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He’s Back! Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Last Stand’

Wow…has it really been 9 years since his last leading role in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – oh right, yeah that’s whySeriously I think I speak for all of us when I say he needs to come back and kick ass. This new acting chapter should be fun to see, and we know there is more of him to come in the next few years (please be good). Will he be the same action icon with one liners or something more serious? I would like to see something more serious, but I also don’t want him to lose his personality (Batman and Robin was too far). The picture below shows the main characters in his latest film – Last Stand. This is director Kim Ji-Woon‘s first American film.

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Big Love: Series Finale (Spoilers…like, major ones)

HBO ended the fifth and final season of Big Love on Sunday. The hit show about a family of fundamentalist Mormons in Utah. What drew interest of course, was the polygamy angle of the show. This was a great show with several villains and white knights. Filled with unusual murders throughout the series, and both funny and serious twists and turns these five seasons. I especially enjoyed actors like Harry Dean Stanton who played an excellent role as “The (self) Chosen One” of Juniper Creek. And though the Big Love‘s biggest star was Bill Paxton, in reality, the series was always more about the wives. That didn’t change in the finale.

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