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X-Men: Destiny – Behind-the-Scenes Trailer and Cover Art

Heading to living rooms soon is the somewhat anticipated X-Men: Destiny. While I do look forward to this game, I won’t be lining up for it or anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love the premise and the gameplay looks adequate. But usually when I play an X-Men game I want to play as an X-Man(or Woman). I may be a little picky here, so let’s just say I will be picking it up when it comes out, but my expectations aren’t huge.

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Marvel Comics Review: Uncannny X-men #541 (Fear Itself)

This is the fourth Fear Itself tie-in that I’ve bought since the Marvel event started, and I think it was probably my favorite. Now mind you – just because it was my favorite doesn’t mean the tie-ins or the core series of Fear Itself is all that good. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Fear Itself series when it started, but now it seems like it’s getting too impersonal and the heroes are still running around like idiots with no idea what is going on. It seemed at the end of the last issue that they were finally getting mobilized to strike back. And it also seems like the Worthy were just brought into the fray to give the heroes something to do in the tie-in comics. Which is fine in this case, because the Juggernaut is an old acquaintance of theirs.

So of course the Juggernaut, in his ‘Worthy’ form of The Breaker of Stone, picks San Francisco to trash and start raising anti-mutant sentiment. The X-Men decide to intervene and use the basic anti-Juggernaut tactic: Remove that silly ass helmet of his and have a telepath shut his mind down. This works up until the telepath shutting his mind down part,   where not even Emma Frost able to accomplish this. After defeating Hope Summers, a helmet-less Juggernaut trudges on… to go wreck some more shit.

I’ll be giving this issue a 4 out of 5 bears. It was exactly what you would expect out a tie-in to a major event. Plenty of action and more action. Greg Land’s always brilliant art helped push the rating up though I have to admit.

I’m actually wanting to get the next issue to see if the X-Men can stop the even more unstoppable Juggernaut. Is it even possible to be more unstoppable?

Marvel Comic Review: Fear Itself – Book 2


Fear Itself rages on as Thor is imprisoned by his father Odin, the ‘Hammers of the Worthy’ fall, and the Serpent unleashes his wave of terror across the world! If I could choose one word to describe this issue it would simply be: Chaos. Things are moving along at break neck speed and the heroes of the Marvel Universe are rushing to contain these newest attacks. Not much happened in the story department, aside from a few of the Worthy being revealed, but from the looks at the end of the issue we’ll have to pick up a few tie ins to see the others getting their hammers. If you haven’t read my review of the first issue I suggest you do that, but otherwise read onward into *spoiler* territory!

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