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Marvel And DC Collectibles Geared Up For 2015! Batgirl, Groot, and the Secret Wars!

They say knowledge is power and in the case of collectors that is certainly the case. With the foresight that comes from pre-order release dates, no fan need ever worry again about missing the release of a treasured piece of memorabilia.  DC is by far the best at this particular market tactic and they’ve already given us a look at some of the releases that will be winging their way to specialist stores in 2015. Below is a list of a few that have taken Grizzly Bomb’s fancy.

DC Entertainments Black and White series continues to impress, with a huge range and variety of choice in sculpt designs available to the consumer.  Included in the collection this time around is a superb sculpting of Barbara Gordon Batgirl statue (in her Batgirl issue 35 gear). More commonly known as the Batgirl of Burnside, it presents a more modern take on the Batgirl costume. The figure sculpt is by artist Irene Matar (Batman: The Animated Series action figures) who has done a great job of keeping the Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr original design style. It is due to ship in September 2015 (price to be announced).

Joining her we have a Dave Johnson inspired piece with a limited run of 5,200. It is due for release on March 2015. Then we have Ivan Reis take on the Dark Knight coming out in June 2015 and the incredible looking Mike Mignola Batman design, which comes in August 2015, all priced at $79.95.

There are many more DC releases that may be of interest to collectors, like the Wonder Woman: Art of War statues by Tony Daniel and Cliff Chiang, showing two different Wonder Woman designs, both ready for battle. They are both priced at $79.99 and arrive on May and February 2015 respectively.  More entries into the Jim Lee comic book busts collection are coming are way to with Deathstroke and Nightwing each making an appearance (both $49.99 and coming in February and June).

Finally there is the dynamic duo of crime; The Joker and Harley Quinn, each coming in July of next year.  What makes Harley’s figure that extra bit special is the fact she is decked out in her roller derby gear from her new 52 series. The design work (based on the Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin series) is spot on and will complement nicely the dark, knife wielding Joker figure.

marvel dc collectibles harley quinn marvel dc collectibles joker

If you cannot wait to get your DC freak on, then you can always pick up a life-sized batman utility belt from $299.95.

marvel dc collectibles batman belt 1

Marvel never seems to be as on the ball as DC are with regards to advanced orders. This may be due to the wide array of figure creators working under the Marvel umbrella, making it slightly more difficult to track their new products down. Still there are a few pieces of interest coming in 2015. One of the more interesting sets is the oversized return of an old Marvel figure line; Secret Wars. These 12 inch figures are based on the old sculpts from the ’80s and are just quirky enough for collectors to take interest. I myself owned the Hobgoblin figure in my youth, so it’s a nice surprise to see it reappear. Joining him will be the black suited Spider-Man and two other figures in the near future (one of which looks to be Wolverine). These will be coming via Gentle Giant Limited around for summer 2015, and will roughly retail for about $89.99. The backing itself certainly harkens back to the figures that were released originally and it’s a nice retro touch by Gentle Giant.

Also appearing in 2015 (February) will be the anticipated dancing Groot bobble head figure which Marvel fans have been salivating for ever since he appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  From Pop! Vinyl it has the same trademark cuteness you would expect from that brand and will retail for about $12.99. Entertainment Earth has an exclusive variant version of this as well as a variant version of the dancing Groot mug (also coming in 2015 at $14.99).

marvel dc collectibles dancing groot 1 marvel dc collectibles dancing groot 2

But if you cannot wait until 2015, then Marvel has a ton of collectible content out there already. Here is a sneak peek at a few of them. My personal favorite is the Egg Attack War Machine ($79.99) figure just for the fact it looks so darn cute and it lights up too! But for great sculpt likeness it has to be a tie between the extremely menacing Green Goblin life-sized bust ($599.50 and limited to 300) or the positively revolting Zombie Magneto mini bust ($99.95 and limited to 5000).

As this year draws to an end and comic fans far and wide look forward to what delights 2015 will have to offer us, it is comforting to know that if nothing else, we will have these new collectibles to look forward to.

Images: DC Collectibles, Pop! Vinyl, Gentle Giant LTD,  Entertainment Earth, Sideshow Collectibles, Egg Attack.


SDCC 2013: Best of Instagram, Preview Night, & First Look at ‘Days of Future Past’ Sentinel!

Well Comic-Con is upon us, finally! While not all of us can go to San Diego, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram we can live vicariously through those that do. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite Instagram photos from yesterday’s Preview Night (and day). If you want to keep up with Grizzly Bomb’s Comic-Con coverage, be sure to follow us on Instagram as well as Twitter.

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CCI 2012: Tarantino Crashes “Before Watchmen” Panel to Announce “Django” Comic

During a panel involving the writers and artists of the “Watchmen” prequel, “Before Watchmen”, Jim Lee hopped on stage and introduced the one and only Quentin Tarantino. Instead of talking more about “Before Watchmen”.

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DC Comics Review: Justice League #1 – The New 52!

The first title in the ultra-anticipated DC New 52, Justice League #1 released today. And I know that everyone who hasn’t read it yet is wondering if it is even worthwhile. I would say yes it’s worth a read, but I don’t know how long it will be like that for. Of course they don’t introduce the whole league in one issue so it might last a few more issues but I’m still kind of on the fence about the whole thing.

I’ll give you the basic rundown of the story, but not enough to spoil anything. There honestly wasn’t much to spoil in the issue. It was a really fast read with Batman and Green Lantern bantering back and forth throughout the majority of it. The comic takes place five years ago when heroes were apparently a new thing and the public didn’t entirely love nor trust them. The story opens up with Batman in pursuit of some weird alien whilst also being pursued by the cops.

Of course being the sector cop of Earth and an alien running loose falls under Green Lantern’s jurisdiction so him and Batman end up running into one another for the first time. It will be interesting to see all of the heroes meeting for the first time but that novelty will wear off quick I’m sure.

Overall I give the issue a 3 out of 5 grizzlies. It had a story that basically reminded me of the DC All Star comic line from a few years back, but that’s not a bad thing. Geoff John’s writing was up to snuff as usual and Jim Lee was… well, he was Jim Lee which is always a good thing. He was definitely having a good time drawing all of the Green Lantern constructs. I’ll have to check out the next few issues before I can pass down a solid judgment on this title, but so far so good.

DCNu: Brand New #1’s – ‘Justice Leagues’

Continuing our look at the DCNu, it’s time to check out the heavy hitters. The go-to gang, the Justice League. Or Leagues, I should say. Featuring some of the biggest heroes in the DC Universe, all of whom have their own #1’s coming out as well. We’ve already looked at Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern (plus Teen Heroes and Solo Heroes) so let’s see the rest. Descriptions from CBR:

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Aquaman + Geoff Johns = Winning

It’s a well known fact that Geoff Johns is the ‘King Midas’ of the DC universe.

He has the ability to turn a certain title that may have a casual readership, into something worthwhile for fans both old and new. There aren’t many characters in the DCU that Johns hasn’t written. He literally resurrected Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern title in Green Lantern: Rebirth, and has done the same with The Flash in Flash: Rebirth.

The guy is comic book gold!

After writing characters such as Superman, Flash and Green Lantern in some of the finest stories I’ve had the opportunity to read, Geoff Johns is now set to write another superhero back into prominence; Aquaman. According to an article over at IGN, Johns will begin writing Aquaman’s story after Brightest Day is finished.

There has been no artist announced thus far so let the speculation begin. I’d like to see a Geoff Johns and Jim Lee team up myself!

I think this will be a great thing to revitalize Aquaman, though the buzz currently going around is that the dweller of the depths has been pretty badass as of late in Brightest Day. As always, we will keep you posted on all developments with Geoff Johns and Aquaman.

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