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The Bat of Gotham: 6 Alternate Faces Under the Cowl

We’ve been talking a lot about Batman over the last few days/weeks/years/our entire lives, both here on the site and in our daily discussions around the office. With the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer we were further introduced to the newest man to play the role of Bruce Wayne, Ben “Batfleck” Affleck. We’ve talked a lot about Bruce Wayne as a father, a hero, a partner, and the Batman. But he isn’t the only man to wear the cape and cowl.

All of the Robins have grown up to wear the mantle of the bat, at some time in the past, present, or future. Dick Grayson successfully replaced Batman when he was presumed dead, Jason Todd wore his own armored suit as Batman during Battle for the Cowl, which eventually landed Grayson the role. In 2 possible futures, Tim Drake grows into a ruthless murdering Batman along with an evil version of his fellow Teen Titans, and Damian Wayne has been shown on more than one occasion to grow into his father’s cape as the future protector of Gotham City. Even if we take these Robins out of the picture, there is still quite the selection of characters that have appeared as Batman over the years.

Batman GordonMost recently in the comics we’ve seen yet another man take over the mantle of the Bat, James Gordon. While this is a fairly unconventional Batman, with Gordon piloting a robotic suit and working for the GCPD, it has provided a fresh view on Gotham and Batman’s role in the city.

Of course we all know that Bruce Wayne is always  going to return to the cave sooner rather than later, it’s always interesting to see how other characters can handle the daunting responsibilities of the Batman.

Today we are going to take a look at 6 other versions of Batman, some in-continuity and some spanning time and the multiverse. Starting with one of the worst fill-ins we’ve ever seen in the cowl…

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