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Countdown to Halloween #20: Jason Voorhees

Strange how one of the most iconic characters in horror lore were never meant to be. In the original movie, Jason popped up as part of Mrs. Voorhees damaged brain, and then briefly at the very end. Somehow though, the supposed drown child grew up to adult hood and took up a new past time; slashing up camp councilors. It’s not till the third film that he actually grabbed his iconic hockey mask, but boy did things change then. He became a horror movie icon, with his mug splashed all over everything. Heck he even appeared on talk shows where he does not speak! After 8 movies though, people started to tire of machete wielding maniac and he disappeared for a few years when filmmakers sent him to Hell once and for all. Or at least until he popped up again a few years later during a trip into space. We were also shown the residents of Elm Street being used as cannon fodder during Jason’s brief tussle with rival icon Freddy Kruger. Most recently though the character was subject to a 2009 reboot which introduced him to a whole new generation. Why though does he still hold a spot in our hearts? Well let’s have a look…

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‘In Case You Missed It’ Review: The Future

Filmmakers who do other things than direct movies fascinate me. In a day and age of accessibility, that’s most directors, but I think that directors who write books, create podcasts, create art or music, and things like that are just extremely interesting. To me it signifies an artist who can never get enough from just one art form. That’s something that I respect and can relate to quite a bit.

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