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New Trailer: Real Steel

If I thought that Real Steel looked pretty horrible before, paint me excited after this latest trailer release. It revealed a little more story and more importantly a lot more robots beating the crap out of each other. And all these robots do is beat the crap out of each other, not like the Transformers who talk then fight and then talk some more. The scenes we see in here are total robot slug-fests, and they look sweet.

The movie stars Hugh Jackman as a retired ex-boxer in a world where the fights now happen between robots in the ring. I know if that happened right now I’d love that a lot more than watching these crappy boxing matches we are served nowadays and I absolutely refuse to get into UFC. The movie also stars Evangeline Lilly whom I haven’t seen a trace of since Lost, so that’s a plus. There is also child actor, Dakota Goyo, who is not the typical annoying variety of child actor. He also has one small part from a recent hit under his belt in the form of Thor, where he played the young version of the God of Thunder himself. But enough of my babbling, check out the trailer:

I’ll be there in October to see how this movie pans out. I’ve always enjoyed Hugh Jackman, even when he was in a movie that destroyed Wolverine for me, but he’ll have the chance to turn it around in the sequel. Real Steel will have to hold us over until then.