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More Prometheus Fun With Fassbender & Co.!


I led off with the video because it has to be seen so that we can start off with a chills going down your back when David (Fassbender/Magneto) describes his emotions and his probable ignorance of the Three Laws of Robotics when he explains that he can carry out tasks that might be “distressing” or “unethical” to his human counterparts. Regardless, this viral marketing has done it’s job that I am now starting to get afraid that the hype machine in about a month might raise expectations so high.

But in Ridley and Sci-Fi I trust.

You want more? Fine, I got more several more pics after the jump just so that you can get your fix for the week. Pics are via /Film and Empire Online and Gamma Squad.

International ‘Prometheus’ Trailer: Giddyness to Follow

So I am pretty sure that everyone has heard about Prometheus, the next Ridley Scott joint, which was supposed to be the prequel to Alien, but ended up being branched off into a separate story. That alone makes me excited just because Ridley Scott has always been a great director, and if anyone can actually bring a good story together and make it visually appealing without having to Michael Bay the crap out of it, I’m game.It’s never good when nowadays, you have Spielberg trying to out-Spielberg himself constantly.
I am really excited for this movie because I think if Alien was the most underrated sci-fi flick of all time (mostly due to the superior ‘Aliens’ from Mr. Titanic/Avatar himself). Plus the cast is not one to sneeze at with Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Wilson, Logan Marshall-Green, and Noomi Rapace. So yeah, seeing the teaser, it looked awesome. Plus co-written by one of the creators of Lost (Damon Lindelof and John Spaihts being the other co-writer) it promises to be good times. Below is actually the new international trailer and I have not watched it yet. Shall we do that right now after the break?

So that was a subtle trailer. Just let you know that stuff is about to go down, maybe a face hugger or two, maybe some psychological issues, and some giant ass monumental about to wreck your crap. I’m sold. Even if I can’t tell if it comes off more Alien than Event Horizon…which isn’t a bad thing because Event Horizon still creeps me out. Just sayin’. I just expect raptors to show up and clever girl people when Sam Neill is on the screen.

Prometheus: New Poster and Trailers!

Not too long ago we took a look at Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, a sci-fi prequel to Alien that looks to be quite epic. Of course, looks isn’t exactly the right word as we haven’t seen anything besides a few Hi-Res images which you can check out here.

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Prometheus: Hi-Res Images, Interviews and Teaser Trailer

For a movie that is allegedly a prequel to the mega popular and for the most part amazing Alien saga, the amount of news we’ve seen is scarce. Compared to the daily updates from movies like The Dark Knight Rises, its surprising that Prometheus has largely stayed off the radar, with the exception of a few pieces of news here and there.

For those of you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, Prometheus started its life as the next installment in the Alien saga, but it grew in the development stage into its very own movie. While still maintaining close ties to the Alien world, it turned into… well… we don’t really know yet. An origin story that needed an origin story, basically. And it all started because of this guy.

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Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die Hard – Casting Suggestions for “John McClane Jr.”

We learned earlier today that the 5th installment in the Die Hard franchise will heavily feature McClane’s son – John McClane Jr. So the next obvious question is: Who merits the right to carry the family name? I loved the casting of Mary Elizabeth Winstead as ‘Lucy McClane’in the 4th movie, can they as well with her brother?

So in my anticipation for this latest addition to Action Cinema’s greatest franchise ever, here are some of my humble suggestions for the casting director…

John McClane Jr., Die Hard 5, Boardwalk EmpireMichael Pitt

Born April 10th, 1981: 26 yrs Younger than Willis, 8 years old when the first movie was released.

Pitt, the star of HBO’s Boradwalk Empire has proven there he has the acting chops to be considered for a major film role. And while Boardwalk is a significant departure from his prior roles, many of which wouldn’t scream ‘badass’, you can’t deny the presence and believability HBO has given him in terms of being man enough to be called a McClane. Pitt is the oldest guy on my list, but if it were me, he’d be the first guy I called in for a screen test…

John McClane Jr., Die Hard 5, TRONGarrett Hedlund

Born September 3rd, 1984:  29 Yrs Younger than Willis, 5 years old when the first movie was released.

Hedlund made a name for himself last year with his role in TRON: Legacy, but he had done his share of action movies before that, including Death SentenceTroy, and Four Brothers. He’s the right age and has the necessary pedigree to handle the role. Something like this, along with the rumored 3rd TRON movie could turn him into a household name, and that prospect could be attractive to FOX. Plus he seems likable…

John McClane Jr., Die Hard 5, TerminatorThomas Dekker

Born December 28th, 1987:  32 Yrs Younger than Willis, 2 years old when the first movie was released.

Dekker starred on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as the boy who would become the man who would lead the human resistance against the machines – John Conner. And while during the first season he seemed an unlikely hero, I thought he really started to come into his own as the show progressed. Since then he’s appeared in 10 projects, including the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake and has 3 more on the way. And while he will probably be the least popular suggestion of mine, I can see potential…

And finally, if he was about 5 years younger I think Logan Marshall-Green would’ve been perfect, but he’s probably just a little old…

John McClane Jr., Die Hard 5, Devil, Dark BlueSo those are my picks, what about you?