the Twilight craze. True Blood is even hard for me to watch, but it’s a hell of a lot better than Twilight.

Sound off below people!