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Marvel Schedules ‘Ant Man And The Wasp’ & 3 Mystery Films

We haven’t heard too much film news from Marvel Studios lately besides constant rumors and discussions revolving around Captain America: Civil War. So when they announced even more movies to their upcoming slate of films it came with a feeling of “about damn time.”

They opened thier wave of announcements by first confirming we will be seeing an Ant-Man sequel in 2018. With the success of what most were predicting to be Marvel’s first flop, there was no doubt we would eventually see a sequel, but the announced title for the sequel is very interesting.

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“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” Teaser Trailer Has Arrived!

Finally the teaser trailer for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is out! Set to run before Man of Steel in theaters this week, the next chapter of the Hobbit trilogy is available now online. The story continues as the company of Thorin Oakenshield continues their quest to reclaim their homeland of Erabor from the menace of Smaug the dragon. Along the way the company will encounter not only the wood elves who Thorin believes betrayed him during the fall of Erabor but the men of Laketown as well as they near the Lonely Mountain. And lets not forget the pale Orc Azog is still hot on their trail. Check out all of the action in the trailer below

Lots of exciting stuff going on, whether it’s from the book itself or added in for the movie. The movie looks just as gorgeous and eye popping as the first one, which also featured a good amount added to the film. We get to see more Elves, including Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel and the return of everyone’s favorite pointy-eared archer, Legolas! There’s also a quick glimpse of Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman and more of Bilbo and company, but honestly, let’s get to the elephant in the room… or dragon, as it were.

“I… Am…. Kahn! Err… Smaug!”

Smaug the Terrible doesn’t look very terrible, visually. He actually looks breathtakingly awesome in the last seconds of the trailer as he finds our lead Hobbit in his treasure horde. I was surprised they show Smaug in his full glory onscreen instead of saving it as a surprise for when the movie is released. At this point the extra bonus will be hearing Smaug speak in the voice of actor Benedict Cumberbatch. I doubt they really could have hired a better actor for the role of the ancient and angry dragon. Cumberbatch has a very baritone and intimidating voice more than equipped for the likes of Smaug. Did you hear this guy in Star Trek: Into Darkness? I’ll walk over your cold corpses?! Can’t wait till December!

"Who you calling pointy-eared?"
“Who you calling pointy-eared?”

What did everyone think of the trailer, and Smaug in particular? Sound off in the comments section below!

New Trailer: Real Steel

If I thought that Real Steel looked pretty horrible before, paint me excited after this latest trailer release. It revealed a little more story and more importantly a lot more robots beating the crap out of each other. And all these robots do is beat the crap out of each other, not like the Transformers who talk then fight and then talk some more. The scenes we see in here are total robot slug-fests, and they look sweet.

The movie stars Hugh Jackman as a retired ex-boxer in a world where the fights now happen between robots in the ring. I know if that happened right now I’d love that a lot more than watching these crappy boxing matches we are served nowadays and I absolutely refuse to get into UFC. The movie also stars Evangeline Lilly whom I haven’t seen a trace of since Lost, so that’s a plus. There is also child actor, Dakota Goyo, who is not the typical annoying variety of child actor. He also has one small part from a recent hit under his belt in the form of Thor, where he played the young version of the God of Thunder himself. But enough of my babbling, check out the trailer:

I’ll be there in October to see how this movie pans out. I’ve always enjoyed Hugh Jackman, even when he was in a movie that destroyed Wolverine for me, but he’ll have the chance to turn it around in the sequel. Real Steel will have to hold us over until then.