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Jason Edmiston Interview: Mondo’s A Rogues Gallery

The powers that be over at Mondo certainly have a knack for picking great artists to feature in their gallery shows, and this next one is certainly no exception. From August 23rd until September 14th, The Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas will host Jason Edmiston’s first ever solo exhibit; A Rogues Gallery.

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Bill Kelliher Interview: One on One with Mastadon Guitarist

Above photo credit: Evan Bartleson

Since their first full-length album, Remission, back in 2002, Mastodon has remained a powerhouse band in the world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. With a sound that is constantly evolving, and a writing style that is notoriously unorthodox, Mastodon has kept fans coming back for more for over ten years. We recently caught up with guitarist Bill Kelliher at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, and spoke with him about the latest tour, working on a new album, and what he feels are his band’s strongest characteristics.

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ITGS: Exclusive Interview With John 5

Recently the Rockstar Mayhem Festival made it’s way to Clarkston, Michigan and we here at Grizzly bomb had the great pleasure of sitting down with one of it’s headlining performers, John 5. Legendary guitarist for Rob Zombie, (formerly with Marilyn Manson), John has made a career out of constantly pushing the envelope on guitar. He is a living rock icon and guitar virtuoso, who carries with him an impressive list of musicians that he has collaborated with, including  Rod Stewart, David Lee Roth, and Alice Cooper.

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“Plastic Movies Rewound” Creator and Director, Mike Malloy, Interview

The VHS format has come back in a big way in the last few years with an almost phoenix-style resurrection coming in no small part from the fans of the medium who wanted to keep it alive. Now with documentaries like Adjust Your Tracking (you can find an interview with creator Dan Kinem here) and Rewind This covering what it means to be a collector, it appears that the video cassette format has pretty much been covered. Not quite. Though these new documentaries cover more the love of collecting, the fans and the VHS medium, we have yet to see a documentary that covers the history of the video cassette, its distribution and the many avenues of history it covered in its 20 years as the number one home viewing format. Director Mike Malloy plans to change all that with his Kickstarter project Plastic Movies Rewound. It plans to cover the birth of the home video market, the trials and tribulations distributors went through, the many video formats that came out and lots more. Below is a video of some of the footage Mike has shot so far for his project and it is certainly impressive.

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Retro Game Historians and From Bedrooms to Billions Directors, Anthony and Nicola Caulfield

The gaming industry has become one of the most profitable areas of the entertainment industry, with a huge legion of followers hungry for the next installment in their favorite gaming franchises. This is not an industry that happened overnight. To trace its roots we have to go back to the ’80s, when the gaming boom first exploded. Not from huge corporate studios, but from young teenagers’ bedrooms. From Bedrooms to Billions is an upcoming documentary from Gracious Films that charts the rise of the gaming industry in the UK, following the bedroom game coders who helped to pioneer the video game industry as we know it today. Creators Anthony Caulfield and Nicola Caulfield very kindly agreed to an interview with Grizzly Bomb to talk about this enlightening look at the start of computer gaming.

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Dan Kinem: Director of Adjust Your Tracking and VHS Aficionado

Now it is no secret that I am a huge fan of VHS,  and since you’re reading this I would guess that you are too. In the last few years the VHS medium has been plucked from near extinction by devoted fans who just love the notion of the format. Homemade horror movies can be found online which proudly show that this is a VHS only film and sites such as Horror Boobs and Lunchmeat have sprung up all over the place supporting VHS. These VHS only movies are mostly made by fans of the medium and one such fan Dan Kinem, who with his fellow director Levi Peretic have created a documentary called Adjust Your Tracking, which focuses on what it is like to be a collector of VHS. I managed to grab an interview with Dan about the documentary, his other upcoming projects and why he loves VHS so much.

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ITGS: ‘The Swellers’ frontman – Nick Diener

Hailing from the Flint area in Michigan, The Swellers have made quite the name for themselves within the American Punk scene over the last decade. Fresh off of a U.S. tour, and a brand new EP release, I recently had the chance to catch up with lead singer, Nick Diener. Nick speaks candidly about finishing their last tour in their home state, what Michigan bands had the greatest impact on them starting out, what this EP means to him, and even his man crush on a certain WWE wrestler!

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ITGS: Yale Stewart, Creator of ‘JL8’

Welcome back to Inside the Grizzly Studio. We’ve been lucky enough to sit down with some great guests during our time together, and today is no different. I read a lot of comics, whether they are print, digital, web, cave inscriptions. So when the opportunity presented itself to talk with the creator of one of my favorite comic strips on the whole damned web I jumped at the chance. So in studio today we are lucky to sit down with Yale Stewart; the creator, writer, and artist of JL8.

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ITGS: Todd & the Book of Pure Evil’s Chris Leavins


Todd & The Book of Pure Evil has been making waves lately. And for good reason. The reviews on the Season 1 DVD have been outrageously positive, and I expect more of the same as the Season 2 DVD is set to drop soon (in Canada, at least). We previously spoke with Todd himself, Alex House, and I think a good time was had by all. Or just me. Whatever. We’re here today with another member of the cast who we all know and love as Atticus Murphy Jr., Crowley High’s Guidance Counselor, which is what he is. Please join me in welcoming Chris Leavins as he steps Inside the Grizzly Studio.

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ITGS: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil’s Alex House


I’ve made no secret of my love for Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, one of the best Canadian shows in a long time. The second season recently finished airing on SPACE in Canada, and will air on FEARnet soon. I urge you all to check it out, and prepare to have your brain destroyed. If you were a fan of the first season expect bigger and better things from the second, and if you haven’t seen the show yet I suggest you get to it immediately.

Todd is a show filled with moving story lines, great characters, funny, frightening, and unforgettable moments. Here to talk about some of these moments is Alex House, the star of Todd & TBOPE!

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