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No Redeeming Qualities: Pope Benedict Vs. Darth Vader

Grizzly Bomb is proud to continue our partnership with the  No Redeeming Qualities Podcast! So now Bob and Zipp are in their pre-New Year’s Eve mode and talking about the college football playoffs (Go Spartans!), the best and worst moments of 2015, and how many feet of meat Bob can choke down his gullet.

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Great Hera! CW Passes On ‘Amazon’, But Wonder Woman Might Still Have a Chance

Poor Diana, at first blush it seems like she just can’t catch a break.

After the fiasco that was the NBC attempt at a Wonder Woman show, it looked as if the CW, who has had success with comic book based television, was all set to put their own pilot, Amazon, to production this summer with a premiere this fall. Sadly, that is no longer the case.

However, all hope is not lost because it appears as if they are only sending it back to the screenwriter, Allan Heinberg, in hopes to make it stronger because they are of the belief that it could be another hit, much like Smallville and this year’s Arrow. When they first started looking at casting the show (under the super secret code name Isis), Heinberg had not yet finished the script. I’m sure they could have gone forward with the pilot as it was, but in the interest of creating yet another possibly long running show, they decided to put it off until it is more polished. This is actually really good news.

[box_light]Getting another DC drama on the air has been important for the CW, especially in light of the success of Arrow this season, so Amazon remains a high priority at the network, sources say.

via Deadline[/box_light]

As of now it looks like Amazon will premiere either in the mid-season, so January of 2014, or in the next pilot season which would be fall of 2014.


If you’ve been playing along at home, you will realize that there is a possibility of shows about Green Arrow, Booster Gold, and Wonder Woman on television at the same time. This might be the definition of heaven. So geeks, let’s all gather together and offer up a toast to the success of The Avengers, without whom, we might not have this moment. Who knows when superheroes will be this cool again? Let’s enjoy it while we can!