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Is Dredd 2 Ever Going To Happen? The Facts So Far.

Judge Dredd is a staple of the British comic industry. His exploits have been documented in a fantastic story arc, with Dredd getting older through each issue and his view points changing throughout the comic book series.

So it is not surprising that this wealth of Mega-City 1 history would eventually be mined for the big screen.

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Is Dredd Coming Back on NetFlix?

I am the law. 

One of the greatest travesties in recent geekdom was the financial failure of the 2012 release of Dredd. Written and produced by Alex Garland (Ex Machina), and starring Karl Urban (Star Trek) and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Dredd corrected all the major wrongs perpetrated by the 1995 Sylvester Stallone led Judge Dredd. The film, one of the best of 2012, is estimated to have cost a modest (for a comic book movie) $35-50 million to produce, and pulled back only about $13 million during its theatrical run in the US ($41 million worldwide). Now the movie did find life in the secondary market with Blu-ray and On Demand rentals, making another $18 million or so, but it wasn’t enough for the studio to greenlight a sequel.

Fast forward a few years to last week, when the internet was all abuzz about a possible Dredd revival in the form of a NetFlix series.

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Dredd Vs: A Brief History Of Judge Dredd Crossovers

Judge Dredd, the Lawman of the Future certainly gets himself into some scrapes in the pursuit of justice in Mega-City 1.

In his many years on the streets, he has fought a wide variety of foes including a future zombie version of himself, vampires, werewolves and even Santa, as well as the regular assortment of law breakers and perps. But some of his entanglements have definitely been odd, even for a guy who sees mutants and undead judges on a semi-regular basis. With the release of the new graphic novel Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens out October 21 (today), it seemed just the right time to look at who else in the fandom universe Dredd has had the pleasure to kick around with.

Judge Dredd / Batman (1991, 1993, 1995, 1998)


Recently collected into a trade paperback, these adventures have both Dredd and Batman turning up in numerous places (sometimes in Gotham, sometimes in Mega-City 1), having a tussle with someone (or each other) and then teaming up to solve a greater problem.

judge dredd batman 1In Judgment on Gotham, the duos’ first encounter used a dimensional portal to bring the two characters together. It works slightly better in this context because the Judge Dredd foes, The Dark Judges, used dimensional devices to first visit Mega-City 1, and Judge Death uses it here to go to Gotham City. Batman believes he has taken out the Judge and ends up accidentally transporting himself to Mega-City 1. After Judge Anderson clears up who Batman is, we get quite an adventure penned again by Wagner and Grant, with The Scarecrow and Judge Death teaming up to wreak havoc at a rock concert in Gotham. The Simon Bisley artwork really adds something special to the story and the way he draws Scarecrow and Judge Death makes them even more chilling than normal.

The second book in the series, Vendetta in Gotham, has a fun (if slightly filler feeling) script by John Wagner and Alan Grant that actually uses this notion of superhero team-ups having a punch first, talk later policy to its advantage. This is seen in a nice plot twist halfway through the story which I will not reveal here, but it comes off as refreshing change, just like the villains, The Ventriloquist and Scarface, who are rarely used in such a way in the comics. This is all supported by Cam Kennedy’s great artwork in the book.

judge dredd vs batman 4

The last two entries are The Ultimate Riddle which has The Riddler getting in on the action, and the story throwing Batman and Judge Dredd into a gladiator styled battle arena, while Die Laughing had The Joker rehashing Scarecrow’s scheme, going to Mega-City 1 to release The Dark Judges with Batman hot on their tails. They were both fun in their own way, with some great artwork by Glenn Fabry and Carl Critchlow. However the stories never had the impact that the first two Wagner/Grant stories had. A little bit of fun but nothing too exciting, maybe the series team up had reached its natural end.

pvjd1Judge Dredd vs Predator (1997)

Predator vs. Judge Dredd is a story with limited plot, but enough fun scenes to get it through. Basically it involves a Predator coming down to hunt the Judges, and Dredd has to get down and dirty to take him out. The book does stuff in some obvious links to the other films, mostly Psi Judge Schaefer, a relation of Dutch from the first Predator film. Then there is the scene where Schaefer drinks Predator blood to track him down which seems slightly silly but it mostly reads like a big action epic and is fun enough for that exact reason.

Judge Dredd vs Aliens (2003)

Judge Dredd has met a fair few alien creatures, some on vacation, some with mischief in mind and, in one instance, some used as muscle for the insane Chief Judge Cal in The Day the Law Died. So it was no great surprise that he would eventually tussle with both the Xenomorphs and Predators.

In Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: Incubus, John Wagner and Andy Diggle (writers) and Henry Flint (artist) do a great job at bringing the Aliens to Dredd’s world.  When the usual stomach problems cause a chest burster to emerge out of a perp, it is up to Judge Dredd to try and keep the Alien infestation under control before they get loose and start impregnating the citizens. This all extends out into a bigger plot line and the reasons behind the Aliens actually arriving on Mega-City 1 are satisfying once revealed. With scenes ranging from the hospital where the chest burster first appears at, into the bowels of The Halls of Justice where something sinister is afoot, it all amasses to a fun read.

judge dredd vs aliens 2

There are elements of each of the first movies here, with Dredd having his own Verminators helping him to solve problems very similar to the marine help Ripley had in Aliens. The lead up to the hospital scene has the suspense of the original Alien movie stamped all over it. The only downside is that Dredd seems pretty much invincible here, with even acid blooded Aliens not giving him too much stress. However, when he meets the Predator, he has to go into full Arnold Schwarzenegger mode to take it down.

Mars Attacks Judge Dredd (2013)

Dredd did not stop there with the extraterrestrials.  His next big meeting was in the IDW universe where he squared off against the Martians. In 2012, IDW started their own Judge Dredd comic, with a separate continuity, but by and large keeping with the general feel of the original UK comic books. Think ‘Ultimate Judge Dredd’ and you get the idea. IDW has recently become quite well-known for their lavish in-house crossovers. Infection 1 and 2 started the ball rolling, with zombies and Cthulhu-styled creatures appearing in comics published by IDW (Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, etc.). In 2013, their cross-over event was Mars Attacks, and while most comics had just one appearance in each of their issues, Dredd had his own mini-series involving the grotesque invaders.

judge dredd vs mars attacks

The plot is simple enough (a pattern we have seen before in these cross-overs with Dredd) with a search for a new mob leader that involves a former mob boss’ son turning up with some familiar looking aliens to back him up in his attempt to take over. Dredd gets roped into things when the sector house he is visiting is right in the middle of this mob takedown. Dredd, of course, then does his thing. Yet again there is not much story here, but what is on show works thanks to the Al Ewing story. Seeing these characters fight it out is lots of fun and the mix of violence and comedy flows together smoothly on the page, which was beautifully illustrated by John McCrea.

Judge Dredd vs. The Rest

judge dredd vs lobo

judge dredd vs lobo 2Even after the Dark Knight and Alien invaders making appearances with Dredd, there are still a handful of others left that may be of interest.  Judge Dredd vs. Lobo: Psycho Bikers vs. Mutants from Hell (1995) has Wagner and Grant reuniting for writing duties, with some explosive artwork from Val Semeiks tying it all together. Lobo meets Mean Machine and then Dredd has to get involved. You can pretty much guess the rest, as a lot of property damage gets done along the way! Great fun if you love Lobo as that sense of humor is spliced throughout this book, but Dredd fans may feel a little left out as sometimes it feels like the main man is running the show and he is just along for the ride. Still it’s a short read, so no harm.

The 2000 AD anniversary issues are like having a little homage to all of the characters past and present, with a few short pages dedicated to self-mockery of said characters. These stories are normally very self-aware and have a tendency to wink at the audience to let you in on the joke.  It is here in the 25th anniversary of the magazine,  a meeting takes place, which would have made a darn fine comic, with Judge Dredd meeting Marshal Law, the hero hunting anti-hero. Though it is only a page long, it makes you think that the two would have teamed up for future endeavors rather than having the usual fist fight.

judge dredd vs marshal law

Finally, there were two events that even the die-hard Dredd fans might have missed. One had him meeting with 1980s UK comedy performer Jeremy Beadle. whose wacky ‘caught on-camera’ pranks got the better of him in Mega-City 1, or when he appeared with Captain Britain, Dan Dare, Lenny Henry and Desperate Dan to celebrate the UK charity event Red Nose Day. That one is just plain strange!

So what is left for Dredd? Well there are plenty of superheroes out there for him to team up with (or against), but also with the numerous versions of Dredd out there now (the Stallone movie version, the Karl Urban movie version, the UK comic version and the IDW comic version) it would be nice to see a cross-universe shakeup involving all the versions of Dredd turning up. Only the future will tell for sure, but if it does happen you can be sure Grizzly Bomb will let you know. If we left out any of your favorite Judge Dredd meetings, let us know in the comments section or on our Facebook page!

Images: 2000 AD, Fleetway Publications, DC Entertainment,
Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Red Nose Day, Cartoon Aid. 

Dredd Sequel: Official Comic Book and Campaign for a Movie Follow Up!

Judge Dredd Magazine Prog 340 will feature a story that’s set directly after Dredd 3D. The story which is being billed as a sequel to the hugely entertaining movie (which starred Karl Urban as a pitch perfect Judge Dredd) will match with film’s visual design, continuity and characters.

What’s happening with that movie sequel we talked about though? Well, over on Facebook there has been a petition started to get one off of the ground. The petition is being supported by Judge Dredd licensees, 2000AD, and Rebellion who all fully back the project. An email was sent out to all 80,000 supporters of the project this week calling for a day of action next Wednesday. In order to show that there is a demand for more Dredd, the campaign is asking that you either buy a copy of the DVD or Blu-ray, if you already own one buy it for a friend, or watch the movie through an on demand service such as Netflix, which it is currently in the top 10 on!

The email that was sent to supporters contained the following information:

[box_light] Thank you – you’re one of more than 80,000 people have now signed the petition calling for a sequel to DREDD! The response to the petition has been just incredible and the endorsement of the owners of Judge Dredd, 2000 AD and Rebellion, has seen the numbers surpass everyone’s expectations.

But we still need your help!

On 18th September, we’re encouraging everyone to take part in a massive DREDD SEQUEL DAY OF ACTION – we’ve already made the money men who could get behind a sequel sit up and take notice by consistently keeping the DVD and Blu-Ray in the charts on Amazon and now on Netflix.

We’re asking everyone who’s signed the petition to come together next Wednesday and drive DREDD back up the charts – if everyone who’s signed the petition bought an extra DVD or Blu-Ray (either for themselves or as a present for a friend) or rented/bought it on iTunes and Netflix it will send the loudest signal yet that WE WANT MORE DREDD!

So spread the word that on Wednesday 18th September, you’re going to bring DREDD back into the public eye! Plus, it’s the day that the new comic book sequel comes out, with lots of media attention planned for this and the campaign.

Thanks to Rebellion for helping put this newsletter together – we’re also really pleased to reveal that the official T-shirt for the campaign is now available, so you can wear your support with pride!

So, you ready?

DON’T FORGET – if you unsubscribe from the petition your name will no longer appear in the list of those calling for a sequel!

Stay subscribed and you’ll get occasional updates about how the campaign is doing as well as any major news about a potential sequel – we promise we won’t spam you or pass your details on to any other company.

And don’t forget to encourage all your friends and family to sign up to at Dredd Sequel Campaign

Available to buy NOW – this is the only OFFICIAL ‘Make a DREDD sequel’ campaign T-shirt!

Available in multiple sizes, wear it and let everyone know you support the campaign!  [/box_light]

We’re huge fans of Dredd here at G-Bomb. It captured the essence of the character and had a basic, but effective storyline that really embedded us in the world Dredd inhabits. The changes made to the costume and designs were all solid, overall it was loyal the source material without being a carbon copy. Afterall, how the Hell can a man be so dexterous and athletic with a bloody eagle strapped to his shoulder?

Screen writer Alex Garland has spoken before at how he would like to expand and widen his take on Judge Dredd and Mega City One. Also, the thought of having Judge Death in a movie to me is exciting as Batman taking on Superman.

Dredd campaign

To sign up to the petition head over to the 200oAD site, and don’t forget to follow the campaign on Facebook too. Next Wednesday I will be watching Dredd on Netflix to show my support, make sure you do the same! I may even get a t-shirt.

Karl Urban Talks Possible ‘Dredd’ Sequel

Despite losing about $10 million at the box office, Dredd was one hell of a movie, and one of our favorites from last year. As awesome a flick as it was, because of the business side it’s been assumed that we would not get to see it bloom into a franchise, which is a shame. However star of the movie, Karl Urban seems to think that’s not written in stone:

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GB’s Top 12 Movies of 2012…

So, 2012 is long over and as a whole it wasn’t the strongest year for movies in memory (though certainly better than 2011 was). With the 85th Oscars coming up this Sunday, we thought we’d share with you our favorite movies of the year. What follows is a list of 12 movies from last year that Scott Fraser, Chris Tansuche, and I came up with after much debate and slap fighting. These are the films we feel most deserve your viewing time. Now these aren’t the ones we expect to dominate the awards season, but rather the stuff we found to be most enjoyable. As well made as Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln were, repeat viewings in the near future aren’t likely. This is a list of the films that we deem are worth consideration of your hard-earned DVD/BluRay purchasing dollar…

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Dredd 3D – 2 AM Text Review

My buddy Aaron is a bartender for a certain movie theater here in Michigan, and on occasion, the theater will have advanced employee screenings for movies the Wednesday night prior to the film’s release. These are his thoughts on DREDD…

Aaron: First of all, a drug that makes your brain thinks its moving at 1% of natural times gives a movie a chance for some pretty impressive camera work. – 1:40 AM

Aaron: Add in the fact that it’s 3D, even if it is just ok, makes it even more impressive. – 1:41 AM

Aaron: Great action, great acting by the leads (Urban, Thirlby, and Hedley), ehhhh acting by everyone else. – 1:43 AM

Aaron: Plot took some convincing with some of the attributes of the significant roles. I guess if it’s set in the future we’re supposed to believe anything. – 1:46 AM

Aaron: Go see see it. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 Dredds Boob count: kinda 2…? It was blurry and in the background and real quick. Coulda used some slo-mo. – 1:53 AM

Aaron: Now hook me up with a picture of me in a Dredd helmet! Halloween is coming and I need some motivation.  – 1:53 AM

Everything to Know About ‘Dredd’ for This Weekend

This maybe the entire collection of Dredd videos around, but I think most of you will really enjoy this information before you go out this weekend. Got Features on the gear used in Dredd, Slo mo filming, interviews with the cast and crew. Got the best trailers and clips I could find which will really get you hooked on Dredd. They also made a Prequel Motion comic which really helps to understand what happens in the film. So watch the videos down below and check out Dredd this weekend.

The Best of Dredd Features

This has a great selection of features on the film. The Gear one in particular is fascinating to anyone who is interested in how they made all of Dredd‘s stuff (No CGI) I really want the law master. Great look at how they used some really good camera tech, 4000 FPS Cameras which is amazingly fast. The Prequel Comic is the what happens to MA-MA before the events in the film and help to explain why she does what she does.

Dredd’s Gear

Dredd – From the People Who Made Him

Dredd 3D – How They Make Slo-Mo Scenes

Dredd 3D – Prequel Motion Comic

The Best Trailers

I really liked the first trailer that came out, and we had quite a bit of excitement over its release. The next trailer though is my favorite trailer around, got some great lines from Dredd and the music really works well, plus it is super action packed which demonstrates Dredd really well. And lets face it “Perps were uncooperative” is just really funny…

Dredd 3D Official Trailer #1

Dredd 3D Official Trailer #2

The Best Clips

I promise these are the last videos. We have the clip of Karl Urban saying the famous line “I am the Law” and does it rather well. Got that Red Band scene where people’s faces get shot up (Warning might be graphic). Lastly a scene which I think helps to understand Anderson, plus another deadpan line from Dredd.

Dredd – I am The Law

Dredd Red Band Slo-Mo Clip

Dredd – Peach Trees

Grizzly Review: Dredd 3D

Dredd 3D is fantastic and beautifully brutal from the visuals to the sound. This film clearly learned from past failures and started with a very simple plot that is hard to screw up, this being done with people who clearly knew the source material and from that knew that this was the best way to start a film about Judge Dredd. The only problems with this film is that it would need a more complex story out of the comics and an increased budget but apart from that I can’t find faults. So I would love to see a sequel which could easily fix the problems I found with this film and would love to see a Batman begins to the Dark Knight Style turn around. In other words it’s a great start.

The future America is an irradiated waste land. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC, lies Mega City One- a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets. The only force of order lies with the urban cops called “Judges” who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner. Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd (Karl Urban) is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge – a dangerous drug epidemic that has users of “Slo-Mo” experiencing reality at a fraction of its normal speed.

Just as always I will not be giving away any spoilers so you don’t have to worry about reading this review before seeing the film. To start off let’s talk about the acting. The acting was very good for the most part but in saying that there weren’t many situations that required it although the actors played the parts they were playing as the characters so I don’t have any faults in that area, but there would have to be more of the film to really tell. The main character Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) was really top-notch for portraying a comic book character in a real world environment, credit to him a great performance (the chin was particularly impressive).

I would like to see more characters to interact with in a sequel because that’s what is needed to get a better feel of Dredd. Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) was actually much better than I thought she would be and although not quite the same as the comic character she still gives the character justice (she kicks ass basically). Ma-Ma was an interesting character who I would have like to have seen more of but there is a prequel comic to the film which explains her back story which is free here if you would like to read that before seeing the film. Good strong female leads in this though which I like to see and the best is that it didn’t feel forced.

So let’s talk about something more fun like the visuals. The special effects, physical props and visual landscape shots where both excellent viewing and brilliantly immersive to the world that Judge Dredd lives in, very repressive and cramped with too many people in one place. The best thing I thought about this film’s visuals was that even though the budget was relatively low they didn’t use too much CGI but instead went for real props and building which means it didn’t feel cheap and felt more like a big budget film because of the detail put into everything from the judges uniforms to the blending of real world building and futuristic mega blocks.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the 3D but I am a bit biased because I tend to get used to the 3D effect within the first 10 minutes of films and find that it might as well be in 2D because of the length of a full movie, but if you like 3D there were some good 3D shots. I loved the Lawmaster chase scene and would really like to see more of the city itself in a sequel but I understand with the budget that’s the most they could do (I want a Lawmaster and the Lawgiver, screw it I just want to be a Judge). Oh and I should warn people that it’s really violent but insanely fun with brilliant music, the soundtrack with this film really worked well and it was massively adrenaline pumped from start to finish with no time for boring.

My favourite scene without giving anything away would be anything with Dredd kicking ass or maybe Mini gun bit, this doesn’t make sense really until you see the film but I won’t be ruining it for you so if you have seen the film then comment below and we can discuss. The Slow Mo scenes are good and the Deadpan acting of Urban is perfect.

Finally I would like to say that a sequel would be great to see and I would be sad if one didn’t get made. The possibilities are endless in the Dredd universe and could easily expand. I really liked the relationship between Judge Dredd and Cassandra Anderson because I got the feeling like it was kind of a buddy cop style connection with a rookie but because of her Psychic ability she is probably the only person who Dredd could have that partnership with, no romantic connection at all and there shouldn’t be, I actually think that would be the easiest way to ruin this film (or bring back rob Schneider). So go watch it because the film is a great viewing.

4.0 Grizzlies

CCI 2012: ‘Dredd’ – Early Reviews and Red Band Clips

Lionsgate delivered a preview of the film at the Comic-Con yesterday, and with that we have some early reviews from critics. The word is out that Dredd is apparently pretty good with most critics giving the preview positive reviews. Below I have picked some of the critic reviews so far which I am happy to say sounds promising. Also this motion poster which scared me a bit the first time I saw it.

Dredd Mini Reviews

Collider: DREDD was a super hard R and a lot better than I thought it would be. Again….super hard R. 3D was also great.

CraveOnline: DREDD is like an ’80s Paul Verhoeven sci-fi movie with gratuitous bloody violence. I loved it.

TotalFilm: The body count is high, the humor grim and the violence stylishly graphic.

AMC: Think I just saw the most violent movie I’ve ever seen in my life!

Slashfilm: DREDD is a lot of fun. A return to 80s action, The Raid meets Robocop on a mini scale. great use of high fps slow mo 3d. Gritty & violent

Alexbigman: #dredd screening at #sdcc blew my mind… Best Dystopian movie since District 9…Gritty & Ultra Violent..#dystopian #cyberpunk A+ MOVIE

Ericvespe: Dredd was a lot of fun. Super violent and Karl Urban never once takes off the Judge helmet.

Jordan Hoffman: On a pop fascist level DREDD makes STARSHIP TROOPERS look like BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN #SDCC

Johncampea: Think I just saw the most violent movie I’ve ever seen in my life! #Dredd

tricialeighCK: So DREDD is hands down the most violent film I’ve ever seen in my life.

firstshowing: Dredd 3D – Uh yea, that was awesome. Badass, loved it. Yes, the helmet never comes off. Liked it more than The Raid, a lot more, honestly.

Ethan Andreton: DREDD is brutal, bloody and a bad ass blast of old school action. I was skeptical and ended up being highly entertained.

JYwofreshSaw “Judge Dredd” it was amazing you won’t be let down go see it when it comes out in September 21!!!!!!

Empire Mini review

We’re delighted to say that it’s a solid, often excellent adaptation, and not at all Dreddful. (Sorry, had to do it.) Karl Urban is excellent as the grizzled gunslinger (and yes, the helmet stays on throughout, which will please fans of the comic no end), growling his lines like a man who’s just gritted his driveway using only his teeth, and the ultra-violence (which, in a way, may please fans while damaging its commercial chances) is presented stylishly. It has problems – it’s bound to suffer comparisons to The Raid, with which it shares a basic plot, but has little of the invention or pulsating pace of that movie’s fight scenes. It has a significantly smaller budget than the rest of this year’s comic book movie crop, and at times it shows. But it’s worth seeing for Urban alone, who erases any memories of the awful Sly Stallone vehicle from 1995.

Total Film Mini Review

Despite rumours of rifts during production, Garland and Travis have created a horribly gorgeous vision of dystopian future where monolithic housing towers are run by criminal gangs – and policing is undertaken by judge/jury/execution officers, Judges. Urban certainly has the downturned mouth and super-cool, gravelly delivery to pull off Dredd’s nonchalance but he’s aided by Garland’s smart, fast script, a relentless flow of Rorschach Test blood sprays from bone-shattering brutality, eye-poppingly beautiful 3D visuals and peppy banter with Thirlby. The body count is high, the humour grim and the violence stylishly graphic and reminiscent of Sin City (scenes involving a drug called Slo-Mo are visually intoxicating). 

There are many more I am sure but these are the only ones I can confirm watched the film at Comic-Con. So what we learn from these is that it’s a solid film with great action and a brilliant performance from its main cast, sounds very good. Second we know that it will be an R rated movie from comments such as ‘AMC: Think I just saw the most violent movie I’ve ever seen in my life!’ now from a film critic that is really saying something. Third is that people talking about comparisons between the raid which came out earlier this year have said that whilst the tower block and drug lord story has similarities they will stand apart in every other aspect of the film. That last part is sounding very promising.

Now enough about people talking, let’s watch Dredd shred bullets through people in the red band clip below:

What did you think of that clip? Those are very clever slow motion shots; I must admit that was beautiful shots coupled with brutal violence. Look at that jaw fly across the room like a candy wrapper caught in the wind. Dredd doesn’t seem to be in much of a mood for talking with what must be a lot of death sentences that I will be looking forward to in this film. But it wouldn’t be Dredd without them.

So finally what are your thoughts? Do you think it looks great? Can you not wait until the 21st September? Or are you still not impressed? (come on so many good reviews) Please comment below.

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