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Review of E4′s Misfits: Episode 4.07

So here we are again with the lovable rogues that now comprise the Misfits crew. This week Alex and Jess had some hiccups regarding their new relationship, mainly because he has lady parts downstairs. Rudy is so obsessed with the woman he met at the party he can think of nothing else and for the first time has experienced love. After new girl Abbey is found drunk (again) in the probation locker rooms, Finn covers for her. To save him from getting a beating from angry Greg, she pretends to be a new community service worker. While seeing a single mum in the toilets who is having second thoughts about the child inside of her, Abbey finds the mum had a power and has transferred her unborn baby into Abbey, who decides to keep it. However, after a heartfelt plea from the mother, she agrees to give the baby back. Jess tells Rudy about Alex’s condition and as can be expected from Rudy he tells everyone, really ticking off Alex. Rudy sees his mystery woman again and finds out she is a nun. Alex finally finds out the woman who stole his penis and goes after her with a gun. The crew track Alex to a night club where they are ready to help, but get so distracted by Greg who is on stage singing an amazing rendition of The Power of Love, that it is left up to Jess to find Alex. Alex breaks down in front of his penis snatcher and she is so gutted by what she has done she gives him it back. Alex and Jess finally get it on, but it was not really the romantic night she was expecting.

With this new series of Misfits, it seems that the writers are having trouble giving the new members of the group decent introductions. Finn and Jess had an average intro to the group, while Alex was introduced in the bar and has done little since. With Abbey, her main episode introduction here (yes I am aware she was in last week’s episode, but as she was unconscious through most of it I am not counting it) is to carry a blooming baby about and even gave her the very cliched “oh I have amnesia” character trait which reeks of laziness. This really annoyed me because out of all the new cast members, she is the most interesting by far. Her attitude is fantastic and I love the fact she just breezes through each episode, never really shocked about anything and pretty much always has that slightly droopy drunk look on her face! The fact she is now on probation because she pretended to be on probation is a pretty lousy way of getting her to stay in the group but it is not any worse than what has happened to her so far. She tries her best with this stinker of a plot point and I am hoping she has a better role in the future, as I really think she will make a great edition to the team.

misfits 4 ep 7 abbey

Jess and Alex float around this episode like a bad smell. This was meant to be their episode, a powerful hitting episode about love without male parts and the effect that has on a man. It tried to be but it just came off as a filler episode. I still think Alex is dull as dish water as a character and poor Jess just mopes along after him like a love sick puppy. Alex’s speech at the end was his only shining moment in this episode and it is one of the best pieces he has had to perform all series. More scenes like this would be well received. Their love making scene makes Alex seem like a jerk. Who wants to check out their own booty while they are in bed! Jess looked less than impressed too. I am wondering if now he has his dick back he is going to act like a…well…a dick I guess! At least this would make him interesting.

Finn does nothing this episode aside from mope about over how he has no chance with Jess. He is just there as nothing ground breaking happens to him, but he does not come off as annoying either. Rudy’s love angle however is a different story. I am guessing the writers are wanting to expand his character a little more and he does look cute when he is trying to court someone rather than sleeping with them. Next episode focuses more on the history of his love interest and as she has very few scenes here, I will look at the character next week. The problem with the new love angle is it makes Rudy a bit dull. The reason I love him as a character is he is a sex mad simpleton. Rudy 2 is the heart and more thoughtful one and I like how they both interact together. Rudy, however, now acts like a mix of both of them and it does not gel at all. Rudy 2 does finally make an appearance in this episode, but it was so short they might as well not bothered.


With everybody moaning in this episode (and ironically me moaning about them moaning) was there any fun to be had? Not really. The thing is the episode as I mentioned before felt like a filler piece for a bigger episode. But it was also very dull. People aimlessly wandering about moaning or in Abbeys case trying to make a very clichéd story work is not my idea of fun. But at least someone uses their powers in this episode. For some reason this series seems to have had very little power use by the Misfit group. I do not know if this is because their powers are rubbish or just because building the story lines up is more important. It would have added a bit of excitement though. There was one saving grace in this episode however. When they hit the nightclub Greg starts to sing at the karaoke bar and man, he is a great singer. Much like the Misfit crew who stood there transfixed by this amazing mans vocals, I looked on in delight as well. It was mainly used as a joke on his gruff character, who is obviously not as gruff as we think. The joke fell completely flat, but his singing will ring in my ears for years to come. For some reason the last ten minutes of the episode really picks up (Greg’s singing is a big part of this), with great acting and very funny scenes. It is a shame they made us wait so long for it. Really below average story telling which without Greg’s singing would have sent me off to snooze land.

grizzly rating 2of5

Review of E4′s Misfits: Episode 4.06

Here we are back again with the brand new Misfits crew. In this episode Rudy is taking the group to a massive mash up at his friends flat. They eventually get there (after accidentally crashing a wake) and find out they all have numbers written on their heads. These numbers represent how many sexual partners they have had. Jess has 2 written on her head and really wants to know why Alex has 46 on his. Finn only has 1 but he really does not mind (or so he keeps saying). Rudy is well chuffed with his 99 and tries to find that lady to be his magical 100. While Jess and Alex flirt away, Rudy’s drugged up friend and host of the party turns up warning everyone of the white rabbit.

Turns out he was hit by the storm and when he drops acid, his hallucinations become very real. In this case it is a murderer with a rabbit’s head who swings a mean golf club. Finn and Rudy try to pull at the wake to make Finn feel better when Jess goes off with Alex. Finn manages to hit the big number 2, while Rudy meets the love of his life, who then runs off. Jess legs it from Alex after once again being shot down. She is kidnapped by the rabbit and taken into the basement. Abbey, a woman Finn and Rudy found passed out in the corridor and helped out, finds the rabbit and the crew go to the basement and take care of business. Alex finally tells Jess what is wrong. He has had his willy stolen by a transgender and replaced with a vajajay. Obviously the thief had a power and wanted it for her/his operation. This actually brings him closer to Jess.

misfits 4 ep 6 review rave

So he did have his penis stolen after all! What a guess. Finally Misfits is back on form. After numerous so-so episodes including some quite bad ones, and one really good episode this one blows everything out of the water. Everything in this episode works. The numbers on the heads is a great plot device as it shows Finn’s and Jess’s insecurities to do with sex which they have to confront in this episode. I am still not sure what caused the numbers just to appear on their heads though, unless I missed something it seemed to be caused by a power of some kind [Ed. Note – It was the guy they passed in the hall on the way to the party]. It’s not really important though, and does not stop the flow of the episode.

Also the rave setting makes the whole thing slightly uncomfortable, taking them out of their comfort zone in the community center. It works to create some great tension, when you go from the noisy and emotionally charged atmosphere of the rave, to the very mundane and restrained wake, to The Shining-esque hallways where the rabbit strikes. It all balances perfectly well and makes this quite a tense, but funny episode.

For once I actually felt the emotion of the characters, with Finn’s sadness about being ditched coming across really well. makes you actually start to feel for his character. You do feel sorry for the poor lad, like you just want to give him a big hug and tell him it is all good! Alex and Jess finally start bouncing off each other, and their nervous sexual energy ramps up the episodes tension. Rudy is Rudy (awesome) but even he gets a chance to play a more varied character with his possible new love interest.

New girl Abbey comes off surprisingly well in this episode. She can down her booze and seems to have a very laid back attitude towards life. Even killing a killer rabbit does not shock her, a woman that has obviously seen everything. I kind of liked her and I am looking forward to seeing more of her in the future. She has a great presence and I think she would bounce off Rudy quite well. Now we move to the killer rabbit.

When you talk about it, it does not sound scary at all, in fact it sounds stupid. But the episode does a superb job of showing this creature as a force to be reckoned with. It is slightly unnerving to see the weird mix of golf club, hitman/psycho, and rabbit. He is not used too much so he still has that power when he hits the screen. It was a good idea to just reign him back, because as fun as he is this is an episode all about uncomfortable meetings between the characters and it all comes together nicely. It could just be me but I have never felt comfortable at raves and night clubs so I shared Finn’s uncomfortable feelings and his loneliness.

Very well written and acted by all involved and such a great mix of everything. Next week is another Rudy only episode so I think it is onwards and upwards with the series now. Fingers crossed that Rudy 2 makes a come back in next weeks episode, because it seems like a long time since he has been in an episode and for me personally he is one of my favorite characters. Come back Rudy 2, there is a Curly Wurly in it for you if you do! All in all, this was a great episode and gets 4.5 Grizzlies.

misfits s6 ep 4 rabbit
“You got a problem with that?”


Review of E4′s Misfits: Episode 4.05

Some stuff went down in this episode let’s not waste time and dive in and get to the bottom of it then analyze, shall we?

Finn is on a quest to find out who his real father is, but when he does find out, he is in for a shock. Seems Finns real dad is dying of cancer and does not have long left to live. He also finds out he has a step sister called Grace who has been looking after their dad. While these three reconnect with each other, Jess once again meets Alex and they finally manage to go out on that drink. While out walking, Finn and Grace both see Alex and decide to follow him, which leads to a some what shady meeting with a strange man in an underground car park. Finn automatically assumes this means Alex is gay and goes out of his way to let Jess know, even confronting her in the local bars toilets to show her photographic evidence. When confronted with this, Alex takes Jess back to his flat and they make out but never actually have sex. Alex wants to take it slow. Finn has taken Grace away from the house for a bit, because her father wants to die. This is all because Grace has the power to heal and has been using it on her father to keep him alive. It does not, however, cure the cancer. It just stops him from dying from it and he has had enough. Finn and Grace both get back to the house in the early morning and Finn has to fight his own sister to stop her bringing their father back. She sees that she has to let him go and they both sit by his bed as he passes on. Alex looks into an envelope that he was given in the mentioned shady meeting. It has a photo of a man in it. He confronts the man and asks the man to show him his man parts.

misfits series 4 episode 5 alex

The spotlight is on Finn in this episode. It is almost like they know he is the weakest character and the writing team are trying their hardiest to give him more depth. It is hard to say but I think it is working. He is always going to struggle to gain audience acceptance because Rudy is such a strong male lead. It is hard to battle against that. In this episode, he does have some nice moments but nothing that ever really blows you away. His nerd-like persona is at an impasse at the moment. Sometimes it is incredibly funny, while other times it grates on you. In this episode, I would say it is a 50/50 split. The introduction of his sister may work for him though, depending how she is used in future storylines. With an extra character in the mix and some one to care for, he may emerge as a more interesting character. Or if Grace is too overpowering as a character, he may get lost in the shuffle. At the moment, they balance each other out quite nicely.

misfits series 4 episode 2

Jess and Alex slowly start their relationship together and to be honest I have no interest whatsoever. It all seems a bit dull, even with the mystery behind Alex as a character. Alex has a big episode up next week which should hopefully explain a lot of things, but at the moment I am really not connecting with him at all. In fact, his interactions with Jess make her seem a bit dull as well. The twist at the end of the episode involving wanting to look at the man’s willy, well that could be anything. Myself and my fiancé have a bet on at the moment on what the problem is. I believe he has had his penis stolen in some way (that pesky storm again!), while she believes he has a kind of monster penis that attacks people. Watch this space to see if we were even remotely right! Greg is hilarious in this episode and it seems that the intense anger is just for comic relief as he has two stand out scenes here, one in the grief counseling and another talking about when his dad died. Rudy as always is amazing, but he has very little to do in this episode.

misfits series 4 episode 5 greg

Because of the serious and intense nature of the last episode, this one is more restrained and personal. I guess that is what the episode was going for. It was hard to sympathize with Finn because his emotional range was not great in this episode. It was also hard to relate to the dying man and Grace, because we have only just been introduced to them and so have no real emotional attachment to any of them. It was a great episode for showing the pain cancer can cause, and having friends who have died from this I thought it would have affected me more than it did. Maybe I am just too heartless! Grace, however, was interesting and could be a wild card in this series. If she is used a lot in the series then it could make the show a little more extreme than it actually has been at the moment. Since she is a healer, anyone can get messed up and she could bring them back. We will have to see because we just may never see her again. As a character she is okay and that pretty much sums up this episode.

misfits series 4 episode 5 grace

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Review of E4′s ‘Misfits’: Episode 4.04

Massive SPOILERS. You have been warned.

First let’s do the recap. Lola finally shows her true colors, she is indeed a femme fatale who uses men and discards them after she has had her fun, normally with fatal consequences for the said males she has in her thrall. She misleads Curtis to think her ex has attacked her and he goes on a rampage to find this man and make him pay. Rudy and Finn have living difficulties, when Rudy’s sexual conquests get in the way of Finn courting Jess. While this is happening Curtis finds Lola’s ex and accidentally kills him.

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