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Dexter Review: 8.05 – “This Little Piggy”

Even though the supposed “Brain Surgeon” was killed by the Dexter/Deb duo, ‘This Little Piggy’ was one of the more boring episodes of season 8 so far. Certainly not as entertaining as last week’s ‘Scar Tissue’.

Dexter and Deb have a therapy session with Vogel and suddenly, after a brief angsty bitch session by Dexter, everything is okay again between the brother and sister. Deb wants to help Dexter kill Yates after the “Brain Surgeon” kidnaps Vogel because, as she said, “…the family that kills together…”. They are successful in ridding the world of Yates, but something tells me that the world is not rid of the “Brain Surgeon”. Why would it be Yates? If he is this easily manipulated and this precise thus far, how did he let himself get caught and why would he suddenly kidnap Vogel? I guess he could be the Brain Surgeon, but I wouldn’t like how little sense that makes. Also, usually there is much more of a chase than this has been with Yates. I would want it to be someone stronger; someone like Dexter.

This Little Piggy

Quinn goes to get a DNA sample from a man who is very wealthy and contributes a lot to the community, so when he gets a bad feeling about the man’s son, Matthews shoots him down. Here’s the thing….. the “feeling” Quinn got? Yeah, we all got that as well. What f-ckery is this, where they make the supposed psychopath look like an outright… well… psychopath! He is obviously up to something when you first see him. If that wasn’t telling enough, the kid asks Quinn a bunch of questions about the murder. So even dumb as rocks Joey Quinn can tell that there is something obviously wrong with this Hamilton kid. They should just play ominous cheesy 80s horror film music as he appears on camera.

This Little Piggy

There were other things that happened in this episode, none of which I particularly care about. Jamie brought over a cute friend for a double date with Dexter, but he had to leave (Vogel/Yates/Deb situation) and she was very cool about it. Blah. It is too far into the season to be adding new characters and expecting me to care about them.

The reason that Dexter is such a great show is because you get attached to these characters (Rita, Miguel, Lila, Maria, etc…) and you get to watch Dexter destroy their lives, leaving the audience feeling some sort of emotion about it. In the season 4 finale when Trinity killed Rita, the second I saw Harrison in the blood pool I began sobbing. When I saw Rita’s face, I cried my eyes out. John Lithgow still haunts my nightmares! But this adding new characters for a few episodes and then expecting me to give a shit? I dislike that. Like that woman detective who is trying for sergeant…. I cannot remember her name off the top of my head. If she wasn’t in the next episode, I probably wouldn’t even notice. I understand that the series is ending, I just thought it would go out with a bang!

This Little Piggy

Overall I give this episode a 2 out of 5, and mainly only because Deb and Dex are back together again.

grizzly rating 2of5

This Little Piggy


Dexter: 8.04 – “Scar Tissue”

“Scar Tissue” began very strangely because suddenly with no explanation, Deb and Vogel have a relationship. I don’t really like that we didn’t get to see that part, but I understand that time is of the essence in this final season. Vogel is trying to get through to Deb, seemingly using tough love but she also could just be trying to push Deb over the edge by making her feel guilty. She seems very manipulative. Vogel also accidentally shows Dexter the notes she has been keeping on her activities with him, leading him to kick her out of his life!

Dexter and Vogel 804

In this episode, we also got to see the actual brain surgeon whose name is A.J. Yates. Apparently he was a patient of Vogel. She recommended that he get brain surgery to affect his behavior. Why the hell was he not the first person she thought of? Or, like I said last week, maybe she is controlling the brain surgeon too!

Deb is struggling with what Vogel described as making “the best of a difficult situation”. She said that she should have shot Dexter instead of LaGuerta. Vogel explains to her that Dexter doesn’t know any better but that Deb shot someone in cold blood even though she knew it was wrong.

Because of this struggle, we saw one of the most dramatic endings to a Dexter episode to date! Deb asks Dexter if Harry killed himself after she saw the tape from her father’s last session with Dr. Vogel. Dexter said yes and explained that Harry couldn’t handle what he created, meaning Deter. Deb told her brother that she knows how Harry felt but he only had it half right. SHE GRABBED THE STEERING WHEEL AND STEERED THE CAR WITH DEXTER AND HERSELF IN IT AND DROVE IT INTO THE LAKE! Holy sh*t! I was actually legitimately surprised. But in usual Deb fashion, after she was saved by a local man, she swam out and saved her brother.

dexter gif 1 dexter gif 2 dexter gif 3 dexter gif 4

There is so much going on right now in this show! Masuka just found out that he has a 20 year old daughter who has the same awesomely ridiculous laugh as him. He did get all disgustingly pervy with her before he knew who she was though… which was uncomfortable. But that’s just Masuka being Masuka.

Quinn and Jamie are fighting, but at least Jamie is naked for it this time!

jamie batista sex scene dexter

And I know I said this last week but I feel compelled to say it again…. I will RIOT if Quinn is the one who finds Dexter out! I have been re-watching season 4 and that is when Quinn began to develop suspicions about Dexter as a person. He has always had a feeling about Dexter and in season 5, he even has Dexter followed by a private investigator named Liddy! Imagine what he may put together now that he may become sergeant and with Deb as messed up as she is! Yikes! So many questions…. I do not want to wait a week! However, since I must, join me back here next week to read my rants and raves!

Overall I would say this episode was about a 4. To be very clear, the 4 is mostly because of how amazing the ending was. The back story is great, but I am glad we are finally getting back to the action!

Dexter: 8.03 – “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

Dexter has been pretty difficult to watch over the past few seasons. It has been hard to keep my attention to the television. Frankly, I think maybe I just have really low expectations, even though I am still excited to find out how this series will end. I felt like this episode was slightly better than the first two, but I attribute that entirely to Debra Morgan.

First things first, Deb gets pulled in to the police station by a cop for a DUI and calls Quinn to come get her. Her reaction to finding out that she knocked down a parking meter cracked me up! Quinn had to lie to Jamie to go pick up Deb, but this whole episode wasn’t littered with his usual level of douchebaggery. Not only did he tell Dexter what was going on with his sister (I am counting it because he thinks she may have a problem) but he also puts himself out there and asks Deb if she thinks she may have a substance abuse problem! That takes serious balls to say to someone.


In a moment of old school Dexter & Debra quality time, Dex took his sister to a restaurant to see a guy whose life she saved while she was a part of Miami Metro. Dexter was trying to get through to his sister that she has done great things for this world. Unfortunately, the incident caused her to get wasted (shocker!) and stumble into the Homicide Department where she confessed to killing LaGuerta to Quinn! When Deb confessed I thought first that OF COURSE she confesses to the most shady cop in the joint! He would cover anything up with no second thought. Second, I felt fury rise up within me and thought that it better not be Joey Quinn, Miami Metro’s frat boy, who takes Dexter down! I will RIOT! Quinn hands a drunk Deb off to her brother and Evelyn Vogel. Dexter takes her back to her house, but only after slipping her the needle! Ooh… phrasing… he dosed her!

Sussman’s body was found in an apparent suicide crime scene, but Dexter knows the truth; he was being forced to do the real “Brain Surgeon”‘s dirty work. With that case closed, Dexter looks for another suspect and came across a cannibal named Ron Galutso. He is not the man scooping out pieces of brain and leaving them for Vogel, but he is eating brains! Gross. As usual, Dexter takes out the trash and continues his search for the real Brain Surgeon.

Dexter 803 Consume

Dexter’s new mommy seems to be making a case study out of him. Evelyn sort of drops a bomb on Dexter when she asks why he didn’t kill his sister when she found out what he is. Dexter tried to explain that he loves her and why, but Evelyn insists that his love for Deb is entirely self-serving, and not about her as a person. In the preview for the next episode, Deb is shown the videos of her father with Vogel. Deb asks if Harry killed himself. Dexter also apparently kicks Vogel out of his life. I cannot help but think about what the significance of Vogel is going to be. Maybe she is a psychopath herself and she’s the Brain Surgeon, or at least knows who he is. Maybe she wants to take out Deb herself so that Dexter can be her own personal… ahem… garbage man.

All the small things: In this episode we saw Harrison for the first time in forever, but only for about a minute in the very beginning. Joey Quinn and Jamie Batista had a fight because Quinn keeps rushing to Deb’s side and he lied to Jamie about having to go in on a case when he picked Deb up from her DUI. Also, Angel helps Quinn study because he recommended him for the Sergeant spot.

Overall I would say this episode gets a 3 out of 5. It was more interesting than the first two of this season, but still leaves much to be desired.

ED. NOTE: This pic seems appropriate, for whatever reason you like.
ED. NOTE: This pic seems appropriate, for whatever reason you like.

Dexter: 8.02 – ‘Every Silver Lining’ Review

Every Silver Lining’ was a very dramatic episode. Since this is the final season of Dexter, every episode counts, and I think this is a great example of that. With the introduction of Evelyn Vogel, plus Deb’s apparent breakdown, this will hopefully be one season we will not soon forget. This and the first episode seem very predictable and at times dull because we Dexter fans are used to being exposed to amazing kill scenes and other psychopaths. However, I must hold out hope for season 8!

This episode begins with a videotaped session between Harry and Evelyn Vogel. Harry is going on about how he showed Dexter a crime scene and how his deranged son reacted. Dexter even took a piece of bloody glass as a souvenir… his first blood slide.  Evelyn has known all about Dexter for a very long time. She is the one who convinced Harry that Dexter’s urges could be controlled, and she helped come up with his code; the code that Dexter has lived his whole life by. What is that going to do to Dexter emotionally, assuming he has those types of emotions? Is he going to take Evelyn on as a mother-figure knowing that she had such a large hand in raising him? Or is he going to lose that sense of morality when choosing his victims, because the code wasn’t really Harry’s? Or Vogel could just be manipulating him in an extreme way and using what he does only for personal gain.

Every Silver Lining Dexter

Vogel reveals to Dexter that the killer from the previous episode could be one of her former patients. Dexter at first shows no interest in helping her, but later agrees after finding the second dead body missing a piece of his brain.

Deb and her boss go to check out the place that she lived with Briggs, her now deceased boyfriend. As they head out to go to the storage unit, El Sapo (hitman from the last episode) sees Deb. When she goes to the storage unit alone to look for the stolen jewelry, she finds it in a dresser drawer, but it gets stolen by El Sapo. She attacks him with little regard for her own life, and he kicks the shit out of her. Which is easy of course, she is the size of a ragdoll.

Every Silver Lining Dexter

After checking out Sussman’s (the man who matched the fingerprints found at the Brain Surgeon crime scene) home, Dexter and the team get called away because of a man found dead in his vehicle…. El Sapo! Masuka finds another gun in the glove box… which is obviously Deb’s gun! Dexter drives over to her place and she is sleeping soundly on the couch. She wakes up and they talk. She explains that she didn’t want to hate her brother, she wanted the opposite (sexy time!). Then she kicks him out. I cannot help but think that Deb and Dexter may be perfect for one another now, both having killed. I wonder if Vogel can provide that type of therapy… yikes!

Every Silver Lining Dexter

Dexter gets to the Sussman’s cabin. He sees that Sussman hung himself. Dexter goes to Vogel who helps him understand her views on psychopaths and how they are a gift to society. She explains that psychopathic traits can be found in CEOs and politicians.

Dexter ran the blood on the window glass from El Sapo’s car. He realizes that it was Deb who killed El Sapo (totally called it!). Right after he realizes this, Deb walks into the precinct to answer some of Quinn’s questions about the El Sapo case. Dexter pulls her out of the room and takes her outside to talk to her. He tells her he knows she killed El Sapo. She asks Dexter to switch the gun that Masuka found from evidence so that they don’t know it is Deb’s. Deb tells Dexter that El Sapo is not the first person she shot, and he may not be the last. This is either a cry for help, or (more probably) a confession of her intentions. She seemed pretty shaken up when Quinn showed her the photos of the El Sapo crime scene, but I do not think that will stop her. Especially since she now has drugs to calm those worries.

Vogel calls Dexter and tells him that someone is inside her house. He comes over and makes sure that it is empty. She realizes that she was left a DVD. On the DVD you see that Sussman was forced to suffocate the victim because he was held at gunpoint. Whoever the real killer is, he was not Sussman and he is still out there.

Every Silver Lining Dexter

Dexter also tells Vogel that he destroyed Deb and that he is a mistake.
Vogel then hugs him in a somewhat creepy & motherly way and tells him he is perfect.

Every Silver Lining Dexter

In many ways I am excited for season 8. First off, I would never have guessed to see Deb on the wrong side of the law. She is now a liar, a druggie, and even a murderer! But how far will she go? What I do love about this season so far is that it leaves me asking questions. For example, will Dexter and Deb ever make up? Will Deb keep killing? Will she and her brother join forces and create a brother/sister dynamic duo of vigilante superheroes? Will Deb kill Dexter, since she has already admitted that she should have? Will Dexter have to kill his sister? Wouldn’t he have to if she kills someone innocent? If he had to kill his sister, would he then kill himself? Where the hell is Harrison if Jamie is trolloping around with Quinn and Dexter is out the whole episode? What ever happened to Astor and Cody? And with Quinn’s suspicious eyes and his constant tracking of Deb, will douche-of-the-century Joey Quinn be the man who finally takes down Dexter Morgan? There are too many questions to be answered just yet… but I cannot wait to see what happens next!

I give ‘Every Silver Lining’ a 2.5/5 – On pace with the season 8 premiere.



Dexter: 8.01 – “A Beautiful Day” Season Premiere Review

Before watching this, as I always do, I watched several old episodes of Dexter to try to get in the mood. To be honest, I enjoyed the first couple of episodes of season 7 and the season finale was great, but the rest was pretty much garbage. It is hard to see a show with such a unique premise and strong story crumble like this has. Part of me wishes that the show would have ended after Trinity in season 4. Because of this, it has been difficult to get excited about Dexter. What made me even care to watch the premiere of season 8 the night it aired was that this is how the show will all end and I plan to follow it there.

A Beautiful Day Dexter

The season premiere begins 6 months after the season 7 finale. Dexter has gotten his life together, obviously unaffected by the shooting of Maria LaGuerta. Dexter has never been one to dwell on the deaths he causes. In fact, if he is affected by anything, it is when he cannot kill, like in season 2 when Doakes was tailing him.

A Beautiful Day, Dexter, Dokes

Deb is MIA at the memorial service for LaGuerta and nobody has heard from her in a while. The first time we see her she is snorting coke and screwing a jewelry thief, Andrew Briggs. Clearly, she is having more difficulty coping than her brother. Basically, she’s a hot mess.

A Beautiful Day Dexter

After finding out that Deb is on a cocktail of prescription drugs and that she hasn’t checked into her job in 2 weeks, Dex tracks her down at a convenience store. Deb tells him that she shot the wrong person in that trailer. OH SNAP.

I have no clue how super-douche Joey Quinn pulls the tail he does, but we get to see him in action with Jamie Batista. This part isn’t super relevant, I just wanted to give everyone reading the opportunity to take a moment and imagine Aimee Garcia naked…


Matthews brings in a special guest, Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), to Miami Metro. She is there to help with a new case. She is a neuropsychiatrist. The victim has part of his head and brain separated before being laid out. She profiles serial killers, so of course Dexter is extra nervous. She seems like she may be a bit of s psychopath herself. She starts grilling Dexter about how the Bay Harbor Butcher was, stating that it’s strange that Doakes had a short fuse. She said that it seemed like the Bay Harbor Butcher operated under some sort of moral guidelines. I really love what she seemed to be doing as I watched it.

Here is Charlotte Rampling back in 1976. (Via Getty Image}
Here is Charlotte Rampling back in 1976. (Via Getty Image}

Dexter, with his son in tow, tracks Deb down to a seedy motel so he can warn her the the fence she is waiting is in fact a hitman. Harrison is with him because Jamie took the night off. Father of the year, ladies and gentlemen.  He leaves Harrison in the car and escalation of the events result in an altercation with Deb’s target, Mr. Briggs. In a move that goes against all of his M.O. and history of preparation, Dexter stabs Briggs in one of his least impactful killings ever. Upon his return to the car he finds Harrison no longer asleep in the vehicle, and after a frantic 10 second search, finds the boy wandering through the parking light. Dexter picks his son up with bloody hands and a sullen look. After Deb calls the death in to the police, she is spotted by the hit man that Dexter was trying to save her from, “El Sapo”.

At the end of the episode, Vogel brings Dexter some of his childhood drawings. He chases her down and she tells him that she knows he cannot kill her because she doesn’t fit Harry’s code. And my thoughts are…. why did they wait until the end of the episode to make me excited?

dextergif1 dextergif2 dextergif3 dextergif4

In a sneak peek at the next episode, Vogel says that Serial Killers are a gift and that she needs a favor from Dexter. I love that there will be someone new who knows what Dexter is, but after LaGuerta’s theories before her death, his sister being MIA, and the fact that he told Angel “she died because she wouldn’t leave things alone” about Maria, there are already a lot of fingers pointing at Dexter right now. Too many people know or at least suspect him to be much darker a person than they originally thought.

I would give this episode a 2.5 out of 5. It was pretty dull for a season premiere, but it did excite me for episodes to come.


Dexter: 7.03 – “Buck the System”

The beginning of this episode of Dexter was simply amazing. When Dexter is dropping a package off at the post office, he imagines slitting the throat of the woman behind the counter (we’ve all been there!). Later, he does the same to Masuka. Being constantly watched by Deb is smothering him to the point that he cannot fulfill his need to kill. Deb’s babysitting solution is clearly not going to work.

In regards to his ‘Louis Problem’ – Dexter sent the ‘Ice Truck Killer Prosthetic’ and a letter to the Miami Metro PD Forensics Department, which got Louis fired. He also sent Jamie a video of Louis getting a BJ from a hooker – Louis isn’t having the best day.

His solution is to drill holes in Dexter’s boat, resulting in the sinking of the Slice of Life. Unfortuately for Louis, the last place Victor’s GPS tracking system pinged was from the dock where Dex keeps said boat. This led Issac to the dock to find Louis, who lies and claims it is in fact his boat. That lie all but sealed his fate as the next person murdered on screen. Implausible set of circumstances? Maybe. Nevertheless, it led to Louis’ death, which felt like this was a very lazy kill-off, but may very well end up Mr. Morgan’s ultimate undoing. As Issac is less concerned with disposing of bodies than Dex is, Louis’ blood is all over the boat. Sure that won’t come into play later…Unable to suppress his urges, Dexter tells Deb about Speltzer, a guy who Dex is pretty sure will kill again, and is a perfect subject to be Dexter’s much needed release. Deb is disgusted at the thought of letting her brother continue killing. However, after everything Dexter says turns out to be true, another girl is dead and Speltzer gets away, Deb tells him that she now understands why this is a necessary evil. This is the only way they could continue the show for another season and a half, making Deb accept him, though she will likely still bring about his demise in the end. She does however set him free from her gaze as she allows him to move back to his own place. Baby steps…

In an amazingly surprising turn of events, Quinn is sleeping with a woman who is directly involved in the case, who told him that her boss wanted her to get close to him, and who is a stripper… yawn. Typical Quinn. Speaking of romantic interests though, Yvonne Strahovski was introduced! She will be helping out with an old case which she was involved in. A case where she fell for a serial killer… Now, Dexter has to get a swab of her saliva from her mouth, and it was honestly sexy. How did she make that sexy? She is magical!

Overall, this episode was slow. You would think that with the murder of an increasingly more important character, this would be a more memorable episode; alas, it was not. The death of Louis seemed like it was very forced, he tells the mob that the boat is Dexter’s, and gets shot. It is too easy, though it’s obvious they are using it to set something else up.

It seems like this episode is definitely setting up for the next episode. Nevertheless, 3.5/5 Grizzlies. The beginning was very well structured, and you could see the anguish in Dexter’s eyes as he tried to hold back from going all Dark Defender on everyone’s asses.

Dexter: 7.02 – “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl”

In true Dexter fashion, the latest episode, “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl began where the premiere of season 7 left off. The title comes from Dexter’s interaction with an inmate who decided to come clean about where some bodies were hidden, after many years. Since Dexter had to be on the scene, he inquired as to how he changed; how he got rid of his evilness, or his dark passenger. After a gruesome suicide of the inmate (he hurled himself in front of a moving semi truck) Dexter realized that he hadn’t changed, and just wanted some sunshine and the ice cream across the street before killing himself.

After Dexter had officially admitted to Deb that he is a serial killer, she had a very difficult decision to make; does she turn him in, or does she help him? As you know, Deb is a sucker for her big brother and offered to help him try to control his urges. Deb has taken on the duty of rehabilitating her serial killer brother.

Deb has blinded herself to the obvious red flags about her brother being a criminal in the past. She seems to be a great detective, yet she has been completely oblivious to all of the signs. As Deb structures this information in her head, she realizes that Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher. She also starts remembering other signs. If this wasn’t hard enough news for her to take, she learns that her hero father whom she has spent her entire life trying to please, even after his death, knew about Dexter’s true nature; and had actually trained Dexter.

Although she tries like hell, Deb cannot watch Dexter 100% of the time. I am not sure what is going to happen between Dexter and Louis; after this episode, Louis is clearly not scared of Dexter. Even though Louis must know many dark things about Dexter’s past, he doesn’t seem phased by what he knows. This leaves two possibilities: Louis doesn’t know just how dangerous Dexter is, or Louis sees himself as more dangerous than Dexter. I am curious to see what comes of this.

A fun little turn of events was that Dexter did not kill anyone, but we did see a gruesome death. A mob boss by the name of Isaac, played by Ray Stevenson, murdered a bouncer by stabbing him in the eye with a screwdriver! Holy shit! This was so quick and unexpected, that I got a little bit nauseous. That is how you know this was a good episode; if you feel a little bit sick at the end.

When Dexter told Deb that he’d already tried to quit before and it didn’t work, her response was something I hadn’t really considered before. We all assume that since Harry had to nurture Dexter’s urges and teach him how to use them in a more positive (uh…ish) way, that there was simply no way he could help himself. However, Deb tells Dexter that since their dad helped him to become this sick man, it might be solely because of that, that he cannot stop. Harry didn’t tell Dexter to stop killing; he told Dexter to be picky about his victims, how to clean up after himself, and how to avoid getting caught. He used his son’s illness as a means to get revenge on the criminals who slipped through the cracks in the judicial system. If Harry had tried to get Dexter help, who knows how he would have turned out? I do not think that as his age, Dexter can change his entire way of thinking… his need. I know that Deb wants to see the good in him, though.

This was a very fun episode for me to watch. Being a huge Dexter fan, and having re-watched every single episode of the show recently, I can honestly say that I am excited for what’s to come this season. I had lost a lot of hope before the premiere, because of the lazy and poorly written previous seasons, but this one seems different. Different is what Dexter needed, no? What makes the boring episodes so lackluster? Normalcy and monotony. Here, we are getting some of the missing pieces to the puzzle that is Dexter Morgan… and I like it.

4/5 Grizzlies!

Dexter Season 7: Showtime’s First Full Trailer!

Back in mid-July, during CCI, we showed you the first 2 minutes of the season 7 premiere (if you haven’t seen it, click here!). As if that two minutes wasn’t exciting enough, I bring you, friends of the internet, the first full trailer from Showtime!

This trailer could not have been better in any way! I have been excited about season 7. I knew that Deb has now seen Dexter kill someone. I was sure, though, that the rest would remain a secret. I was sure that she’d never find out who he really is. And now? I have no idea what is going to happen… and I love it! Also, they used one of my favorite songs of all time “Change” by Deftones. This trailer makes it seem like season 7 is going to be dark. Season 6 made me really miss Dexter’s dark passenger. It appears that they have brought him back.

CCI 2012: Sneak Peek at 2 Minutes of Dexter Season 7!

If you are anything like me, you are probably losing what’s left of your sanity awaiting the return of Dexter on Showtime. September 30th is taking forever to arrive! Well, my fellow serial-killer lovers, this should help you survive:

I have speculated many times what Deb’s reaction would be to finding Dexter, however, in none of my speculations did I ever consider the way Travis was strapped down in saran wrap might trigger a very negative reaction from Deb, who was strapped down the same way by her former fiance’/Dexter’s brother Brian. I have so many questions… and yet I feel somewhat more content after seeing this. At least I know for sure that they aren’t going to blow it off, and she does officially know he has killed…well… at least once.

Dexter season 7 premieres, of course, September 30th on Showtime.

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 11- “Talk to the Hand”

This episode begins with a frenzy of Miami Metro officers at the boat where wormwood is being prepared. They find Holly Benson’s body. When they find “Dooms Day Adam” on the boat dead (Dexter’s doing), Louis points out that he told Angel about him as a possible lead the day before. Quinn was supposed to go with Angel, but he was not answering his phone. Deb now figures that Batista has run into Travis (BINGO!).

Travis sent Beth (the wife of Dooms Day Adam) out to the Miami Metro Police Department. She is carrying a detonator with the poisonous gas in it, which will kill her, but also everyone in the building.


Travis was very close to shooting Angel when Quinn showed up armed. The house was on fire, but Batista got out okay. Travis got away. Showing up at that exact moment was the one thing that Quinn has done that was not a complete douchebag move. Also, I would like to mention that Quinn used to be attractive. Now… well… he looks like a floating turd.

As Beth sets the detonator off releasing the gas, Dexter was stalking Adam online. He noticed that he’d passed Beth in the waiting area and tackled her. He threw her into an empty room and held the door closed while Deb evacuated the building.

Dex left Harrison with Jamie and booked them a room at the Ritz, so that if Travis tries to find him. Homeland Security is now working with Miami Metro, so Dexter has time to try to get to Travis. Travis has apparently taken over some random couple’s home. They had an adorable kitty!

Deb has dinner with Deputy Chief Matthews after knowing that he was the john in the room when the call girl died. He explains that he really was there, and Deb agrees to let it go.

At this point in this episode, Deb is at her therapist’s office. Her therapist brings up something that I have thought since she first began talking to the shrink. The therapist mentioned that Deb talks about him a whole lot. Also that Deb might have more feelings about her brother than she is willing to admit. Deb gets pissed off and walks away.

Louis tells Dexter that he is thankful for his honesty about the video game he made. Dex blows him off, as he always does. The next thing we see is Louis packaging up the Ice Truck Killer prosthetic and making the label to Dexter Morgan. I called that shit.

Dexter sends Travis a video text which clearly showed the name of his boat “Slice of Life” in the background.

Deb confronts LaGuerta about how she knows Maria used her to get Matthews out of his office and to retirement. The next scene shows Deb dreaming about making out with Dexter. Awkward.

Dexter sees Travis on the boat and goes to attack him. Just as he does that, Dex gets a dizzy spell and a nose bleed… some of the side-effects from inhaling some of the poisonous gas. Travis injects the needle into Dexter’s arm and puts him on a boat. Travis lights the lake on fire along with Dexter’s boat. Somehow, Dex escapes and swims up to fresh air.

Talk to the Hand is one of the best episodes of this season. My heart is beating much too fast right now. I am shocked that Dexter didn’t immediately go to the ER knowing that he was going to have to chase down Travis. Also, the fact that he can usually tell when someone has a dark side, and is blowing off Louis, is interesting. Clearly, this Louis thing is not just for attention. The preview for the next episode shows Travis holding Harrison… did Louis help some way in that? I am so excited that I am actually a little dizzy.

This was a 5/5. The preview for next week looks like a 5/5 episode, also. I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

Here is a preview of next week’s episode: “This is the Way the World Ends“. (Thanks for getting Britney Spears stuck in my head!)

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