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Suicide Squad: New Images and Details From the Cast!

While everyone is waiting patiently for DC and Warner Bros’ epic second entry to the DC Extended Universe – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – we find ourselves gravitating more towards the follow up to that film.

David Ayers’ Suicide Squad has been intriguing fans and non-fans alike since it was first announced. As each new cast member and comic character was announced, we started to get an idea of the film, which is set to be a unique superhero experience. Eventually we got our first look at some behind the scenes images and the Comic-Con trailer. This trailer offered our first look at Jared Leto as Joker, and we haven’t really been talking about anything other than that since.

Over the last week we’ve seen Empire Magazine drop a few brand new covers, including yet another official image of Leto in full costume as the Joker. Empire has released four covers featuring four main characters from the film, including a collectors edition of the Joker cover.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron – Empire Magazine and Merchandise

With two trailers and several stills out so far, Avengers: Age of Ultron is gearing up for an explosive arrival at the summer 2015 box office. As media coverage continues to roll out for the franchise, British entertainment magazine Empire has revealed their the covers of their upcoming March issue, which heroically displays the entire cast, including newcomers Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Additionally, subscribers get a pretty menacing exclusive Ultron cover. I predict I’ll be a subscriber by this evening.

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More Prometheus Fun With Fassbender & Co.!


I led off with the video because it has to be seen so that we can start off with a chills going down your back when David (Fassbender/Magneto) describes his emotions and his probable ignorance of the Three Laws of Robotics when he explains that he can carry out tasks that might be “distressing” or “unethical” to his human counterparts. Regardless, this viral marketing has done it’s job that I am now starting to get afraid that the hype machine in about a month might raise expectations so high.

But in Ridley and Sci-Fi I trust.

You want more? Fine, I got more several more pics after the jump just so that you can get your fix for the week. Pics are via /Film and Empire Online and Gamma Squad.

Men In Black III: The New Trailer, Giant Catfish Included!

The new trailer for Men In Black III is out! The trailer includes a giant catfish fighting Will Smith, time travel, and Josh Brolan acting as a 29-year-old Tommy Lee Jones. That last one really made my day! Check it out:

In case you missed it, here is trailer #1:

Men In Black III will be Barry Sonnenfeld’s most potentially disastrous film of the series… at least that is what I gathered from an interview he did with Empire magazine. In this interview, he told Empire that they began filming MIB III with NO ENDING to the script! This, to me, screams professional as f–k. However, to his credit, the trailers look pretty impressive. The plot is also pretty unique.

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‘Empire’ Covers Reveal More of Bane and the Bat

Heyoooooooo! As if we all weren’t ready to eat our own faces in anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises footage playing before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  Empire Magazine was nice enough to give us a little look at their upcoming covers feature Mr. Bane himself and Bale’s Batman. Not a real big deal on the Batman one, but the Bane cover gives us a pretty good look at ‘the man who broke the bat’. I suppose I’m still pretty indifferent at this point about his look. The mask isn’t terribly ridiculous but it isn’t effin’ awesome either. I’ll reserve all judgments until I see it on screen. Not to mention his voice, which in the spy video from Heinz Field sounded like a stoned impersonation of Don Corleone from The Godfather.

And a bad impersonation at that. Oh well, I’ll still be seeing the movie come Hell, high water or terrible voices. Yes Mr. Bale I’m looking at you.