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Review: HBO’s Game of Thrones, Episode 4 – ‘Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things’

Our episode this week opens up at Winterfell, with Bran having what some readers of the books call a ‘Raven Dream’. There’ll be more on those later in the series. Bran awakens to be brought before his brother Robb, who is now acting Lord of Winterfell while Ned is in King’s Landing. Robb is in fact speaking with Tyrion Lannister, recently returned from the Wall. He notices how cold Robb is acting towards Lannister, but is still very kind to Bran, giving him schematics on how to construct a proper saddle for someone without the use of their legs. The scene at Winterfell was very well done as the actors are now very comfortable in their roles. Peter Dinklage in particular is Tyrion personified for me. It’s like the character jumped off the pages of the book into an HBO show and I’m sure many book fans will agree.

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Review: HBO’s Game of Thrones, Episode 2 – ‘The Kingsroad’

What a long week it was waiting for another episode of what is now my favorite ongoing show. A Game of Thrones started right where the last episode left off: Daenerys is now wife and “Khalessee” to Khal Drogo, and Bran is now unconscious indefinitely due to a nasty fall he took from last episode.

The Kingsroad.... not much of a road.

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New ‘Game of Thrones’ Pictures

It’s almost here. A Game of Thrones will premiere on HBO this April on the 17th! But in the meantime HBO was kind enough to let us see a sneak at some of the landscapes:


I’ll admit when I read the first book that this season is based on, the beginning with the White Walkers was a bit eerie but nothing that would unnerve even the most imaginative of readers. However, after watching the first few minutes with the men of the Night’s Watch encountering the White Walkers I was actually a bit creeped out. It was different being able to see and hear them and I looked over my shoulder at least once after the scene was over (you know, to check for boogeymen). The series looks to be perfect, especially to an avid reader of the book series. I can already tell Sean Bean was the perfect selection to play Eddard Stark, who came off as super bad-ass in this preview when wielding his great sword “Ice”. I didn’t imagine it being that big in the books!

The Wall

I sincerely urge those who read fantasy and even those who do not to give the series a try. I guarantee it will keep you interested throughout. But I do have to warn you, just from reading the books, that you will be become attached to several of the characters and Westeros is not always the prettiest of places. Good things that make you smile will happen to the characters but many bad things will also occur. You’ll hate certain characters and wish certain doom upon them as the story goes on. It will be a very emotional ride but one you will be glad you took as it progresses.