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Rogue: Megan Fox Vs Ravenous Lions In First Trailer

Not to be confused with that Australian alligator movie, Lionsgate has released an official trailer for a newly minted Rogue. This time an action movie and the latest from director M.J. Bassett (Deathwatch, Solomon Kane, Silent Hill: Revelation).

Rogue tells the story of a small mercenary unit of soldiers who have been engaged by the governor of an African country to rescue his daughter who has been kidnapped. This unit goes in, there’s more than one girl so their plan is immediately compromised, and then their extraction goes wrong. So, suddenly they find themselves on the run from the bad guys, looking for refuge in Africa, and come across an abandoned farm, or they think it’s abandoned. While they’re hunkering down they realize that the farm was used as a poachers’ stronghold and a breeding place for lions for the hunting industry and the East Asian medicinal market. And though the lions seem to have escaped, there’s clearly one still around.

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