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Femme Fatales: Season 1 – Now Available on DVD!

Yesterday marked the release of one of our favorite shows on DVD – Femme Fatales. The 3-disc set includes all 13 of the season 1 episodes, as well as plenty of behind the scenes and bonus material. You can order the set on Amazon.

Now it’s been a while since the first season aired, so if you need a refresher, here is what it included…

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson and The Starship Smackdown…

So in a week filled with overnight lines and shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, Comic Con was crammed with hundreds of panels and booths. The one I had the most fun at though, was the one that closed out my weekend. Starting at 3:30 on Sunday afternoon, in a room of around a thousand people, I saw a panel of Sci-Fi geeks who seemed like they were truly enjoying themselves. The group, moderated by Mark Altman (Free Enterprise) has been doing this panel since 2002, and it seemed pretty unanimous that this was the best version to date. The whole idea is to nominate a bracket full of famous Sci-Fi Starships, and argue out who would win each matchup in the bracket.

Altman’s panel included the lovely Madison Dylan in her full-out Star Trek Geek glory, dressed as an ‘Orion slave girl’, and playing Altman’s ‘Vanna White’ as she worked the board. Among the panelists Thor and X-Men: First Class writer Ashley E. Miller, Rob Burnett who just finished an extensive documentary for the ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation 25th Aniversary Blu Rays‘, Star Wars Comic Book writer and artisit Chris Gossett, Clone Wars writer Steve Melching, former Millennium writer Kay Reindl, and Geek Magazine executive editor Jeff Bond. Mr. Bond, who has, what I’m sure his wife would call “an excessive amount” of Starship models, worked with Geek Magazine to create a poster of all the ships built to scale. The poster, which will be available in the upcoming 2nd issue of Geek (on Newsstands in August), was distributed to the audience as a guide.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Once it got started, it quickly turned into a comedy routine as the panelists tore apart the ships almost as quickly as each other. The level of comfort between them was obvious, and made for a good viewing experience. And I’m not just saying that because I was seated next to Nikki Griffin, who was in the midst of a rather convincing ‘Emma Frost’ Cosplay.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Here is some lucky son’abitch posing with Madison and Nikki…

The headline stealing real event of the day though came near the end of the panel (which by that point had run more than 30 minutes over) when renowned astrophysicist  Neil DeGrasse Tyson emerged from the audience to comment.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Tyson as he is know to most of the internet…


This was not planned, and the spontaneity of the whole thing left even the most veteran panelists star struck…

It’s funny, as I was sat there, watching the girls on either side of me (Nikki Griffin and my friend Anna in her Sookie Stackhouse Cosplay) totally Geek out over Dr. Tyson’s appearance, I think it was still a little lost on me just how special a moment I had witnessed. Rob Burnett popped such a nerd boner I thought he was gonna flip the table. And now, in the few days since, while collecting my thoughts (and traveling) this story has blown up all over the place. I think the Hollywood Reporter put it best though:

“For all of its overblown, over-inflated, hyper-stimulated mania, sometimes the San Diego Comic-Con can deliver a moment of glorious inspiration, one that reminds us why we love the things we love and how that love knits us together. And that Kirk’s Enterprise is just friggin’ cool.”

And with influence from Trekkies like Altman, Madison Dylan, Jeff Bond, Rob Burnett, and Dr. Tyson – it’s not surprising that they out voiced Star Wars loyalist Steve Melching to end with the original ‘Enterprise’ won out the whole bracket this year.

This is one of Jeff Bond’s models featured on the poster…

Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: Episode 204 – Extracurricular Activities

As the sophomore season’s 4th episode begins we bear witness to sexy college professor Kelsey Williams (Sandra McCoy) in her class room, alone, at night. She is watching a slide show of what appears to be turn of the century erotic images, and erotic she does feel. By the one minute mark of the episode she has begun pleasuring herself when she is abruptly interrupted (Boooo) by a suspicious looking Security Guard. As fate would have it said night watchman explains to the good professor that there was an attack on campus earlier, and though the young coed escaped, her attacker remains still un-apprehended. For what is surely her safety, he proceeds to relay the description to the attacker to Ms. Williams.

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Femme Fatales S2: Sneak Preview & Interviews

A couple weeks ago we showed you 2 trailers for the impending second season of Femme Fatales, which premieres tonight on Cinemax. So to get everyone ready, we’ve got some more stuff now. This includes a sneak peak and several interviews with some of the people involved, including such beauties as Nikki Griffin and Madison Dylan. Check it out, and then watch the show tonight. Also, a lot of people who have HBO may also have Cinemax and not even know about it, so double check.

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Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 113 – Visions Pt. 2

As the first season came to a close last night I was saddened to realize that we won’t be seeing anymore Lilith for a while. Sure we know she’ll be back, and the season 2 trailer looks awesome, I’m gonna have to live without my weekly fix. Anyhow, as I said before, last night’s Visions Pt. II was the season finale, and it delivered.

If you missed ‘Visions Pt. I’, Click Here, we’ll wait…

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Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 112 – Visions Pt. 1

Meet Foster Prentiss, the Amazing Mysterium, an eyeliner wearing scum bag in the city of Cuesta Verde who spends his nights duping the shit out of audiences with his smoking hot assistant. See, Mister Prentiss simply pickpockets the person and reads their license out loud, joking around after the person in the audience wouldn’t tell him his name. Through a two-way radio, Foster’s assistant has already looked up all of the audience member’s information from the license information and assists Prentiss in duping the viewers attending the show. What a douche!

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