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New Trailer For Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

The new Tim Burton feature to debut this year is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children based on the best-best selling novel of the same name by Ransom Riggs. The story revolves around a place where “peculiar” children can be themselves, or rather a place where they don’t have to hid from their peculiarities. The trailer does a pretty good job explaining so check it out here:

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Penny Dreadful Teases Return to Haunt Your Television With New Trailer

When evil spreads, dread comes for us all.

If you haven’t yet seen it, Penny Dreadful started a bit slow, but has since proved itself to be very compelling genre television. The performances, beautiful costuming and sets, creepy atmosphere, and highly charged sexuality make for a potent potion. The show is a must for fans of Gothic literature. If you’ve already seen it, then you know all of this.

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Penny Dreadful: Season Two Trailer – When Lucifer Fell

In the first season of Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, horror fans were treated to familiar characters like Van Helsing, Victor Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, shown in the gothic settings of Victorian London. The melding of classic literary characters, and the strength of a cast that included Timothy Dalton (Hot Fuzz), Josh Hartnett (Sin City) and was headlined by Eva Green (Casino Royale), was enough to bring Showtime around 5 million viewers a week across all platforms. That’s rather respectable. Continue reading Penny Dreadful: Season Two Trailer – When Lucifer Fell

Everything You Need to Know About “Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For”

In 2005, two movies came out that forced me to the theater several times – and neither of them took place in a ‘galaxy far far away’. They were of course Batman Begins, which I saw four times and further solidified my love for Gary Oldman, and Sin City, which I attended three days in a row opening weekend.

As soon as the movie started with Josh Hartnett’s voice-over, I loved everything about it.  From the visuals, the way Marv flung people through windows, to Brittany Murphy’s 1940s style delivery and Jessica Alba as a stripper; it was entirely amazing. Rumors about a sequel started almost immediately after that and it seemed like we were in for a whole franchise. Flash forward seven years and things are just now moving forward and out of the rumor stage.

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James Bond Will Return in “Daniel Craig is Swimming in Money”

It looks like we’ll have to get used to a blond Bond for a little while longer. According to EmpireOnline and Deadline, Daniel Craig will be donning the tux and Walther PPK for the foreseeable future. Craig, James Bond since the fantastic 2006 Casino Royale, has signed on to be in at least two more 007 movies. This will take him into the 25th (official) film of the Ian Fleming character franchise. He will have done five Bond films by the end of his contract.

Sony Pictures also is involved in the deal with making the deal with the newly restructured MGM to co-produce the next couple of films. This is of no shock to no one because they definitely made a lot of money backing Daniel Craig as the spy since Casino Royale. Their plan is still to get a Bond film out every two years to capitalize on the money train they have been riding on since they had to wait for the new 007 film Skyfall for the last four years because Quantum of Solace arrived in theaters in late 2008.

This is a great decision of course. As much as Quantum of Solace blew open ass (Dr. Kronner and our group of friends almost got into a fight with a punk teen wearing a skullcap…probably would’ve been more entertaining in hindsight), Craig definitely offered a newer insight as the “blunt instrument” Bond, ready to take on all comers and still inhabit a dark side and brooding that would make Timothy Dalton jealous. Casino Royale remains a great “reboot” of the franchise and by the looks of it, Skyfall looks AMAZING. I am actually glad they took their time with this flick because Quantum felt rushed and lacked purpose. I hope the filmmakers took note of this. Of course, the cinematography in the trailer is just gorgeous and while that should be an obvious statement in a big budget flick, there seems to be a higher focus on the imagery that surrounds our favorite MI6 agent. Basically, I’m saying I’m geeked and Daniel Craig is able to jump back into the role and happy to see what other layers he can bring to James Bond. now that’s out-of-the-way, cue the Bond girls (including Eva Green for the Doc)!

Camelot Cancelled By Starz

Camelot left me and many others with mixed feelings. Was it a good show or wasn’t it? I enjoyed it more at the beginning and the end than I did in the middle where I thought the series started to falter. I was willing to forgive and forget the shortcomings of the first season and look on with eager eyes for season 2. After all they finally established the young Arthur as king in the now cleaned up Camelot, had him weilding Excalibur, and making an enemy of his sister who now carried his future nemesis Mordred inside her. Season 2 was supposed to be a ‘cut the pleasentries and get down to business’ season of a show that had plenty of potential, but now we’ll probably never know what might have been. Starz has reached the decision not to renew Camelot. Check out the announcement from IGN:

The only reason given for now? “Significant production challenges.” It looks like Starz might have, once again, run into the problem they faced with Party Down, where “scheduling conflicts with some of the actors were part of the problem for the Ireland-shot costume drama.” Which would probably mean that Starz neglected to lock these guys into a save-the-date contract.

While we’re not sure which actor or actors had the conflict, it had to be one of the key roles. It’s possible that it’s star Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Arthur, as he just recently signed to star in The Mortal Instruments.

Man if it’s just a case of Jamie Campbell Bower having other obligations then by all means replace that turd with a new leading man. Hell, they’re doing that with Spartacus already albeit under different circumstances: Those being that Andy Whitfield has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. But at least I loved Andy Whitfield as the main character, with Bower I could care less if they replaced him. So now there are maybe a couple possibilities vague though they may be. The first is that another network picks up the show and the second being that Starz decides to pick the series up down the road sometime. As for another network picking up Camelot, we’ve seen how that theory has panned out with other canceled shows.

So what does everyone think of this news? Are you sitting there crying for Camelot, or are you like me just biding time until Game of Thrones Season 2 comes out? I know the main thing I’ll miss is Eva Green…

Camelot Review – Episode 10 ‘Reckoning’

The Camelot finale is here finally, and I have to admit, after being disappointed with the last few episodes of the show before The Battle of Bardon Pass, this one paid off. A lot of things were tied up and there was a good set up for next season.


As you may or may not know in the last episode, Arthur told his men to leave Bardon’s Pass and that he would hold it himself. The men agree, because let’s face it… Arthur is a wife stealing turd eater. Gawain tries to stay of course due to his promise to Merlin. What ensues with Arthur protecting Bardon’s Pass can only be likened to Home Alone, with men falling on trip wires onto stakes, and paint cans flying from atop stair ways into the enemy soldiers’ faces. Well not paint cans, but rocks tied to boards and shit like that. He holds his own for quite some time, but Excalibur is taken from him by one of Morgan’s men and delivered to her. Little does she know that Arthur escaped and pushed them back once again.

While Arthur is making his last stand, Morgan is hard at work turning the people of the realm against Merlin and Igraine, and taking Camelot away from her brother. When she receives Excalibur from her men, Morgan believes she has won, and presents it to the people. They then question who would rule now with Arthur gone. Morgan’s little nunnery buddy Sybil suggests that Morgan be the one and the people in the throne room agree, Morgan prepares for her coronation.

Arthur in the meantime is pulling a ‘medieval Jack Bauer’ on one of Morgan’s men that he captured during their unsuccessful raid, cutting his face up, and threatening to poke his eyeball out before he cracks and spills the beans. Arthur now knows that Morgan is behind the whole debacle at Bardon Pass.

It’s the patented ‘Jack Bauer Crazy Eye’…

The next morning Arthur makes what should be his last stand against Morgan’s men, and he does admirably even though he’s certainly doomed. And then (predictably) out of nowhere Leontes and the others show up to save the day. But in another predictable turn of events, as Arthur and his knights celebrate, Morgan’s Knight ‘Sir Jack Meoff’ attempts to shoot Arthur with an arrow. Leontes shows his true loyalty and honor by jumping in the way and taking the arrow through the chest for the man who boinked his wife.

As he dies he tells Arthur to take care of Guinevere in so many words. Sir Jack Meoff gets completely destroyed by Gawain with a mid air sword blow and two more after that. Suck it!

Before Morgan heads down to her coronation she fatally stabs Igraine, showing how evil and twisted her character is. I actually liked Igraine a lot, and I’m really bummed that Claire Forlani won’t be on the show anymore.

“SHEEEEEE-IT!” (Any THE WIRE fans out there?)

She definitely got the last laugh though by telling her killer that it was her who saved Morgan by sending her to the nunnery as a child, and even though Morgan refuses to believe it, you know she’ll be haunted by it forever. Arthur interrupts the coronation of Morgan with a slow clap. You gotta love the slow clap, it’s how I interrupt every event that I think is a complete farce too.

After Morgan’s treachery is revealed Sybil actually steps in and takes the blame for everything that has happened, including Igraine’s death afterward. Pretty ballsy on her part. I couldn’t figure out why she looked so disappointed when Morgan said she knew nothing about it though. Sybil’s execution was pretty grim, with only herself, her executioner Gawain and an empty grave.

Merlin watched in the distance, eerily stating “There is no God” as Sybil gets beheaded. I was satisfied with the ending to her character, because I honestly couldn’t stand her, but her endgame and main motives are still unclear to me.


It isn’t the last we see of Sybil though: After Arthur strips Morgan of the Pendragon name and removes her castle from beneath his protection, Morgan asks Sybil for help at her grave and Sybil whispers in the wind about needing to give birth to a royal heir. Hmmmm….

The next scene involved Arthur, Guinevere and some major sex. I found myself hating the two characters even more during this scene, thinking how Leontes hasn’t even been in the ground that long and they’re just ready to move along! But then after Arthur is asleep and Guinevere’s nose starts to bleed you can see where this is going. After leaving the room we see that Morgan has shape shifted into Guinevere to become pregnant by Arthur. Sick-En-Ing! We’ll sure see Morgan le Fay by next season, and maybe little Mordred will be born by then. HOOOOOOO BOY!

Overall I give this episode a 4.5 out of 5 bears, if only for how much predictability was flying all over the place, but the execution was great and I was really caught off guard by the killing of Igraine.

I hope that now all of the set up and love triangle garbage is out of the way so we can focus on better things in the next season. I loved Camelot at the start and then it sort of sagged in the middle, but got back to greatness at the end. I have some high hopes for Season 2 and with any luck Starz will deliver!

Camelot Review: Episode 9 – “The Battle of Bardon Pass”

If you’ve missed any other episodes, hit it HERE.

So the 9th episode of Camelot focuses on 2 major things:
1. Morgan’s capture and impersonation of Igraine
2. The Arthur/Guinevere/Leontes Love Triangle

So first, as we saw in Episode 8, Igraine has escaped Castle Pendragon and made her way back to Camelot only to be confronted by…herself. That’s where we pick up in 9. Igraine thinking herself crazy retreats to her room to find Merlin still in her bed from his night with her Morgan. She blubbers coherently enough that Merlin figures out what has happened and they almost immediately set out for Pendragon to confront Morgan. Alone and unarmed. Again. For the extreme badass that Merlin is supposed to be, he sure doesn’t show it much…

As Merlina and Igraine are preparing to leave, Leontes confronts Guinevere about her relationship with the King. She initially denys it, but quickly folds like a the cheap thin metal they used on my new grill…

“You’re not my wife. You’re the King’s whore.”

While all the melodrama is going on in Camelot, Bardon Pass, the main trade post of the kingdom is under attack and Arthur’s guards there are killed. So as Merlin and Igraine head to Pendragon, Arthur, Leontes, and the others head to the Pass.

By this time Morgan is back at her own Castle and it’s clear that the attack on the Pass is of her doing, and lead by her peeping Tom from a few weeks back. As she arrives she is met by the mysterious Nun, whose motivations to this point are still completely shrouded, and the two discuss Igraine’s escape and how no one will believe the weak-minded Queen.

 As her men continue attacks all over the lands, more and more villagers flock to Morgan for the protection Arthur isn’t providing. She goes on the convince the stupid frightened people that Arthur is being mislead by Merlin and that he’s not to blame for the troubles of the land, begging that they put their faith in her.

Now, when Merlin and Igraine show up to confront her, the deck is already staked against her. The many people seeking refuge within the castle walls see Merlin as a liar, and are convinced of Morgan’s innocence.

Merlin enters quite boisterously and makes grader claims that many in the crowd do not understand. Morgan emerges from within Castle Pendragon’s walls with a smirk on her face that only further proves this too is part of her plan.

Merlin and Igraine are quickly branded as traitorous and bat-shit crazy. Respectively. They are then taken into custody as Morgan announces plans to March them back to Camelot and reunite with her brother. Except what no one knows it that she have already given her men orders to kill Arthur in the Battle at Bardon Pass. Thus ensuring the crown will fall upon her head in his demise. Pretty clever.

Merlin has legitimate questions as to the endgame played by the Nun, but they aren’t questions we’ll yet have answered. This is about the time the stupidity of the writing once again takes grasp. They’re need to constantly inject Guinevere into every situation has become bothersome. So when she came galloping into the battle to bring Leontes his bible, I was hoping she’d catch an arrow…

Of cousre she doesn’t get shot, but she does fall off of her horse, causing Leontes and Arthur to play a quick round of “Who can get Shot Quickest” as they rush out in a hail of falling arrows to save her. Unfortunately, Morgan’s men can’t shoot any better than the Vietnamese in Rambo II, so unbelievably, no one gets hit here.

This does once again prove though how stupid Arthur is. If he dies, all is lost. Guy really doesn’t deserve to be King at this point…

Ol’ Arttie decides now would be a good time to tell the troops how he betrayed his Champion and that’s he’s basically a dick and all. His brother Kay disowns him and then, as the full blown battle begins, is promptly shot with an arrow. Not however before Morgan’s troops shoot the only Black knight, dudes were totally racist…

Arthur’s men however are well trained enough to push back the attacking horde and hold their ground. This leads to Arthur’s next stupid selfless act – he orders that everyone retreat out the back of the pass, unseen by the enemy, to get help for Kay and Gwen, since she bumped her head and all. Arthur will stay at the pass, alone, and distract the opposing forces for as long as he can. Then, everyone actually leaves. Really?

So Guinevere’s decision to jump into the battle is now gonna cost them the Bardon Pass. Hey, G, thanks for stopping by!

So this episode was mostly setup for the impending 10th episode and season finale. I give it a 3 of 5.